May – what goes on in our lives

Good luck notes to the kids

Good luck notes to the kids

The mid-year examinations are over and I seriously think that I am the happier one than the kids. Why is that so? Firstly, the children are not so stressed by us as compared to their peers, although the revision had increased in intensity. How could they be stressed if the revision is only at most 2 hours on Saturday and 4 hours on Sunday? Weekdays were for them to do past year exam paper or revise a couple of chapters and weeknights were for me to answer their questions. Secondly, I can come home to the kids, relax and talk everything except academic. Thirdly, I have so many plans on weekends to bring them to and none of the hours are for revision! Yeah!!

Separation Anxiety for me

This month also saw my separation anxiety for the very first time as a mum of 11 years. I was surprised that it affected me quite a bit. I had been to business trip, on couple trips, but nothing like knowing my girl was overseas and I was not by her side. I didn’t even have the mood to blog.

Separation anxiety is for mums too…

Leading up to the days when my girl was going for her first overseas trip without her parents beside her, I had already started missing her.

She doesn’t know so much about how I felt. Being her mum, I needed to put on a brave front so that she would not feel worser than what she was already feeling in leaving us for a short while.

She cried when she thought of leaving for the trip the next day. I comforted her and told her that she would have such a great time that she would feel that the trip is too short.

Come the day when we sent her to the airport, I thought I would cry and she thought she would too. Thank god we did not as the merriment of being with friends and teachers forbade such outpour of emotions.

Then it was my turn to feel sad and I really miss her so much. But then I looked at my younger ones and decided that it would be a good chance to spend more time with them now that my time is divided by 2 instead of 3. We went to the beach after the sent off. The car did seem somewhat less jovial and a little too spacious without my princess with us. When we reached home, I decided to check if her flight has landed. That was when my heart sank when I could not find her flight. All possible thoughts flashed through my mind and I felt a icy cold shiver. When my hub heard me mumbled, he quickly searched in a different website and announced that the flight has landed safely. And I began to cry. Cried with relief!

For the rest of the day, I could not really function until she finally called during dinner time! Whoa! Hearing her voice and seeing her face in the mobile phone took away all my worries instantly. I am not sure how other mums do it, but I am probably not so brave when it comes to my own children leaving my side. Maybe this is a prep for me when they grow older and move out of our family love nest.

So this wrap up of the month was only written after she came back. Yeah Yeah!

Despite the exams, we still did quite many things within the last 2 weeks in May.

Cold Storage Kids Run 2016

We went for our 2nd year of Cold Storage Kids Run. 2 days before the run, Master 4 and I were spotted on the poster for the Run! The funny thing was that although I had received this mailer in my inbox and had referred to it several times on important information for the run, I had never really took a good look at the picture beside it! A friend snapshot the poster and sent to me and that was when we had a more than pleasant surprise! This photo was taken during last year’s Cold Storage Kids Run when Master 4 was 3yo. Isn’t he such a cutie?

Poster boy and mum Continue reading

List of Ideas For Bringing Kids Out During School Holidays

List of Ideas of Bringing Kids OutMy favourite source of school holiday fun is none other than Cheekiemonkies blog. So many of my inspiration come from his information sharing. When it comes to what to do with the kids during school holidays, I will start planning as early as during exams period. I want to ensure my kids are not deprived of playdates or outdoor activities even though I am working full-time. So, I will take off from work and bring them to interesting places to play.

Some of my friends around me also ask me for ideas and the funny thing is: it is relatively easy to rattle off a list to them which some we have tried and loved. But when it comes to my own planning, I have much consideration to suit all my 3 kids with their different age groups. The solution is really to separate one-to-one date with each of them or combination of 2 kids while one kid is with the daddy or find a place that suit all 3 of them.

Since I am searching for ideas, I will also share them on this post for my future reference and of course I hope you will find them useful too. I will be updating this list as and when there are new places that come to mind. If you have more interesting places to recommend, I welcome you to leave your comments and I shall add on to the list.

I have categorized into Indoor Places and Activities, Outdoor Places and Activities and Home Activities. I try to list most of the activities to be valid throughout the whole year round and not just customized to holiday periods. For those that are happening only for a short period of time, I will be updating this list regularly.

Indoor places and activities

1. Safra Punggol Splash Indoor Water Playground

Read review here.

2. Children’s Seasons (annually)
Date: 28/5 – 31/7
Suitable for age: 3-7yo


3. Imaginarium at SAM @8Q

Read review here.

4. Movies
If you have Safra card, then you must watch a movie using its 1 for 1 promotion on weekends! Promotion ends 26 June 2016.


5. Kidzania

Book online is cheaper!


6. Playeum

Do you know that Groupon or have discounts for Playeum entry from time to time?


7. Bowling

Do call up and ensure the bowling lanes have kids bumpers, and most do!


8. Lee Kong Chian Natural History Museum

Read review here.

9. Theatres for Children

Act 3i Drama for Children (currently showing in May/June 2016)


10. National Gallery of Singapore


11. ArtScience Museum

Some past exhibitions

Future World

12. Philatelic Museum (Stamp Museum)

Read review here.

13. Trampoline Park, Kaboodle

Website for Kaboodle:

14. Esplanade Pip’s Box

Read review here. Continue reading

Art Science Museum – Future World

{Not a sponsored post}

We went to the Future World exhibition in Art Science Museum today! This is the second time we have been to this museum. The first time we were there for The Deep, which showcased life deep deep under the ocean.

If you are intending to bring your children, nieces, nephews, or any kids below 12 years old, you will be happy to know that there is a Family Friday promotion where on Fridays, a paying adult can bring up to 4 children with free entry! Plus, today we have many adults and children with us and we even got to enjoy the 1 for 1 free entry too! For the 1 for 1 free entry, simply show that you have “Liked” Art Science Museum facebook page and you get to enjoy this promotion! Both promotions, Family Friday and 1 for 1 entry can be used together 🙂

Alright, now let’s go straight to what we liked about this Future World Exhibit – Where Art Meets Science.

There are 4 themes of art installations – Nature, Town, Park, Space


Flutter of Butterflies Beyond Borders

You will see blossoming flowers that go on and on through the four seasons of a year. Spend 5 minutes to look at this virtual environment and you will see butterflies come and go, flowers blossom and fade away. It is beautiful to take pictures here with your kids too.

Flutter butterflies

100 Years Sea Animation Diorama

There are bean bags for you to lie down on to watch Continue reading

Legoland Malaysia – still as fun as ever

If you have young kids like us, chances are you would have been to Legoland Malaysia at least once. We have visited the theme park for the first time 2 years ago when Missy 10 was 8yo and youngest was 1 yo. Back then, I was sure the elder 2 kids would enjoy very much except for the toddler who could only play on very kiddie rides.

Then last year December, I was half expecting my Missy 10 would complain that the rides at this park would be bored especially after she had enjoyed more adventurous rides in Universal Studios. You know, when one of your kids become a tween, leaning towards the teen years, you worry whether the eldest would be bored or the youngest would not be old enough for the fun. I was glad it turned out that my eldest still enjoyed Legoland as much as before. And this time, our toddler was tall enough to join in many rides and that made the trip even more worthwhile and fun.

2 years ago, we went on a boxing day and all the rides needed to wait as long as 90 minutes! Knowing that each year the causeway will be super jam towards the mid December with many families thronging Legoland, this time we chose to go in early December and we were pleasantly surprised that most of the rides only needed 5 minutes of waiting! We were able to try on most attractions and for some of the thrilled ones, we went on thrice!

Junior Driving School (toddlers) and Driving School (older kids)

When you queue for the Driving School, your kids will be asked to take a picture. This picture is going to show on their Driving License after they “passed” their driving in the driving school! Do not be stressed! There is no test, just pure fun for the children and they get to have their own driving license which comes at a cost.

Age: 3 – 5 years only for Junior Driving School

Age: 6 – 13 years only for Driving School

Junior Driving Sch

Driving sch

Boating School

Anything with a steering wheel is fun for my Master 3. What’s more it is about steering a boat on water. This ride requires an adult company with young ones. My elder kids could go on their own. Instead it was me who was afraid to steer a boat all by myself. So, I gladly accompany my little captain on the ride. Didn’t he look so confident on his “virgin voyage” and his use of one hand to steer the wheel? Continue reading

Hotel Jen Puteri Harbour – great price, great food, great location


If you are looking for an alternative to staying in Legoland Hotel, and simply want to stay near Legoland, Sanrio Hello Kitty Town or The Little Big Club, then Hotel Jen Puteri Harbour is a top recommendation for you.

Legoland is about a 5 min drive away from the hotel, and next to Hotel Jen are Hello Kitty Town and The Little Big Club.

With its proximity to Singapore, Hotel Jen is a 15-minute drive from the Malaysia-Singapore Second Link , i.e., without JAM!

Hotel Jen Puteri Harbour, being a 4 star hotel with good standard hotel rooms and great hotel facilities, plus an impressive breakfast spread, the price of Malaysian Ringgit $455 per night for a Deluxe Harbour View room (SGD150++) is super affordable! Continue reading