Cold Storage Kids Run 2016 – our experience and feedback

One of the most well organized run events around is the Cold Storage Kids Run. From the race pack collection with fringe activities to the start of the race to the pick up kids to the many goodies after race are super organized. I am especially impressed by the fast pick up of kids after the race. Having been to a few run events, I do think that there are many races that need to learn from how Cold Storage Kids Run does it.

With all run events, there are a few important areas that must not be overlooked. Here are what we love about Cold Storage Kids Run:

Good Location

For the 2 years that we took part, we really love where this run was held: The Meadows at Gardens by The Bay. Never mind the far parking lot that we took and had to walk a distance. The fresh air and scenery more than compensated the distance and we had a pleasant walk in the early morning fresh dew. Along the way, we saw these amazing pruned sculptures 🙂


Lots of complimentary health drinks and snacks

Who can resist FREE Vitagen, Magnolia Milk in 200ml packs, Gardenia buns, Yoghurt Drink packs, Milo Van and more!? All these are free flow and are enough to feed the hungry kids and parents after the race. I have not yet seen another race event like this, probably because this is Continue reading

ACT 3i Festival for Children 2016 {Giveaway}

Have you brought your kids to plays and dramas before? If not, then you can seriously consider going to one. Nowadays, as opposed to our times when we only attended our first drama in Jubilee Hall in Secondary school, kids as young as 1 year olds are already going to numerous plays in town. The best part is these dramas and plays are targeted for the young kids and hence are engaging and sure to captivate their attention. Commercialized or not, our kids really start young in performing arts appreciation. So lucky they are!

This May, after the kids’ examinations, we are going to catch our first play of the year. This is part of the ACT 3i Festival for Children series of plays. ACT 3i (Act 3 International) is Singapore’s leading Arts company for the young. This year, they are launching a brand new ACT 3i Festival for Children dedicated to children from 2 to 12 years old. Packed with exquisite, high quality and awe-inspiring theatre performances that will include original works from Singapore, Italy, Sweden, Argentina, the U.K and Canada, an artfully curated visual arts programme, as well as Conviviality Sessions led by Children’s Theatre artists that are aimed at educators and parents, ACT 3i Festival for Children aims to be the frontrunner in arts enrichment for the young.

All On A Summer’s Day

All on a Summer's Day

Sounds familiar? Yes, it is a tongue-in-cheek adaptation of the Shakespearean classic A Midsummer Night’s Dream. Written and directed by notable Children’s Theatre director and writer Vicky Ireland, this festival opener will feature a cast of professional actors from Singapore. Originally commissioned Continue reading

D’ Elegance Shapewear – sculpt your body back to a sexy you

Many people have asked me if D’ Elegance Shapewear really works. Does it really make you look slimmer? Will I be able to fit into a dress size smaller? Are there side effects? Is it uncomfortable to wear all day long? You will be able to see all my answers and how this thing really works for me. Read on!

So far, I am into my 4th week of wearing Shapewear and depending on my needs, I will wear 2-3 pieces on most days at work. These are what I have got after my consultation session.

Long girdle and body suit

On the left is the Long Girdle (nude) which is also a thigh shaper. On the right is the Body Suit (nude) which shapes the entire body.

Short Girdle, brasserie and panty

In the second picture above, I have got the:
Waist Slimmer (nude)
Bra with good side supports and broad back supports with hook in front (nude)
Bra with good side supports and broad back support (black)
Panty with good bum support (black)

My biggest problem area is really more of my fat thighs. D’ Elegance consultant, Elida, told me not to jog and try brisk walking instead. This is because brisk walking will not make my already big thighs muscular. I heard of brisk walking benefits from sculpting a slim waist (through the twisting of the upper torso as you walk fast) to slimming down the entire body. In fact, I have seen a real life example of how brisk walking slim down a size 16 to a size 12! Elida also told me that I will need to wear the long girdle more often so that my bouncy excess fats around the back of my thigh will be sculpted back to a firmer shape.

It works for me!!

The Effects of Long Girdle

Indeed, the amazing effect happened! Continue reading

D’ Elegance Shapewear – the consultation that all women need


I have always wanted to learn how to wear a bra right, how to choose the right bra, and know how the girdles work. But I have never met a good sales lady in the lingerie department that will teach me that. Each time, I walk into a lingerie department and pace slowly along the racks, hoping that some salesgirl will bother to come over and enlighten me on the many different patterns and designs, they are usually busy serving other customers, or talking at a corner. If they do walk over to me, their answers to my first few questions are short and I stop asking. Can’t they tell that I am willing to spend on anything that they have as long as they can show me how they will hide my imperfections and accentuate the curves?

I have long since given up on these unmotivated salesgirls who probably won’t really care if you buy that thing on the rack or not.

Hence, when D’ Elegance wrote to me for a sponsorship on their Shapewear products with a personal consultation session, I was so looking forward to meeting someone who would be interested enough to take my measurements, analyze my body imperfections and recommend suitable Shapewear to address my concerns! Not to mention, in the 2 hours consultation session, this consultant, who is none other than Elida Teh, the founder of D’ Elegance, gave me many good advice in womanly issues from woman health to foot bunions. Continue reading

Hotel Jen Puteri Harbour – great price, great food, great location


If you are looking for an alternative to staying in Legoland Hotel, and simply want to stay near Legoland, Sanrio Hello Kitty Town or The Little Big Club, then Hotel Jen Puteri Harbour is a top recommendation for you.

Legoland is about a 5 min drive away from the hotel, and next to Hotel Jen are Hello Kitty Town and The Little Big Club.

With its proximity to Singapore, Hotel Jen is a 15-minute drive from the Malaysia-Singapore Second Link , i.e., without JAM!

Hotel Jen Puteri Harbour, being a 4 star hotel with good standard hotel rooms and great hotel facilities, plus an impressive breakfast spread, the price of Malaysian Ringgit $455 per night for a Deluxe Harbour View room (SGD150++) is super affordable! Continue reading