Taiwan Home Stay – Bramasole 埔里桃米民宿‧布拉姆索民宿



It has been about 4 years since the last time we travel as a big family together with our parents. I love bringing our parents to travel and want to do this as much as I can while they are still healthy to travel with us. 3 weeks back, we went to Taiwan, in particular, Taichung with the kiddos and grandparents. I chose to stay in a Home Stay and this was our first Home Stay experience in Taiwan with the entire family of 9. The idea of staying in a complete stranger family’s house made me nervous especially when I felt responsible if the experience was to turn out unpleasant. But my fears were unfounded. Continue reading

Our first family cruise – Mariner of the seas (Royal Caribbean)

Royal Carribean ship

It has been 2 years since we last went on a family holiday to Sweden. Now, with the addition of Baby Little YT, we decided a cruise might be the best holiday to enjoy with so many young kids. So, we joined my parents and brother’s family for a 4D3N cruise on-board Royal Caribbean’s biggest cruise ship in Asia “Mariner of the Seas“. It spans 1020 feet, 15 decks high (imagine a hdb block!), has 10 pools/whirlpools, and 17 bars/clubs/lounges, etc… We were prepared to be wowed by the amazing size, endless activities, exceptional crew service and excellent amenities on-board! Continue reading

Learnings of travelling solo

It is funny that travelling alone for me is such a BIG DEAL! If you are a seasoned traveller, you must be laughing at how deeply I feel about my first solo travel. I really encountered so many things in my trip, I feel I need to share my learnings here.

1. Missed connecting flight

As much as I feared about missed connecting flights, it really happened to me! What luck I had! My stopover at Hong Kong airport had the entire plane grounded for 2 hours! Continue reading

My first business trip – thoughts on the plane

Beautiful scene looking out of the plane

In the days running up to my business trip, XX was really upset. I had done all I could do (read here for all the things I tried to do to comfort my kids prior to the trip) to make my absence easier for her but it does not seem to work for her. As my travel date got nearer, she was almost tearing everyday, chanting “I don’t want mummy to travel”, it really broke my heart. Continue reading

Can mums really travel without kids?

My mum tells me how lucky I am to have a job which I can come home on time on most days and do not need to travel. Although that usually equates to not being a high flyer or high frequency flyer, I am thankful for my job that gives me the precious time I need with my kids. So, when my boss told me to travel on business, my first thought goes to my kids at home. Who’s going to take care of them? What will happen to them when I am away? How will my kids take it that I am away? How shall I tell them about this without tears pouring over little sulking faces? Continue reading