ACT 3i Festival for Children 2016 {Giveaway}

Have you brought your kids to plays and dramas before? If not, then you can seriously consider going to one. Nowadays, as opposed to our times when we only attended our first drama in Jubilee Hall in Secondary school, kids as young as 1 year olds are already going to numerous plays in town. The best part is these dramas and plays are targeted for the young kids and hence are engaging and sure to captivate their attention. Commercialized or not, our kids really start young in performing arts appreciation. So lucky they are!

This May, after the kids’ examinations, we are going to catch our first play of the year. This is part of the ACT 3i Festival for Children series of plays. ACT 3i (Act 3 International) is Singapore’s leading Arts company for the young. This year, they are launching a brand new ACT 3i Festival for Children dedicated to children from 2 to 12 years old. Packed with exquisite, high quality and awe-inspiring theatre performances that will include original works from Singapore, Italy, Sweden, Argentina, the U.K and Canada, an artfully curated visual arts programme, as well as Conviviality Sessions led by Children’s Theatre artists that are aimed at educators and parents, ACT 3i Festival for Children aims to be the frontrunner in arts enrichment for the young.

All On A Summer’s Day

All on a Summer's Day

Sounds familiar? Yes, it is a tongue-in-cheek adaptation of the Shakespearean classic A Midsummer Night’s Dream. Written and directed by notable Children’s Theatre director and writer Vicky Ireland, this festival opener will feature a cast of professional actors from Singapore. Originally commissioned Continue reading

PNKids Multivitamin Syrup + Free Photobook +{Giveaway}

We all have periods of time when our body immune system is not at its most optimal. And some of us have times when we have a particular period in our lives when we will pop into health supplement shops to get a bottle or 2 of multivitamins, etc to boost our immunity. When my kids came along and especially once they entered childcare centres, the common “fear” of kids falling sick easily in enclosed environment full of children was very real and proven. So, that’s how the kiasu mummy in me went to Watsons, Guardian, departmental stores to spend many afternoons to read through the labels of all the seemingly terrific multivitamin brands.

Over the years, we have changed many brands, some multivitamins gummies were hard, some were too sweet and eventually, we settled on PNKids gummies which the kids have not asked to change to any other brand ever since. No wonder PNKids has been ranked No.1 Kids Multivitamin Brand in Singapore last year in the Western pharmacy stores according to AC Nielson report and has been awarded “Top Brand” in the kids dietary supplements category! Also, my due diligence to check out the labels tells me that PNKids only uses premium grade ingredients and strictly without artificial flavours and colours.

PNKids gummies were not too sweet in my opinion because we have tasted sweeter ones. I didn’t really like that it was full of sugar coating. However, I found out that the sugar coat was really to prevent the gummies from sticking together than to entice children further with its sweetness. Come to think of it, an innocent sip of soft drink is probably many times more than the amount of sugar coated on each gummy.

Do you know that now, they have SUGAR-FREE GUMMIES?! No more worrying about sugar-induced hyperactive children. Oh, and the kids love the surprises that come with each packaging.

Also, do you always wonder what is stated as BOY and GIRL on PNKids multivitamins gummies has actually no difference in their amount of vitamins?

The only difference is the toys inside! Imagine a boy getting a “surprise” when he sees a doll inside the box!

New PNKids Multivitamin Syrup

PNKids Syrup box

PNKids has a new multivitamin product that was just launched in August!

This is the PNKids Multivitamin Syrup in mango flavour!

Have you tried their mango flavoured Prebiotics gummies? The syrup is exactly the same good taste.

PNKids Multivitamin Syrup is a “Complete” nutritional syrup formulation, which contains 21 essential vitamins and minerals for optimal nourishment in children. It is a good supplement for picky eaters. Continue reading

Rise and Shine Festival 2015 {Tickets Giveaway}

I am sure by now you would have known I have the annual Rise and Shine event giveaway each year, and this year is no exception!

If you do not already know yet, this year’s Rise and Shine Festival has Kids Trial Workshops, Parenting Workshops by well-known speakers, Meet and Greet with Sesame Street, as well as many parent and child educational, toy and book fair booths for you to shop around in the same place.

Where is it?

It is held at the Suntec Convention Hall 401-404

When is it?

28-30 August

There is an Adventure Passport that you should download and print out before you go Continue reading

eXplorerkid @ Downtown East + {Giveaway}

The exams are finally over! If you would remember my hardship and lessons learnt as a laid back mum, you would know how happy I am for the first time, that I am looking forward to the days after my kids’ exams! Never felt as happy after “kids’ exams” before…. and I thought I will never be the study-with-the-kids-and-not-too-sure-who-is-taking-exams-mum…*eyes rolling*…

Immediately, after the exams, we had lots of activities waiting for us! One of the fun ones that I want to share with all is eXplorerkid @ Downtown East Health and Adventure Quest. Best of all, I have 10 family tickets to give away! Apologies for not sharing this earlier due to you know… ahem.. the exams, that even blogger mum has to take a break from blogging due to the …ahem..exams…

For once, it is the dads who will be sweating it out with the kids. The Dad & child Health and Adventure Quest is specially organized to strengthen the father and child bond and what’s more to let the dad to have the perfect reason to exercise, no? Fret not if you think that any team will be demoralized for not emerging the winner, because every team will be a winner and will win attractive prizes! So, this is a sure win quest and a very meaningful one to take part in.

adventure quest

Seriously it is not difficult: Simply work together to Continue reading

Petit Bateau – Just-Indulge {+ Giveaway}

Sponsored + Giveaway

There is this hidden gem in the heartland of Toa Payoh where some regular customers would wish no one knows about. Reason being they enjoyed the personal service of shopping for Kate spade bags, even few hundred threadcounts Kate Spade Quilt, branded diaper bags at a steal plus half priced Petit Bateau clothes in this little shop in the neighbourhood.

Upon hearing about Petit Bateau at half priced or less, I naturally ushered my brood to check out this store to see if I can get some comfy clothes for my kids without burning a hole in my pocket.

Just In Store

Just-In-Store at Toa Payoh


If you have known Petit Bateau, you would have known this brand is famous for its comfort and simple design. The T-shirts are so comfortable, your kids would love to wear them daily. Repeated washing will not distort Petit Bataeu clothes a single bit. It is price for quality and what’s more at half the price! Continue reading