GE Women Run – the start of my passion for running

You must be wondering if GE Women Run is round the corner. But no. In fact this is an overdued post that I have been meaning to blog about but thought it might be better to write it now to motivate those who have slacked in running or could not find time to exercise haha. Okok, excuses aside. Recently, I have been into run events and it really all started with GE Women Run that motivated me into running, and I would like to encourage more people to start a healthy lifestyle somewhere at some point in time.

Start of 5km

I joined GE Women’s Run 2 years back in 2014. That was my first 5km run and I wasn’t sure back then if I was capable of running 5km. I practised for it with my morning 2km jog after I saw my girl up the school bus. I thought to myself, 5km was basically 2.5 times more than what I usually did and I should finish within 40 minutes at most. It should not be difficult. Indeed, 5km was categorized as a fun run and plus, I had awesome mum blogger friends to run together, I did make it at a leisurely pace!

GE Women Run 2014

GE Women Run 2014 (Left: Angelia from Growing Hearts 123. Center: Me! Right: Meiling from Universal Scribbles)

For a newbie in running, it was important to enjoy the run rather than stressed over the run timing. I was a sportsgirl in my school days playing Netball in numerous inter-school competitions. I was the competitive type who had always wanted to outdo others. However, as age catches up, I learn to listen to my body. These days, I want to enjoy what I do. I was happy that Continue reading