How to survive a family travel with young children and elders


My husband and I have been travelling with our children and our parents since we have 2 kids 5 years ago.

We have travelled in large groups including with extended families to Hong Kong, Taiwan, Phuket, Cruise, Malaysia, Australia and the furthest is Sweden.

Whenever friends tell me that they worry about travelling with young children or even worry about giving up freedom of travelling after having kids, I find that their worries are rather unfounded. What you really need is to have a positive mindset and some good planning, and things will just work out naturally. There is really nothing big to fret upon. Continue reading

Safari Boo – Trick or Treat at River Safari

Source - River Safari

Source – River Safari

We had our first Trick or Treat Halloween fun ever. And guess where we went to see friendly ghost, mummy, frankenstein, witch and even wizard? RIVER SAFARI!! And you can’t believe that River Safari can be as amazing as Night Safari at night! No, there is no scary ghost that appears out of nowhere. There is no zombie to catch the kids. All you see are friendly mermaid, Hogwart School student, little animals, insects, fairy, barn owl, raccoon, tarantella spider, and lots of sweets, chocs, and Safari fun! Continue reading

Our family Taiwan 5D4N Trip to Taichung, Taiwan


It has been some time since we travel as a big family on an air plane. Last year, we went for a Royal Caribbean cruise and there were 17 of us! I would not exactly count that as travelling overseas since our furthest Port of call was just Malaysia Port Klang and we didn’t even leave the ship. This year, I won 6 free air tickets on a budget air line (I shall not mention it since I highly suspect our bout of super itchy insect bites was due to the airline seats. Please tell me this experience of bug bites on airlines is not unique to us!). I paid for the taxes and 2 full price tickets plus a $50 toddler ticket to Taiwan. We had 9 of us in total and it was Little YT’s first plane ride. Continue reading

Taiwan Home Stay – Bramasole 埔里桃米民宿‧布拉姆索民宿



It has been about 4 years since the last time we travel as a big family together with our parents. I love bringing our parents to travel and want to do this as much as I can while they are still healthy to travel with us. 3 weeks back, we went to Taiwan, in particular, Taichung with the kiddos and grandparents. I chose to stay in a Home Stay and this was our first Home Stay experience in Taiwan with the entire family of 9. The idea of staying in a complete stranger family’s house made me nervous especially when I felt responsible if the experience was to turn out unpleasant. But my fears were unfounded. Continue reading

Chinese Enrichment Holiday Camp @ KidStartNow + Giveaway!!

I have never sent my kids to academic enrichment classes before. However, I had once let XX join a 3-day Math holiday camp during a school holiday period because I did not want her to waste her time at home doing nothing much. Also, I believe holiday camps are fun and kids are bound to enjoy the learning-through-play camps. When YH had the opportunity to attend KidStartNow’s story-telling themed Chinese enrichment holiday camp, I was really happy and Continue reading