Why I breastfed for 9 months…

How many mums-to-be have decided on giving up breastfeeding even before their babies were born? From my circle of mum friends, all of them would say they will try it out. I think most mums will want to provide the best for their babies and will try their best even if it is for 1, 2 days. I have never, for one split second, doubt I would not carry out the nature’s call for a mum to nurse her baby. My mum had done it, 3 times in her life and she had never mentioned that she had problems. It just seemed so natural to her. So, naturally I should do it too. On the day my first little darling was born, I know she’s a born “sucker”, oh no, I mean “suckler”, although she needed some guidance.  For me? I needed only one BIG thing, no, not the BIG BOOBS, but starting with the letter P, “PATIENCE”. Continue reading

My baby refuses milk for 10 days!!

Yes, my baby refuses milk for 10 whole days!! It started with me going back to work after my maternity leave. This was when he was 5 months old last year. You could have imagined my anxiety and worries! Milk is a baby’s staple food. If he doesn’t drink, then what?

Milk Bottle

I had the privilege of being a full time SAHM taking care of my 3rd newborn for 5 wonderful and enjoyable months. I love to stay at home to take care of my kids. When the day I dreaded most inevitably counted down to zero Continue reading

Happy 1st Birthday Dearest YT!!

Dearest Baby YT,

You are 1 year old now. It’s an amazing 12 months and look, how you have grown! You have already doubled your birth length and tripled your birth weight now. Mummy will never forget the day my contractions came and you, arrived to this world and to our family, bringing with you endless joy to us ever since. Continue reading

My baby’s 10th mth milestone

Baby YT is getting very mobile these days.  When I woke up this morning, I found him sleeping in the living room, thoroughly enjoying the cool floor.  Luckily I mopped the evening before.

He is no longer satisfied sitting in the high chair while everyone busied themselves.

He is no longer content in the playpen playing his toys alone.  His brother and sister take turns gladly to squeeze inside to accompany him.

He no longer wants to lie down when I change his diapers.  He just springs back up repeatedly when I push him gently to a lying position.  He can sit up at his own will now.

At 10 months, he loves to:

– “fly” all around in his walker to wherever he wants to go, or follow me wherever I go, stopping only at the bathroom door

– go out of the house and cry when he sees me leaving the house or sees his favourite grandpa going home.

– watch “Charlie and the numbers” and “Tricky Tracks” on Baby TV.

– put one finger into his mouth, taking care the finger goes right to the side where his molars are still dormant.

– explore the base of anything, even finding great interest in the wheels of his new walker cum wagon, often toppling it over.

– eat his favourite Gerber graduate puffs

At 10 months, he still wakes up for night feed or simply cries out loudly for some reasons that we fail to understand.  We just have to be patient, and gradually getting used to.  Now I no longer dare to let him fall asleep on his own while I close the door and leave the room.  As he is so mobile, I am constantly afraid that he may crawl out of his floor mattress and explore behind the door.  The older kids may open the door suddenly and forcefully, not knowing he is there and he may be hurt badly.  Thus, I have to check on him very often if I were to leave the room or I simply accompany him till I see him close his eyes.

YT is feeding on 4 times formula milk and 2 main meals a day.  I am officially off breastfeeding and have no reasons to eat as much as I like now.  Breastfeeding used to be a great excuse for me to indulge in many high calories food, but not now.  I will put on weight quickly if I am not careful.

Many people say that a breastfed child will not fall sick in the first year of age.  But it doesn’t seem to work for all my 3 children.  YT fell sick 2 times within this year, the first was a cold at 7 mths, and the second was a virus that causes high fever for 4 days at 10 mths.  Poor boy, all of us gave him extra tender loving care and he is back to his old happy self now.

The little boy is experiencing stranger anxiety at full force.  He is not comfortable with a roomful of well-meant uncles and aunties cooing over him.  He takes time to warm up and will bury his head into my chest if he is overwhelmed.  And I am enjoying the kind of trust he places on me, and loving the fact that I am needed and able to protect him.

YT is outgrowing many of his clothes now.  He is now 9.82kg when he was having high fever.  I choose to believe he is already 10kg at his healthy state.  There is a myth that says babies should not wear shoes before his first birthday.  Well, because of this, many baby gift shoes have been outgrown before he even has a chance to wear.  I will be shopping around for his first pair of shoes very soon.

In 2 mths time, he is going to reach his 1 year old milestone.  I am very excited by it and yet want to plan a cosy party for him (just like his brother’s 6 year old party).  A party that he will not get overwhelmed.  After all, he is the star of the party, he “calls” the shot.

I love you babe!

My baby’s 9th month achievements

YT is 9 and a half months old now.  He is a cute little baby and we always look at him and say “You are the cutest baby in the world!”  He loves to clap and never fails to win strangers’ smile.

At 9 mths old, he can crawl finally!  He wasn’t too successful with crawling before this month.  I was a little worried that he may miss the crawling milestone all together.  I always believe that crawling will stimulate the brain as it needs some intelligence and working of the brain to work out the arms and legs coordination to make crawling happens.

He can sit up without help, though not all the time, but improving!  In fact, he is starting to discover standing from a sitting position with the help of my arms.

He is now much wary of strangers as stranger anxiety sinks in.  He will hold on to me tight and turn his head away whenever someone unfamiliar approaches him too fast. Then he will peep at that person again and again turning his head repeatedly.  He is very clingy to me too.  When I walk out of the room, he cries immediately.  If I walk past him without carrying him, he cries too.  When I returned home from work, he opens up his arms wide, waves them in his signature wave and literally flies in his walker to the door for me to pick him up and hug him.  At such moments, all tiredness dissipates in the air.

He is eating well with 2 meals and about 4 milk feeds a day.  For weekdays, he eats brown rice cereal and fish porridge.  On weekends, I give him pureed sweet potato with avocado or sweet potato with steam apples.  For his milk feed, he drinks 180ml each time.  My breastmilk is dwindling ever since I recovered from my fatigue. Stress really cut down milk supply drastically.  Kel says 9 months of breastfeeding should be very sufficient and I have done my part to give YT the best milk already.  Now, he only latches on twice a day.  I know I will miss the breastfeeding and so will he.  Well, I will just document here to remember this.

My baby still wakes up in the middle of the night.  Some parenting advice suggest that the baby misses the mummy’s presence in the day and compensates at night by waking up for milk feeds and cuddles.  I don’t really mind and just let him be.  It feels good to be needed.

YT’s favourite toys are toys that can be chewed on (sounds like a dog).  He chews on anything that is within reach.  This must be a baby’s way of exploring new things.  He chews on toys, chews on books, chews on his favourite bolster.  He likes to turn an object upside down and explore at all angles too.

His sister and brother play with him everyday.  They simply love playing with him.  This is great joy to me.  Each time I encounter some depressing incidents at work, I will always think of my baby’s smile and my children’s laughter.  It always soothes me and I feel much better after that.  My children are truly my life!

I look forward to YT’s next milestone and look forward to every evening.  Will update again on his next milestone!