List of Ideas For Bringing Kids Out During School Holidays

List of Ideas of Bringing Kids OutMy favourite source of school holiday fun is none other than Cheekiemonkies blog. So many of my inspiration come from his information sharing. When it comes to what to do with the kids during school holidays, I will start planning as early as during exams period. I want to ensure my kids are not deprived of playdates or outdoor activities even though I am working full-time. So, I will take off from work and bring them to interesting places to play.

Some of my friends around me also ask me for ideas and the funny thing is: it is relatively easy to rattle off a list to them which some we have tried and loved. But when it comes to my own planning, I have much consideration to suit all my 3 kids with their different age groups. The solution is really to separate one-to-one date with each of them or combination of 2 kids while one kid is with the daddy or find a place that suit all 3 of them.

Since I am searching for ideas, I will also share them on this post for my future reference and of course I hope you will find them useful too. I will be updating this list as and when there are new places that come to mind. If you have more interesting places to recommend, I welcome you to leave your comments and I shall add on to the list.

I have categorized into Indoor Places and Activities, Outdoor Places and Activities and Home Activities. I try to list most of the activities to be valid throughout the whole year round and not just customized to holiday periods. For those that are happening only for a short period of time, I will be updating this list regularly.

Indoor places and activities

1. Safra Punggol Splash Indoor Water Playground

Read review here.

2. Children’s Seasons (annually)
Date: 28/5 – 31/7
Suitable for age: 3-7yo


3. Imaginarium at SAM @8Q

Read review here.

4. Movies
If you have Safra card, then you must watch a movie using its 1 for 1 promotion on weekends! Promotion ends 26 June 2016.


5. Kidzania

Book online is cheaper!


6. Playeum

Do you know that Groupon or have discounts for Playeum entry from time to time?


7. Bowling

Do call up and ensure the bowling lanes have kids bumpers, and most do!


8. Lee Kong Chian Natural History Museum

Read review here.

9. Theatres for Children

Act 3i Drama for Children (currently showing in May/June 2016)


10. National Gallery of Singapore


11. ArtScience Museum

Some past exhibitions

Future World

12. Philatelic Museum (Stamp Museum)

Read review here.

13. Trampoline Park, Kaboodle

Website for Kaboodle:

14. Esplanade Pip’s Box

Read review here. Continue reading

What we did at Safari Zoo Run

On 29 Feb, we ran our first Family Run at the Singapore Zoological Gardens. While we imagined that we would be slow jogging for the entire 2.5 km, we were proven quite wrong. There were many participants and since this was a family fun run, strollers were allowed and we ended up strolling even from the start of the run. However, as the animals came into sight, many started to stop along the way and we eventually had a good and fun distracting slow run. While Master 9 was irritated at first by not being able to run as fast as he liked, the crowd tapered in and he was able to run, dash, walk and then took turns to push the empty stroller.


This run’s biggest draw is certainly being able to jog by and say hi to giraffes, lions, zebras and many more. There are so many runs in a year, I am beginning to appreciate the unique theme of each run. I must say Safari Zoo Run is attractive to kids because of the animals. Each participant who signed up for this run would be entitled to enter the Zoo and River Safari on that day at no added cost, plus 50% off Night Safari entry. That also explains the more costly run fees. But if you do your sums well, it covers the cost of entry together with the run and then it doesn’t seem so expensive after all. Continue reading

Singapore Botanic Gardens – National Orchid Garden

Our Singapore very own Botanic Gardens is declared as a UNESCO World Heritage Site!


This good news was announced on 4 July 2015 and totally came just in time as a special memorable gift to Singapore’s Jubilee Celebration for her 50th birthday!

Singapore, this little red dot on the world map, which could hardly be seen, has come so far and there is no other tropical botanic garden on the Unesco Heritage list, making this the first! I can’t contain my joy and pride 🙂 I love you Singapore!
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Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve – A Living Classroom

Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve

My gal (I am going to call her Missy 10) and my boy (Master 8) ‘s school principal once called upon all parents to bring the children outdoors regularly. In fact, with the Ministry of Education initiative of “Leave no child inside”, I am going to aim to bring the children to nature places every weekend. With outdoor walks and play, we can bring the family closer, feel the endorphins surge = happy, give the children and also the adult some “childhood” plus being outdoors can keep myopia in check!

So, last weekend, we decided to visit Sungei Buloh for the very first time.

We invited the grandparents along. No doubt with the grandparents always come lots of joy because they always share lots of their childhood experience and knowledge with the grandchildren who greatly enjoy their company.

Sungei Buloh has 2 entrances and 2 main carparks, about 1 km away from each other.

One enters to the Wetland Centre nearer to Mangrove Trail and the other leads to the Visitor Centre to the Coastal Trail and Forest Trail. Continue reading

Children’s Seasons 2015 @ National Museum

June holidays are here! One of our most anticipated activities for our kids for this holidays is the annually held Children’s Seasons. This year, the theme is still Masak Masak, built on childhood games, but with totally different games to play.

To understand and appreciate how the Children’s Seasons are put together, you need to know the artists’ introduction of their installations. This year, there are 10 installations by six local and four international artists to feature familiar childhood games and interactive exhibits. Remember to read the introduction near each installation.

Spoiler-alert! I will share some fun exhibits and games that my kids enjoy. Oh, just a note that Masak Masak is suitable for kids 4-7yo although I would think my 3 yo-to-be toddler did enjoy himself and my 10 yo gal is beginning to appreciate the art too.

This oldie round swing greeted us at the big lawn outside National Museum.


Spectrum of Paper by Mademoiselle Maurice Continue reading