Our first family cruise – Mariner of the seas (Royal Caribbean)

Royal Carribean ship

It has been 2 years since we last went on a family holiday to Sweden. Now, with the addition of Baby Little YT, we decided a cruise might be the best holiday to enjoy with so many young kids. So, we joined my parents and brother’s family for a 4D3N cruise on-board Royal Caribbean’s biggest cruise ship in Asia “Mariner of the Seas“. It spans 1020 feet, 15 decks high (imagine a hdb block!), has 10 pools/whirlpools, and 17 bars/clubs/lounges, etc… We were prepared to be wowed by the amazing size, endless activities, exceptional crew service and excellent amenities on-board! Continue reading

In a Christmas mood… in Singapore

Me: “What’s your last count on the Christmas trees, children?” (walking along the shopping belt)
XX: “Mummy, I’ve counted 101… 102, 103….” (pointing towards any possibly cones that are shaped like a Christmas tree)
YH: “JieJie, 105!!”

I am impressed by their observant eyes and counting (which may include double count or probably skipped some tens) but indeed Christmas in Singapore is a busy, crowded, well-decorated and merry affair! We have hundreds or probably thousands of Christmas trees along the main shopping belt in Orchard Road, Marina Bay, in the central and neighborhood shopping malls! Since the Christmas light-up ceremony in Orchard Road Continue reading

Christmas craft – Make your own paper snowflakes

Snowflake collage

I love snow! But, we do not have snow in Singapore. The first time my kids see and feel snow in Sweden was also my first experience. We were amazed at how snowflakes were formed on the window pane and even more amazed at how different patterns of snowflakes are formed depending on temperature. Continue reading

Christmas craft – Christmas tree card

It’s December and we are counting down to Christmas!! I wanted to make some art and craft with my kids for this wonderful holiday when I chanced upon this!

Pin from A Wee Nest blog

A Wee Nest had started a project called 12 DIY Pins of Christmas and Continue reading

Our first winter holiday – my preparation

We are going on a holiday to Sweden at the end of the year.  It will be our first long trip with the kids and our first winter trip too!  I have started to plan much ahead on the things to buy and the activities to do with the kids.  Be prepared will definitely be the most important step to travel with young kids.  Besides having a super long “Things to bring” list, a “What to pack for car trip”, a “What to pack in snack bags” and “What activities to do” lists, one important ingredient to a fun and stress-free trip is the right mindset. Continue reading