May – what goes on in our lives

Good luck notes to the kids

Good luck notes to the kids

The mid-year examinations are over and I seriously think that I am the happier one than the kids. Why is that so? Firstly, the children are not so stressed by us as compared to their peers, although the revision had increased in intensity. How could they be stressed if the revision is only at most 2 hours on Saturday and 4 hours on Sunday? Weekdays were for them to do past year exam paper or revise a couple of chapters and weeknights were for me to answer their questions. Secondly, I can come home to the kids, relax and talk everything except academic. Thirdly, I have so many plans on weekends to bring them to and none of the hours are for revision! Yeah!!

Separation Anxiety for me

This month also saw my separation anxiety for the very first time as a mum of 11 years. I was surprised that it affected me quite a bit. I had been to business trip, on couple trips, but nothing like knowing my girl was overseas and I was not by her side. I didn’t even have the mood to blog.

Separation anxiety is for mums too…

Leading up to the days when my girl was going for her first overseas trip without her parents beside her, I had already started missing her.

She doesn’t know so much about how I felt. Being her mum, I needed to put on a brave front so that she would not feel worser than what she was already feeling in leaving us for a short while.

She cried when she thought of leaving for the trip the next day. I comforted her and told her that she would have such a great time that she would feel that the trip is too short.

Come the day when we sent her to the airport, I thought I would cry and she thought she would too. Thank god we did not as the merriment of being with friends and teachers forbade such outpour of emotions.

Then it was my turn to feel sad and I really miss her so much. But then I looked at my younger ones and decided that it would be a good chance to spend more time with them now that my time is divided by 2 instead of 3. We went to the beach after the sent off. The car did seem somewhat less jovial and a little too spacious without my princess with us. When we reached home, I decided to check if her flight has landed. That was when my heart sank when I could not find her flight. All possible thoughts flashed through my mind and I felt a icy cold shiver. When my hub heard me mumbled, he quickly searched in a different website and announced that the flight has landed safely. And I began to cry. Cried with relief!

For the rest of the day, I could not really function until she finally called during dinner time! Whoa! Hearing her voice and seeing her face in the mobile phone took away all my worries instantly. I am not sure how other mums do it, but I am probably not so brave when it comes to my own children leaving my side. Maybe this is a prep for me when they grow older and move out of our family love nest.

So this wrap up of the month was only written after she came back. Yeah Yeah!

Despite the exams, we still did quite many things within the last 2 weeks in May.

Cold Storage Kids Run 2016

We went for our 2nd year of Cold Storage Kids Run. 2 days before the run, Master 4 and I were spotted on the poster for the Run! The funny thing was that although I had received this mailer in my inbox and had referred to it several times on important information for the run, I had never really took a good look at the picture beside it! A friend snapshot the poster and sent to me and that was when we had a more than pleasant surprise! This photo was taken during last year’s Cold Storage Kids Run when Master 4 was 3yo. Isn’t he such a cutie?

Poster boy and mum Continue reading

April – what goes on in our lives

While I dreaded my examinations in my school days and celebrated the end of it after going through 16 years of being a student, and more than a hundred of examinations, big or small, I have never thought I would be going through it again. Many of you should know by now that I used to be a laid back mum, learnt my lesson, and become a not-so-laid-back-mum. So, naturally, I am doing what many other parents are doing: mugging for examinations along with my children. Ok, maybe mugging is a strong word, let’s just say, reinforcing the basics but at a more intensive pace.

So, April is about preparing the kids for the examinations. Primary school students are too young to know how to prep for exams, aren’t they? I remembered I did not really study for my examinations prior to PSLE. With my wealth of experience, I decided to go through the process of this preparation with the kids, hoping to slowly let go, and let them learn how to revise on their own gradually. As much as I hate it, in this aspect, I belong to the helicopter parent for now. You will be surprised at how at Primary 5, the English examination paper is really quite tough. I need to check the dictionary or sometimes google up the word when the dictionary hasn’t got the word! And we are talking about the Oxford dictionary! And yes, we are talking about primary school standard!

Because of the exams prep, I have been neglecting my toddler as my short hours after work are totally consumed by teaching the 2 elder kids. I know it affects him because he has not been looking at me when I leave the house for work and when I come back home in the evening. All these gestures make my heart ache. I feel so guilty and really hope to make up for it after exams. Bear with Mama ok, baby?

So, while exams are important especially for my gal who is doing PSLE syllabus, I still try to strike a balance on revision and play. I don’t believe in mugging for the examinations for every waking moment. So, we brought the kids out for our usual weekend routine.

Safra Punggol – Little Explorers

Perhaps I am one of the rare parents who give the kids an exam break. On the weekend before the exams, we brought the kids to Safra Punggol for a day of fun.

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March – what goes on in our lives

March has a one week school holiday and we did quite many things together as a family. This monthly wrap up post is really a good way for me to check on our family activities and ensuring we have sufficient family bonding time and time for play.

Taking time off from work for the kids

During the 1 week school holidays, I took 2 days off from work to bring the kids out. On the first day, I planned a visit to the Lee Kong Chian Natural History Museum together with the grandparents. We went to sing Karaoke later on. My kids love to sing, and half the singing session was for them to sing their favourite songs. Mind you, the songs they sang were adult ballads and fast numbers, not the kiddie songs. And seeing that we have still some time, we took a leisurely walk at Labrador Park and saw a Holland cruise ship which was exiting to the sea up close! How lucky we were! At dinner, we took a visit to where granny works in a childcare centre. The visit intrigued the kids as they seemed to be impressed that their grandma is still active in the workforce as an assistant teacher teaching little ones just like when they were young.

I am sure by now you know that we love to bring the grandparents and the kids out together. I can’t emphasize enough to the kids that their parents love their grandparents and we place great importance on family relationship and respect our own parents. Hence, as much as we can, we will invite the elders to join us.


On the second day, Master 9 had a playdate. We met over breakfast at Mac Donald’s, had 2 games of bowling, went for a good lunch, and visited Art Science Museum – Future World. It was a good meet up with the mummies who are pretty much Continue reading

Cold Storage Kids Run 2016 + Discount code

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Cold Storage Kids Run is back again for the 9th consecutive year! To be held as a run event for nearing a decade, it must be really popular! The theme for this year’s run is “Eat Healthy. Get Active.” and aims to promote a healthy lifestyle and family bonding through exercise and a healthy diet.

This year, the race is held on 22 May 2016 on a Sunday at The Meadows, Gardens by the Bay again! We love Gardens by the Bay and think that the location is totally perfect for this event. I still remember when we took part in our first Kids Run last year, Continue reading

February – what goes on in our lives

I can’t believe it is already end of February! What did we exactly do in this month that seemed to fly by in a jiffy?

Birthday Celebrations…

February is full of celebrations with 4 birthdays including my lunar birthday too. Missy 11 is, well, 11 years old this year. She had a simple celebration together with just the 5 of us. No big parties for the first time. She made my day when she asked me to bake her favourite New York Cheesecake and we baked her cake together. We treated the kids to Stephen Chow’s The Mermaid, a comedy, in celebration of her birthday.

Birthday cake

One on one date…

I dated Missy 11 one on one a few days after her birthday. I asked her what she would like to do on our date and she replied,”I want to go to Timezone!” We went to the archade at Plaza Singapura and had a fun-filled afternoon. I had not had such a good time playing in the entertainment centre for a good many years. It was very special to go with your own daughter and play together. I did not have to keep watch on other kids. It was easier to go out with one child and we had a good chat over MacDonald’s fries and sundae and there was no distraction. Continue reading