How to survive a family travel with young children and elders


My husband and I have been travelling with our children and our parents since we have 2 kids 5 years ago.

We have travelled in large groups including with extended families to Hong Kong, Taiwan, Phuket, Cruise, Malaysia, Australia and the furthest is Sweden.

Whenever friends tell me that they worry about travelling with young children or even worry about giving up freedom of travelling after having kids, I find that their worries are rather unfounded. What you really need is to have a positive mindset and some good planning, and things will just work out naturally. There is really nothing big to fret upon. Continue reading

Let Go – Don’t Teach


Putting responsibility in your child 
Have you allowed a 2 year old toddler to walk down the stairs on his own? Do you think you are capable of risking a potential fall? Continue reading

How to deal with children with behavioural problems (Part 2) – Put down your expectations on your child


We tend to give the best of everything to our children. As long as it is within our control, we accept nothing less than BEST.

Our children get the best toys. Organic foods. Top notch pre-school. We send our children to Continue reading

How to deal with children with behavioural problems (Part 1) – Reach out to your child’s innermost emotions

behavioural series

If you have a child who back talks, is defiant, loses his interest in studies, is rude, closes any form of communications with you, what will you do? Continue reading

Little YT at 22 months and my thoughts on sharing personal life in public


The last milestone update on Little YT was when he was 16 months. I have been wanting to update this quarterly but time just slips me by and Alas! 6 months had passed! In 2 months time, he is going to turn 2 years old, the big TERRIBLE TWOS!!! Continue reading