The ABCDEs of Parenting and Photography Tips by Bob Lee

Bob Lee

Over the weekends, I was honoured to be invited by Canon Singapore to learn photography tips from Bob Lee 李欣赏. No, I am not obliged to blog about this. But, I want to! Because I was so touched by how real Bob is, and how he chooses to quit his job to bring his son (who is autistic) everywhere to the park to let him fluorish on his own with nature, the thought of this Continue reading

Our family photoshoot with Imagegarden

This is the second post on our photoshoot with Imagegarden. If you have missed my first post on Baby YT’s first baby photoshoot, read here


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My baby’s first photoshoot with Imagegarden

Baby shoot

Everyone loves a photoshoot. You are the model. You pose, smile, wear pretty clothes and you are in the limelight. The make-up artist ensures you are the prettiest or most handsome. The photographer captures your best angle. Wouldn’t you enjoy all that? But what happens if a baby is that model in the shoot? It’s a totally different ball game and I would say different kind of enjoyment that comes with it! Continue reading