About Me


Welcome to “Kids “R” Simple”!

I am a Singapore mummy with 3 lovely kids.

I love kids, breathe kids, and my life revolves around kids.  These little ones complete my life!

My hubby, Kel, is my source of motivation and support in countless ways.  Our courtship was a fairy tale, and our marriage is a beautiful journey. Together we stay in a cosy and happy home in Singapore.

Many times, we tend to complicate the much simple life of our kids without knowing.  But what our kids really need are the simple things in life like lots of love, hugs and attention. 

Hence, I am jotting down the simple things in life that we may forget as we busy ourselves through our daily routines in bringing up our kids. Come 10, 20, or even 50 years from now (if internet is still around), I wish for this blog to be a wonderful place for my dear ones to find my thoughts, find my memories and for my kids to find their mummy’s learning journey in raising them.

Meanwhile, I love sharing my parenting thoughts and experience.  I learn lots from readers and sincerely thank all of you who take time to share with me your advice and thoughts.  I love reading your comments and promise to reply to each and every one of them.

So feel free to leave down your comments and you can reach me at christy.krs@gmail.com if you wish to contact me.


Simple Mum


28 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Beautifully written! You sound like you are so devoted to your kids and raising them in the things that are important. So needed! Thank you for coming by my blog! 🙂 Love what you are doing here! 🙂

    • Thank you for your lovely comments! I am indeed devoted to my kids, so much so that I need to pull myself back for self-care and me-time! Hope to see more of your posts too!

  2. hi there! just dropping by to say thanks for the follow. i was reading your posts lat night and enjoyed reading them…following you back! enjoy your day!

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