April – what goes on in our lives

While I dreaded my examinations in my school days and celebrated the end of it after going through 16 years of being a student, and more than a hundred of examinations, big or small, I have never thought I would be going through it again. Many of you should know by now that I used to be a laid back mum, learnt my lesson, and become a not-so-laid-back-mum. So, naturally, I am doing what many other parents are doing: mugging for examinations along with my children. Ok, maybe mugging is a strong word, let’s just say, reinforcing the basics but at a more intensive pace.

So, April is about preparing the kids for the examinations. Primary school students are too young to know how to prep for exams, aren’t they? I remembered I did not really study for my examinations prior to PSLE. With my wealth of experience, I decided to go through the process of this preparation with the kids, hoping to slowly let go, and let them learn how to revise on their own gradually. As much as I hate it, in this aspect, I belong to the helicopter parent for now. You will be surprised at how at Primary 5, the English examination paper is really quite tough. I need to check the dictionary or sometimes google up the word when the dictionary hasn’t got the word! And we are talking about the Oxford dictionary! And yes, we are talking about primary school standard!

Because of the exams prep, I have been neglecting my toddler as my short hours after work are totally consumed by teaching the 2 elder kids. I know it affects him because he has not been looking at me when I leave the house for work and when I come back home in the evening. All these gestures make my heart ache. I feel so guilty and really hope to make up for it after exams. Bear with Mama ok, baby?

So, while exams are important especially for my gal who is doing PSLE syllabus, I still try to strike a balance on revision and play. I don’t believe in mugging for the examinations for every waking moment. So, we brought the kids out for our usual weekend routine.

Safra Punggol – Little Explorers

Perhaps I am one of the rare parents who give the kids an exam break. On the weekend before the exams, we brought the kids to Safra Punggol for a day of fun.


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D’ Elegance Shapewear – sculpt your body back to a sexy you

Many people have asked me if D’ Elegance Shapewear really works. Does it really make you look slimmer? Will I be able to fit into a dress size smaller? Are there side effects? Is it uncomfortable to wear all day long? You will be able to see all my answers and how this thing really works for me. Read on!

So far, I am into my 4th week of wearing Shapewear and depending on my needs, I will wear 2-3 pieces on most days at work. These are what I have got after my consultation session.

Long girdle and body suit

On the left is the Long Girdle (nude) which is also a thigh shaper. On the right is the Body Suit (nude) which shapes the entire body.

Short Girdle, brasserie and panty

In the second picture above, I have got the:
Waist Slimmer (nude)
Bra with good side supports and broad back supports with hook in front (nude)
Bra with good side supports and broad back support (black)
Panty with good bum support (black)

My biggest problem area is really more of my fat thighs. D’ Elegance consultant, Elida, told me not to jog and try brisk walking instead. This is because brisk walking will not make my already big thighs muscular. I heard of brisk walking benefits from sculpting a slim waist (through the twisting of the upper torso as you walk fast) to slimming down the entire body. In fact, I have seen a real life example of how brisk walking slim down a size 16 to a size 12! Elida also told me that I will need to wear the long girdle more often so that my bouncy excess fats around the back of my thigh will be sculpted back to a firmer shape.

It works for me!!

The Effects of Long Girdle

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PNKids Multivitamin Syrup + Free Photobook +{Giveaway}

We all have periods of time when our body immune system is not at its most optimal. And some of us have times when we have a particular period in our lives when we will pop into health supplement shops to get a bottle or 2 of multivitamins, etc to boost our immunity. When my kids came along and especially once they entered childcare centres, the common “fear” of kids falling sick easily in enclosed environment full of children was very real and proven. So, that’s how the kiasu mummy in me went to Watsons, Guardian, departmental stores to spend many afternoons to read through the labels of all the seemingly terrific multivitamin brands.

Over the years, we have changed many brands, some multivitamins gummies were hard, some were too sweet and eventually, we settled on PNKids gummies which the kids have not asked to change to any other brand ever since. No wonder PNKids has been ranked No.1 Kids Multivitamin Brand in Singapore last year in the Western pharmacy stores according to AC Nielson report and has been awarded “Top Brand” in the kids dietary supplements category! Also, my due diligence to check out the labels tells me that PNKids only uses premium grade ingredients and strictly without artificial flavours and colours.

PNKids gummies were not too sweet in my opinion because we have tasted sweeter ones. I didn’t really like that it was full of sugar coating. However, I found out that the sugar coat was really to prevent the gummies from sticking together than to entice children further with its sweetness. Come to think of it, an innocent sip of soft drink is probably many times more than the amount of sugar coated on each gummy.

Do you know that now, they have SUGAR-FREE GUMMIES?! No more worrying about sugar-induced hyperactive children. Oh, and the kids love the surprises that come with each packaging.

Also, do you always wonder what is stated as BOY and GIRL on PNKids multivitamins gummies has actually no difference in their amount of vitamins?

The only difference is the toys inside! Imagine a boy getting a “surprise” when he sees a doll inside the box!

New PNKids Multivitamin Syrup

PNKids Syrup box

PNKids has a new multivitamin product that was just launched in August!

This is the PNKids Multivitamin Syrup in mango flavour!

Have you tried their mango flavoured Prebiotics gummies? The syrup is exactly the same good taste.

PNKids Multivitamin Syrup is a “Complete” nutritional syrup formulation, which contains 21 essential vitamins and minerals for optimal nourishment in children. It is a good supplement for picky eaters. Continue reading

Cold Storage Kids Run 2015 – Our First Kids Run

Media Invite

Cold Storage Kids Run 2015 image

I am so excited because for the very first time, my 3 kids are I are going for our first Kids Run!

Last November, I ran my first 5km fun run in the GE Women’s Run 2014 and totally fell in love with it. XX and YH saw how I enjoyed it and told me they would love to join me as well. So this year, we are taking part in the Cold Storage Kids Run 2015 as a family, joining 3 categories altogether!

Cold Storage Kids Run has been held consecutively for the 8th year and response has been always overwhelming. The idea is to promote healthy living and get the kids off technology to have some outdoor exercise. This year, it is held at

The Meadow, Gardens by the Bay on 17 May 2015

As long as you have children from age 6 months to 12 years old, you can take part in any of the 13 categories! Continue reading

Rise and Shine Expo – Workshop Giveaway #02

Rise and Shine Expo 2013

Credit: Rise and Shine

My girl, XX has a sensitive tummy. Every time she complains of tummy ache, I try to think back what she eats that causes the ache. But I have never managed to pinpoint a culprit and it is frustrating for me since I am unable to prevent future episodes. Continue reading