GE Women Run – the start of my passion for running

You must be wondering if GE Women Run is round the corner. But no. In fact this is an overdued post that I have been meaning to blog about but thought it might be better to write it now to motivate those who have slacked in running or could not find time to exercise haha. Okok, excuses aside. Recently, I have been into run events and it really all started with GE Women Run that motivated me into running, and I would like to encourage more people to start a healthy lifestyle somewhere at some point in time.

Start of 5km

I joined GE Women’s Run 2 years back in 2014. That was my first 5km run and I wasn’t sure back then if I was capable of running 5km. I practised for it with my morning 2km jog after I saw my girl up the school bus. I thought to myself, 5km was basically 2.5 times more than what I usually did and I should finish within 40 minutes at most. It should not be difficult. Indeed, 5km was categorized as a fun run and plus, I had awesome mum blogger friends to run together, I did make it at a leisurely pace!

GE Women Run 2014

GE Women Run 2014 (Left: Angelia from Growing Hearts 123. Center: Me! Right: Meiling from Universal Scribbles)

For a newbie in running, it was important to enjoy the run rather than stressed over the run timing. I was a sportsgirl in my school days playing Netball in numerous inter-school competitions. I was the competitive type who had always wanted to outdo others. However, as age catches up, I learn to listen to my body. These days, I want to enjoy what I do. I was happy that Continue reading

Safari Zoo Run 2016 – Our First Family Run

Do you know that there were about 100 race/run/walk events in Singapore last year? It is amazing so many people are interested in mass running or walking, be it competitive or not. Many of these races are organized for a good cause and the funds collected for charity or some meaningful purpose. Some are organized to raise awareness.

I do admit that I am also caught up in this running fever after having participated in GE Women Run for the past 2 years. My kids had participated in Cold Storage Run last year and so far we have not participated in a family run yet. But soon we will be!!

Out of so many race events happening in a year, there are a few which I would really love to join. One of them has to be the Safari Zoo Run! So this year, we are going to run as a family in our favourite attraction! Yes, we will be running in the zoo! With all the animals looking at us, now who will be the spectators??? LOL!

Why do we choose the Safari Zoo Run?
Well, first, we have very fond memories of each and every visit to the zoo. And now that we are going to run in this place will make it all the more memorable!

Secondly, we will be running past the lions, rhinoceros, polar bears, etc and that makes it such a unique and interesting experience compared to running on urban landscape.

Thirdly, it has a family category of 2.5km which is not too short nor too long for all of us newbies in race events. Not all runs have a family category which includes participation for my 4 year old.

Fourthly, I like the objective of the Safari Zoo Run which is to encourage family bonding and raise awareness on wildlife conservation. Besides, we are running for a good cause too as this run is held yearly to commemorate Singapore Zoo’s most well-loved matriarch, Ah Meng the Sumatran Orang Utan, who died of old age in February 2008. A portion of this year’s race proceeds will go towards funding the conservatory efforts of Singapore Zoo and Wildlife Reserves Singapore. The kids will be pleased to know that their participation will be helping the animals.

Lastly, we are attracted by the goodies of the run! And what are the entitlement?

Entitlement for every runner:
1. A specially designed T-Shirt for every runner

2. Super cute medals for each category Continue reading

Legoland Malaysia – still as fun as ever

If you have young kids like us, chances are you would have been to Legoland Malaysia at least once. We have visited the theme park for the first time 2 years ago when Missy 10 was 8yo and youngest was 1 yo. Back then, I was sure the elder 2 kids would enjoy very much except for the toddler who could only play on very kiddie rides.

Then last year December, I was half expecting my Missy 10 would complain that the rides at this park would be bored especially after she had enjoyed more adventurous rides in Universal Studios. You know, when one of your kids become a tween, leaning towards the teen years, you worry whether the eldest would be bored or the youngest would not be old enough for the fun. I was glad it turned out that my eldest still enjoyed Legoland as much as before. And this time, our toddler was tall enough to join in many rides and that made the trip even more worthwhile and fun.

2 years ago, we went on a boxing day and all the rides needed to wait as long as 90 minutes! Knowing that each year the causeway will be super jam towards the mid December with many families thronging Legoland, this time we chose to go in early December and we were pleasantly surprised that most of the rides only needed 5 minutes of waiting! We were able to try on most attractions and for some of the thrilled ones, we went on thrice!

Junior Driving School (toddlers) and Driving School (older kids)

When you queue for the Driving School, your kids will be asked to take a picture. This picture is going to show on their Driving License after they “passed” their driving in the driving school! Do not be stressed! There is no test, just pure fun for the children and they get to have their own driving license which comes at a cost.

Age: 3 – 5 years only for Junior Driving School

Age: 6 – 13 years only for Driving School

Junior Driving Sch

Driving sch

Boating School

Anything with a steering wheel is fun for my Master 3. What’s more it is about steering a boat on water. This ride requires an adult company with young ones. My elder kids could go on their own. Instead it was me who was afraid to steer a boat all by myself. So, I gladly accompany my little captain on the ride. Didn’t he look so confident on his “virgin voyage” and his use of one hand to steer the wheel? Continue reading

D’ Elegance Shapewear – sculpt your body back to a sexy you

Many people have asked me if D’ Elegance Shapewear really works. Does it really make you look slimmer? Will I be able to fit into a dress size smaller? Are there side effects? Is it uncomfortable to wear all day long? You will be able to see all my answers and how this thing really works for me. Read on!

So far, I am into my 4th week of wearing Shapewear and depending on my needs, I will wear 2-3 pieces on most days at work. These are what I have got after my consultation session.

Long girdle and body suit

On the left is the Long Girdle (nude) which is also a thigh shaper. On the right is the Body Suit (nude) which shapes the entire body.

Short Girdle, brasserie and panty

In the second picture above, I have got the:
Waist Slimmer (nude)
Bra with good side supports and broad back supports with hook in front (nude)
Bra with good side supports and broad back support (black)
Panty with good bum support (black)

My biggest problem area is really more of my fat thighs. D’ Elegance consultant, Elida, told me not to jog and try brisk walking instead. This is because brisk walking will not make my already big thighs muscular. I heard of brisk walking benefits from sculpting a slim waist (through the twisting of the upper torso as you walk fast) to slimming down the entire body. In fact, I have seen a real life example of how brisk walking slim down a size 16 to a size 12! Elida also told me that I will need to wear the long girdle more often so that my bouncy excess fats around the back of my thigh will be sculpted back to a firmer shape.

It works for me!!

The Effects of Long Girdle

Indeed, the amazing effect happened! Continue reading

D’ Elegance Shapewear – the consultation that all women need


I have always wanted to learn how to wear a bra right, how to choose the right bra, and know how the girdles work. But I have never met a good sales lady in the lingerie department that will teach me that. Each time, I walk into a lingerie department and pace slowly along the racks, hoping that some salesgirl will bother to come over and enlighten me on the many different patterns and designs, they are usually busy serving other customers, or talking at a corner. If they do walk over to me, their answers to my first few questions are short and I stop asking. Can’t they tell that I am willing to spend on anything that they have as long as they can show me how they will hide my imperfections and accentuate the curves?

I have long since given up on these unmotivated salesgirls who probably won’t really care if you buy that thing on the rack or not.

Hence, when D’ Elegance wrote to me for a sponsorship on their Shapewear products with a personal consultation session, I was so looking forward to meeting someone who would be interested enough to take my measurements, analyze my body imperfections and recommend suitable Shapewear to address my concerns! Not to mention, in the 2 hours consultation session, this consultant, who is none other than Elida Teh, the founder of D’ Elegance, gave me many good advice in womanly issues from woman health to foot bunions. Continue reading