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It intrigues me how other mums and dads spend time with their children and run the household at the same time. Reading the many awesome blogs before me in this blog train, I have nothing but admiration for these blogger mums and dads. Being parents isn’t easy, with hardly time for ourselves, and we can still find the time to blog and even participate in this blog train! If you hear a blogger mum/dad say that blogging is his/her hobby, please please please do trust him/her. If there is no passion, no one blogger mum/dad will be able to sustain spending gruelling hours of blogging at unearthly time at the expense of sacrificing sleep and energy.

Remember the last time I blog on my Daily Routine as a FTWM 2 years ago? Now, things have changed a great deal mainly because the house chores part is taken care of. I need not fret over changing the bedsheets weekly, washing the bathrooms, washing dishes, mopping floor and washing clothes every evening and before work. However, it doesn’t mean that with a helper now, I am leaving everything to her. Some things I still insist on doing by myself, especially when these things concern the children. I still insist on waking up at 6am just to be the one to kiss them awake, make breakfast for them, ensure they finish their breakfast and see them off to school. I will wash their favourite bolsters and stuff toys by myself. I stitch up the duckie’s torn off wing, fix their toys, cook their favourite dishes. So, having a lived-in helper really is not replacing me as a mummy, but freeing up time so that I get to reserve my energy and spend the limited precious time with my children after work and on weekends.

Weekdays are days of routine and weekends are days for flexibility, relaxing and for family bonding. When it comes to blogging, I usually do it out of sight of the children. After all, blogging is the least important task in a day and it is more of an indulgence which I can only do during limited slots of me-time. I blog early in the morning when the kids go to school and before the toddler is awake. I blog during commuting. I blog while waiting for my kids to finish their art class. I blog after the kids go to sleep.
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Keep Calm and Mother On

You would have known by now I write many posts on my challenges as a mum of 3.
And many would have remembered my FTWM (Full Time Working Mum) posts, including my A Working Mum’s Woes, Work and family – Are we placing the right priorities, A Laid Back Mum’s price – on academic and Daily routine as a FTWM.
I am happy to share that I am invited to contribute to the parenting book called “KEEP CALM AND MOTHER ON” by Pauline Loh, the editor and Armour Publishing Pte Ltd.

Keep Calm and Mother On

This is not a yet-another-parenting-book but a book that shares 21 mum’s stories and these mums have kids ranging from 1 year old to 21 years old, from babies to National Service Men (Grown up Kids). These authors are well-known mums which include award winning author, Emily Lim, The Straits Times Deputy Editor Clarissa Oon, Founder of Pat’s Schoolhouse Patricia Koh and many inspiring ladies.

I wrote about Staying Sane as a Full-Time Working Mum.
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If I were to go back to school, what would I want to master?

If I were to go back to school, I would love to learn everything on SOCIAL MEDIA.  Learn the wonders it brings to my life and make me a savvy mom, and not one under the well.

Why social media?  Without knowing much about it:

– your name would not have travelled far and wide.

– your blog and business name would be just confined to your friends and relatives and no one else.

– your information on the world’s happenings would not have been first hand.

– you would probably only get to see your long lost friend 50 years down the road (likely across the street from where you live), and he probably is the only lost friend found.

– you would not have known what events to bring your kids to on the weekends.

– you would not have known so many friends in the blogosphere, from facebook likes and twitter followers.

– you would never have known so many smart people, kind people and people who share the same interest with you.  Of course, you would similarly have known many unkind anonymous ghosts.

This topic requires a master degree for sure.  And if there is one in my country, I would have jumped at the opportunity to master this amazing course.  Social media, indeed, is one that can reach out far and wide.  Even Mr Obama won his white house residency through it.  Because I did not master this degree, I am now struggling to understand how social media and its various platforms work to better my blog and its readership.  Self-study is always not easy but it allows you to explore and keeps you learning.  One day, facebook could be overtaken by Happier, who knows?  And any idea what is Happier??

(This post is written for the Daily Prompt: Back to school challenge)

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