What we did at Safari Zoo Run

On 29 Feb, we ran our first Family Run at the Singapore Zoological Gardens. While we imagined that we would be slow jogging for the entire 2.5 km, we were proven quite wrong. There were many participants and since this was a family fun run, strollers were allowed and we ended up strolling even from the start of the run. However, as the animals came into sight, many started to stop along the way and we eventually had a good and fun distracting slow run. While Master 9 was irritated at first by not being able to run as fast as he liked, the crowd tapered in and he was able to run, dash, walk and then took turns to push the empty stroller.


This run’s biggest draw is certainly being able to jog by and say hi to giraffes, lions, zebras and many more. There are so many runs in a year, I am beginning to appreciate the unique theme of each run. I must say Safari Zoo Run is attractive to kids because of the animals. Each participant who signed up for this run would be entitled to enter the Zoo and River Safari on that day at no added cost, plus 50% off Night Safari entry. That also explains the more costly run fees. But if you do your sums well, it covers the cost of entry together with the run and then it doesn’t seem so expensive after all. Continue reading

February – what goes on in our lives

I can’t believe it is already end of February! What did we exactly do in this month that seemed to fly by in a jiffy?

Birthday Celebrations…

February is full of celebrations with 4 birthdays including my lunar birthday too. Missy 11 is, well, 11 years old this year. She had a simple celebration together with just the 5 of us. No big parties for the first time. She made my day when she asked me to bake her favourite New York Cheesecake and we baked her cake together. We treated the kids to Stephen Chow’s The Mermaid, a comedy, in celebration of her birthday.

Birthday cake

One on one date…

I dated Missy 11 one on one a few days after her birthday. I asked her what she would like to do on our date and she replied,”I want to go to Timezone!” We went to the archade at Plaza Singapura and had a fun-filled afternoon. I had not had such a good time playing in the entertainment centre for a good many years. It was very special to go with your own daughter and play together. I did not have to keep watch on other kids. It was easier to go out with one child and we had a good chat over MacDonald’s fries and sundae and there was no distraction. Continue reading

Safari Boo – Trick or Treat at River Safari

Source - River Safari

Source – River Safari

We had our first Trick or Treat Halloween fun ever. And guess where we went to see friendly ghost, mummy, frankenstein, witch and even wizard? RIVER SAFARI!! And you can’t believe that River Safari can be as amazing as Night Safari at night! No, there is no scary ghost that appears out of nowhere. There is no zombie to catch the kids. All you see are friendly mermaid, Hogwart School student, little animals, insects, fairy, barn owl, raccoon, tarantella spider, and lots of sweets, chocs, and Safari fun! Continue reading