Things that I want my daughter to know about young motherhood

Dancing in the rain quote

Last year for Mother’s Day, I wrote a long long letter to my mum expressing my gratitude and love for her. I wish at least one of my 3 children will do the same and write an appreciation and love letter to me while I am still healthy to read or listen. Since I was “crowned” the MUM title 10 years ago, I appreciate my mum more than ever. Now that I am a mother of three, she has become my source of inspiration and guidance at every nuggets of mothering I come upon. I wish the same for my children, who will view me as a source of inspiration and good guidance to their future parenthood days.

Anyone who has stepped into parenthood will agree that this is no easy job. We all know that the portrayal in advertisements of a loving family featuring smiling parents and tender loving touch to each of the children lasts as long as that few seconds of air time on TV. More than half the time is disciplining the children, adrenalin levels shooting high, worrying about things that happen, will happen and will not happen, finally, shouting and fatigue surely make the chart. Continue reading

The 5 Things I need to enjoy the important things in life

You can call it resolutions, but I prefer calling it my To-Do-List.

Resolutions seem harder to follow through the year. To-Do-List sounds more like a grocery list of things you must buy, in this case MUST DO.

This year I am getting closer to half of my lifetime (Ha! What’s the average man’s life span these days?), no, not that old, but old enough to look back to my younger days and reflect. Then I realize that I have been way too busy to enjoy the finer details in life. Not finer things in life. But finer details. That’s a difference. Finer details like my children’s childlike look when they talk, when they eat, when they are focusing on an activity. Finer details like appreciating how they think and their views on a topic. Finer details of how they move their bodies when they run, jump and somersault.

It is easy to forget how to enjoy life when you are at the peak of motherhood and career. Not that I am after the career ladder aggressively, but it happens that my recent career switch coincides with the busiest motherhood years.

I find that when one gets older, especially when I become a mum, I treasure my parents more than I ever had. So, my parents are getting older, and my kids are growing up fast, I am at the peak of womanhood and need to maintain my attractiveness and attention to my husband, I need some changes in my life to be able to grab hold of all these things that matter to me most. So, unlike previous years when I tried to make new year resolutions, I think I need a real focus to ensure I do not neglect the most important things in life.

Here are the 5 things I will do to enjoy the IMPORTANT things in life.

I need to….
I am deliberately walking slower these days. I even have to force myself to speak slower. I need to remind myself to slow down my breathing at times. I even suspect sometimes I forget to breathe! To some people, slowing down is easy to achieve, but for an impatient person like me, it is an uphill task. That brings me to yearn for a less hurried life. And my goal is lesser hurrying around my children. Continue reading

Little YT at 22 months and my thoughts on sharing personal life in public


The last milestone update on Little YT was when he was 16 months. I have been wanting to update this quarterly but time just slips me by and Alas! 6 months had passed! In 2 months time, he is going to turn 2 years old, the big TERRIBLE TWOS!!! Continue reading

My Little Toddler at 16th month

My baby has become a toddler! Now I am beginning to miss his baby days! It’s been 3 months since I updated his progress at 13th month. My Little Gem is 16 months old now. The major development here is striking out his first step at 14th month. It’s a great development milestone for him. Even though it’s late, we are still super proud of him! Don’t all mums feel proud of every milestone no matter how small it might be? Continue reading