List of Ideas For Bringing Kids Out During School Holidays

List of Ideas of Bringing Kids OutMy favourite source of school holiday fun is none other than Cheekiemonkies blog. So many of my inspiration come from his information sharing. When it comes to what to do with the kids during school holidays, I will start planning as early as during exams period. I want to ensure my kids are not deprived of playdates or outdoor activities even though I am working full-time. So, I will take off from work and bring them to interesting places to play.

Some of my friends around me also ask me for ideas and the funny thing is: it is relatively easy to rattle off a list to them which some we have tried and loved. But when it comes to my own planning, I have much consideration to suit all my 3 kids with their different age groups. The solution is really to separate one-to-one date with each of them or combination of 2 kids while one kid is with the daddy or find a place that suit all 3 of them.

Since I am searching for ideas, I will also share them on this post for my future reference and of course I hope you will find them useful too. I will be updating this list as and when there are new places that come to mind. If you have more interesting places to recommend, I welcome you to leave your comments and I shall add on to the list.

I have categorized into Indoor Places and Activities, Outdoor Places and Activities and Home Activities. I try to list most of the activities to be valid throughout the whole year round and not just customized to holiday periods. For those that are happening only for a short period of time, I will be updating this list regularly.

Indoor places and activities

1. Safra Punggol Splash Indoor Water Playground

Read review here.

2. Children’s Seasons (annually)
Date: 28/5 – 31/7
Suitable for age: 3-7yo


3. Imaginarium at SAM @8Q

Read review here.

4. Movies
If you have Safra card, then you must watch a movie using its 1 for 1 promotion on weekends! Promotion ends 26 June 2016.


5. Kidzania

Book online is cheaper!


6. Playeum

Do you know that Groupon or have discounts for Playeum entry from time to time?


7. Bowling

Do call up and ensure the bowling lanes have kids bumpers, and most do!


8. Lee Kong Chian Natural History Museum

Read review here.

9. Theatres for Children

Act 3i Drama for Children (currently showing in May/June 2016)


10. National Gallery of Singapore


11. ArtScience Museum

Some past exhibitions

Future World

12. Philatelic Museum (Stamp Museum)

Read review here.

13. Trampoline Park, Kaboodle

Website for Kaboodle:

14. Esplanade Pip’s Box

Read review here. Continue reading

West Coast Park Playground – Awesome!

It’s been a long while since I last share on the awesome playground in the East: Pasir Ris Park Playground. Now it is the turn for the equally awesome and huge playground in the West: West Coast Park Playground! It really caters for everyone: children, teenagers, adults and elders. Come here for the Play Area, to Skateboard, Roller Skate, Cycling, Frisbee, BBQ, Bird Watching, Kite Flying, Jogging or just a leisure walk to relax and chat. I am so proud of Singapore’s fun and free places to bring our kids to and perfect places for multi-generation bonding. You really cannot miss this one!

West Coast Park Playground is comparable to the one in the Pasir Ris Park in size. Something different is that there is a Mac Donald’s here which could get very crowded on weekends.

Let’s see what are the fun activities to be found here that Pasir Ris Park doesn’t have or have but slightly different.

Zipline Flying Fox

Who can resist this one? When we were there, there were parents on both sides who took turns to help the children to climb onto the tyre and give them a little push to zip across to the other side. It is an unspoken teamwork and all parents who were there were happy to help ensure safety of all the children. I see gracious parents here and such gestures create a happy playtime for everyone.

Zipline Flying Fox


Balancing obstacles

There are many balancing fun for the children here. All in different levels of challenges. No wonder my kids went again and again to perfect them. Some may be too challenging for little ones. Like my toddler, who definitely needed some help and his elder siblings were happy to go through the obstacle for the nth time. Continue reading

Safari Zoo Run 2016 – Our First Family Run

Do you know that there were about 100 race/run/walk events in Singapore last year? It is amazing so many people are interested in mass running or walking, be it competitive or not. Many of these races are organized for a good cause and the funds collected for charity or some meaningful purpose. Some are organized to raise awareness.

I do admit that I am also caught up in this running fever after having participated in GE Women Run for the past 2 years. My kids had participated in Cold Storage Run last year and so far we have not participated in a family run yet. But soon we will be!!

Out of so many race events happening in a year, there are a few which I would really love to join. One of them has to be the Safari Zoo Run! So this year, we are going to run as a family in our favourite attraction! Yes, we will be running in the zoo! With all the animals looking at us, now who will be the spectators??? LOL!

Why do we choose the Safari Zoo Run?
Well, first, we have very fond memories of each and every visit to the zoo. And now that we are going to run in this place will make it all the more memorable!

Secondly, we will be running past the lions, rhinoceros, polar bears, etc and that makes it such a unique and interesting experience compared to running on urban landscape.

Thirdly, it has a family category of 2.5km which is not too short nor too long for all of us newbies in race events. Not all runs have a family category which includes participation for my 4 year old.

Fourthly, I like the objective of the Safari Zoo Run which is to encourage family bonding and raise awareness on wildlife conservation. Besides, we are running for a good cause too as this run is held yearly to commemorate Singapore Zoo’s most well-loved matriarch, Ah Meng the Sumatran Orang Utan, who died of old age in February 2008. A portion of this year’s race proceeds will go towards funding the conservatory efforts of Singapore Zoo and Wildlife Reserves Singapore. The kids will be pleased to know that their participation will be helping the animals.

Lastly, we are attracted by the goodies of the run! And what are the entitlement?

Entitlement for every runner:
1. A specially designed T-Shirt for every runner

2. Super cute medals for each category Continue reading

FIVE SQUARE – new family-friendly dining place

How often do you find a dining place that caters activities to everyone in the family?

FIVE SQUARE did just that! Not only did we have sumptuous mid-range price food, we had fun after that as well, all in the same place. So, you can eat slowly while other members of the family can move on to activities, and I am talking about electric car rides, playground, bouncy castle, pool table, art and craft and beer for the hub.

FIVE Square, the new flagship outlet of the FIVE Bar Group, had recently took over the old home-grown restaurant Hans in Great Eastern Centre. The concept of FIVE Square is rather unique with 4 different dining / chill out places within the same 13,000 square feet space. Add in a few play areas and the Artisan market (think of Uni / Poly days bazaar) within the same “food court” at The Bazaar, you have a family friendly dining area to go.

Let me take you through the play areas and the 4 interesting corners on FIVE Square.

PLAY AREA – For the toddler and younger children

The play area for the younger kiddos is sufficient to keep my toddler occupied for 2 hours that we were there. Best of all, they are all free, including the electric car rides!

Play area 2

Play area 5

Play area 1

Play area 4

Play area 3

ARTISAN MARKET – For the crafty kids and adults

The Artisan Market is only available on Saturdays and has up to 30 stalls selling hand-made accessories, arts & crafts, fashion apparels, decor, home-ware items and more. Missy 10 and I were so engrossed in all the cutie stuff and beautifully hand-made crafts that we spent more than an hour at one stall called Scottiecraft, learning from the freelance self-taught artisan who was selfless in teaching us how to make these beautiful spoon flowers, cupcakes and more!


Bazaar2 Continue reading

Simple baking with the kids – New York Cheesecake

I have found a great recipe for New York Cheesecake on!

The texture is creamy and the kids totally love it! The reviews on this recipe actually rated it as THE BEST NEW YORK CHEESECAKE. I am not an expert in judging cheesecakes but seems like it is indeed very popular. I have baked 2 times so far with the same recipe. The second time was baked for Master 3’s 3rd birthday and we decorated and drew a car for him!

Birthday cake

Previously, I had made many No-baked cheesecakes as I did not have an oven back then. No-baked cheesecakes taste yummy too, but I find the cheese taste in no-baked version much heavier than baked ones. You can find out more on my Yogurt cheesecake recipe here, which is also a favourite with my children.

Recipe for Baked New York Cheesecake (modified by me, if you want the original recipe, please click here)

Ingredients Continue reading