After thoughts of Cold Storage Kids Run 2015

On the night before the Cold Storage Kids Run 2015, the kids set their alarm clocks and went to bed slightly earlier than usual without complaints. The next morning, their alarm clocks went off at 530am, and they walked into my room quietly. Wow! What independence! No cries, no whining, and on auto-mode, they washed up, ate breakfast and waited happily to get out of the house. For no reason, the toddler woke up earlier than all of us and asked for milk. So, no kids needed to be dragged out of the bed and for once, we left the house on time!

The Supertrees at Gardens by the Bay

The Supertrees at Gardens by the Bay

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Cold Storage Kids Run 2015 – Our First Kids Run

Media Invite

Cold Storage Kids Run 2015 image

I am so excited because for the very first time, my 3 kids are I are going for our first Kids Run!

Last November, I ran my first 5km fun run in the GE Women’s Run 2014 and totally fell in love with it. XX and YH saw how I enjoyed it and told me they would love to join me as well. So this year, we are taking part in the Cold Storage Kids Run 2015 as a family, joining 3 categories altogether!

Cold Storage Kids Run has been held consecutively for the 8th year and response has been always overwhelming. The idea is to promote healthy living and get the kids off technology to have some outdoor exercise. This year, it is held at

The Meadow, Gardens by the Bay on 17 May 2015

As long as you have children from age 6 months to 12 years old, you can take part in any of the 13 categories! Continue reading

Doctor for a day @ Mount Elizabeth Novena Hospital

Doctor for a day was back again recently! You can imagine my anxiety and fast fingers to register both my elder kids for the event before the time slot keeps changing to “sold out” within seconds! This event has been a highly sought after kids fun event since 2012.

What exactly is this and why is it so popular?

It is a day for children age 5-10 to encounter what goes on for doctors in a day in a REAL Hospital setting! Just reading on the program line up will get parents like me to register without much thought because we know our kids will enjoy themselves very much!

There are 6 stations for these little “doctors” to attend to.

1st station: The Doctor’s Room – where the kids learn about some basics of hygiene in the hospital. They learn about the 7 steps of handwashing, why the need to wear a mask and shower cap. Continue reading

How to survive a family travel with young children and elders


My husband and I have been travelling with our children and our parents since we have 2 kids 5 years ago.

We have travelled in large groups including with extended families to Hong Kong, Taiwan, Phuket, Cruise, Malaysia, Australia and the furthest is Sweden.

Whenever friends tell me that they worry about travelling with young children or even worry about giving up freedom of travelling after having kids, I find that their worries are rather unfounded. What you really need is to have a positive mindset and some good planning, and things will just work out naturally. There is really nothing big to fret upon. Continue reading

KidsSTOP Review and Tricky Treats Halloween event


Ever since KidsSTOP opened in June, I have been wanting to check this out with the kiddos. What a timely invite by the KidsSTOP folks for a media preview of Tricky Treats Halloween at KidsSTOP, we had a fabulous time to experience before the Halloween special starts today 27 Oct! And of course, the kids were so excited for the KidsSTOP play after that, we stayed there for a full 5 hours! Continue reading