Blog Posts at a glance

If you are looking for inspiration and tips or simply not sure where to start reading Kids R Simple, I have done up a blog map for you for ease of reading.

Not sure where to go this weekend or what to do at home? Finding inspiration to your current challenges of raising kids? These posts are for you!

1. Activities for kids

DIY Daiso Wooden Blocks Fun

Simple Art and Craft – Rainbow Box

Simple Art and Craft – Salt Art

Simple Art and Craft – Paper Art

Simple fun toys to entertain your kids

Simple kids games by the kids

Simple DIY Gift for Teacher’s Day

Teach your children to cook from young

Learning through play – the fun and simple way

Art – Black Paper gives amazing effect

Our first Pet Hamster – set up and play

Baking with kids – Easy Peasy Peanut Butter

Baking with kids – New York Cheesecake

Cooking with kids – Homemade Ice-Cream Mooncake

Christmas Craft – Make your own paper snowflakes

Christmas Craft – Christmas Tree Card

2. Places to go with kids

5 Fun places to go with your kids

10 Fun outdoor activities for the kids

31 Fun for free places to go in Singapore

Pasir Ris Park playground

Changi Airport Canopy Playground

Upper Peirce Reservoir

Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve – A Living Classroom

Singapore Botanic Gardens – National Orchid Garden

The Animal Resort

Moral Learnings at Haw Par Villa

ArtScience Museum


JCube Ice Skating

Rochester Playhouse

Cool de Sac – a great place for play dates

Staycation at RWS Festive Hotel 

Staycation at Village Hotel Changi – Play and Stay Fun

Hotel Jen Puteri Harbour – great place, great food, great location

Legoland Malaysia – still as fun as ever

Cafe Melba – a great place for mums gathering

Lee Kong Chian Natural History Museum Learning Science and History

Art Science Museum – Future World

3. All about Academic

Preparing for Primary 1

Preparing for Primary 1 – Part 2

How to choose a primary school without parent volunteering

What to consider when choosing a childcare centre

How to improve your child’s Chinese

Learning Chinese – 3 things that parents must know to help your children

Starting Primary 1 and my laid back attitude towards grades

A Laid Back Mum’s Price on Academic

5 Reasons Why My Kids Do Not Have Tuition

Yamaha Junior Music Course – Good or Not?

Learning Math – Simple Division using bottle caps

Learning Math – Mass Using Lego Blocks

4. Family Relationship

Dealing with back talk and rude behaviour

Teaching my kids courtesy and respect

Importance of family routines from young

Sibling Rivalry – an important phase of growing up

Characteristics of a 6 year old

Characteristics of an 8yo and strategies to handle them

Oh dear! My boy likes pink!

How to survive a family travel with young children and elders

5. Mummy thoughts and Parenting issues

Don’t Judge the Way I Raise My Children

To Give or Not to Give SmartPhone

Getting prepared to be a SAHM

Getting your kids to do morning routines without nagging

I want my kids to experience house chores now

How to ensure 8-10yo safety when I am not by their side

How to deal with children with behavioural problems – Part 1 (reach out to your child’s innermost emotions)

How to deal with children with behavioural problems – Part 2 (Put down your expectations on your child)

How to deal with children with behavioural problems – Part 3 (Let go, don’t teach)

7 most likely sins of harassed parents

Remote control parenting (and timetable printables)

Keep Calm and Mother On

Things that I want my daughter to know about young motherhood

Why it is important to be yourself in front of your kids

It’s tough being a perfect role model for your kids

If I don’t have kids , what will I be doing today?

I want to stop hurrying my kids

It’s the simple things that count

A little me-time for myself

Through the eyes of my little ones

The ABCDEs of parenting

Reminders to myself as a wife and mummy

The 5 things that I need to enjoy the most important things in life

6. The Working Mum

A peek into the after hours of a FTWM

My daily routine as a FTWM

A Working Mum’s woes

Work and family – are we placing the right priorities

Can mums really go on a business trip without kids?

My first business trip – my lonely thoughts on the plane

My learnings of travelling solo

Note that every family has its own set of challenges and what works for one family may not be the best solution for the other. These posts were written for me to review my parenting solutions from time to time and for me to reminisce my kids’ growing up years when I grow old and when memories are hard to stay. They are also written for my kids to learn from what their mummy had done correctly or wrongly and my hope for them to learn a thing or two when they reach parenthood years. Lastly, I hope to inspire other parents out there through my documentary of my learning as a mummy, and let’s all strive to be a better parent 🙂

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