Canon Camera & The State of Fun!

My kids love cameras and tell me, which kid doesn’t?

XX with the PowerShot SX60HS

XX with the PowerShot SX60HS

We were invited to Canon Family Blogger Photo Shoot Out to have a day of fun at Sentosa and to try out Canon cameras. If anyone would have remembered, last Saturday was those days when you wished you had a beautiful sky with enough sunshine to take good pictures while having a good time, but of all days, that was the only day it rained non-stop for the few hours that we were supposed to be having fun. Still, we enjoyed ourselves more than we could imagine despite the rain. Nothing’s going to stop us from having a great time at The State of Fun! Continue reading

The ABCDEs of Parenting and Photography Tips by Bob Lee

Bob Lee

Over the weekends, I was honoured to be invited by Canon Singapore to learn photography tips from Bob Lee 李欣赏. No, I am not obliged to blog about this. But, I want to! Because I was so touched by how real Bob is, and how he chooses to quit his job to bring his son (who is autistic) everywhere to the park to let him fluorish on his own with nature, the thought of this Continue reading