May – what goes on in our lives

Good luck notes to the kids

Good luck notes to the kids

The mid-year examinations are over and I seriously think that I am the happier one than the kids. Why is that so? Firstly, the children are not so stressed by us as compared to their peers, although the revision had increased in intensity. How could they be stressed if the revision is only at most 2 hours on Saturday and 4 hours on Sunday? Weekdays were for them to do past year exam paper or revise a couple of chapters and weeknights were for me to answer their questions. Secondly, I can come home to the kids, relax and talk everything except academic. Thirdly, I have so many plans on weekends to bring them to and none of the hours are for revision! Yeah!!

Separation Anxiety for me

This month also saw my separation anxiety for the very first time as a mum of 11 years. I was surprised that it affected me quite a bit. I had been to business trip, on couple trips, but nothing like knowing my girl was overseas and I was not by her side. I didn’t even have the mood to blog.

Separation anxiety is for mums too…

Leading up to the days when my girl was going for her first overseas trip without her parents beside her, I had already started missing her.

She doesn’t know so much about how I felt. Being her mum, I needed to put on a brave front so that she would not feel worser than what she was already feeling in leaving us for a short while.

She cried when she thought of leaving for the trip the next day. I comforted her and told her that she would have such a great time that she would feel that the trip is too short.

Come the day when we sent her to the airport, I thought I would cry and she thought she would too. Thank god we did not as the merriment of being with friends and teachers forbade such outpour of emotions.

Then it was my turn to feel sad and I really miss her so much. But then I looked at my younger ones and decided that it would be a good chance to spend more time with them now that my time is divided by 2 instead of 3. We went to the beach after the sent off. The car did seem somewhat less jovial and a little too spacious without my princess with us. When we reached home, I decided to check if her flight has landed. That was when my heart sank when I could not find her flight. All possible thoughts flashed through my mind and I felt a icy cold shiver. When my hub heard me mumbled, he quickly searched in a different website and announced that the flight has landed safely. And I began to cry. Cried with relief!

For the rest of the day, I could not really function until she finally called during dinner time! Whoa! Hearing her voice and seeing her face in the mobile phone took away all my worries instantly. I am not sure how other mums do it, but I am probably not so brave when it comes to my own children leaving my side. Maybe this is a prep for me when they grow older and move out of our family love nest.

So this wrap up of the month was only written after she came back. Yeah Yeah!

Despite the exams, we still did quite many things within the last 2 weeks in May.

Cold Storage Kids Run 2016

We went for our 2nd year of Cold Storage Kids Run. 2 days before the run, Master 4 and I were spotted on the poster for the Run! The funny thing was that although I had received this mailer in my inbox and had referred to it several times on important information for the run, I had never really took a good look at the picture beside it! A friend snapshot the poster and sent to me and that was when we had a more than pleasant surprise! This photo was taken during last year’s Cold Storage Kids Run when Master 4 was 3yo. Isn’t he such a cutie?

Poster boy and mum


At this year’s CSKR2016

Happy Mother’s Day

On Mother’s Day, the hub cooked up a feast and invited his parents and brother’s family over. We took the kids and my parents to breakfast in Chinatown and visited the wet market famous for their good prices. This market brought back childhood memories of how a wet market smells and looks like. Our kids were fascinated by turtles, huge fishes, eels and more but were not too keen to stay on for too long due to the smell.

Wet market

Missy 11 was a little upset that she actually forgot about Mother’s Day. She had not prepared a gift and hence decided to get a rose for me. She chose a pink rose and Master 9 chose a red one. When we got home, some petals dropped and seeing that they were getting sad, I quickly made them into bookmarks. Some have asked if the petal colour really stay? For the pink one, it actually turned yellow, while the red petals turned slightly darker red. They still look good!


A rare date with hubby on a weekend

This is what I posted on instagram which sums up my feelings 🙂

Marriage needs to be nurtured… Nothing ought to be taken for granted even if this is 15 years of love. It has been a long while to date each other on a precious weekend night. Even my princess sent a message to me to say that she was glad that daddy and mummy were going for a romantic dinner. What a sweetie she is 🙂
To my hubby: Thanks for your love. I love you 🙂


Angry Bird Movie

We caught the Angry Bird Movie media preview and while I find the first part a little sluggish, the second half picked up momentum and was more interesting. It then kept the kids laughing away. The verdict was the kids loved the show, not so for me…

Angry Bird Movie

Shopping at Decathlon Store – Amazing prices!

We have long heard of Decathlon store in Chai Chee selling balls at steal away prices and where kids can try out skates and play in the store. When our car turned into the driveway, we saw many people exiting with more than one big bag of stuff. They must be really good deal! Here is what I posted on the prices on instagram:


Our loot from Decathlon today = $210.90
Basketball – $5.90
Soccer ball – $5.90
Small beach ball – $3.90
Soft volleyball -$14.90
Inline blades – $39.50
Basketball net – $29.90
Just like what my friend had warned me that I would be filling up my basket with my kids… so so true!

We love the basketball net which can really hang anywhere in the house!


Mizuno Ekiden Photoshoot

Remember I mentioned that I will be taking part in the Mizuno Ekiden race on 16th July? We were happy to be featured in Material World, an online portal with an interview and photoshoot session! We enjoyed our photoshoot very much and the camaraderie made us so natural in front of the camera 🙂


While we were busy with the photoshoot, the hubby and toddler waited elsewhere and here was where I found them: Sportshub Splash n Surf! This is a free water playground for the young ones and Master 4 had to be pulled away when the sun was too much to bear! It has been hovering near 35 degC daily!

Splash n Surf

Meet the Parents Session in School

On the last day of school, it was the Meet the Parents (MTP) session in school. I was satisfied with their mid-year exams results although I know that they could had done better. In many of such MTP sessions, my main concern is on their interaction in school. All their teachers feedbacked on their report books that they had “excellent” and “very good” conduct respectively. Face-to-face, they told me that both my kids were willing to ask questions to the teachers when in doubt and were helpful and trusted students. I was happy to hear that. I am always worried that my kids would be shy to raise up hands in class, and I must say I was surprised they bother to ask questions. I am determined to train them to speak out confidently and bringing them to blogger events are good training opportunities for them to meet and talk to other adults. They are learning bit by bit.

Imaginarium at SAM@8Q


We saw this piano revamped to show the mechanics of it outside SAM@8Q.


There are interesting art installations in Singapore Art Museum at 8Q. The above charcoal spike ball is one of them telling people how their actions have consequences in the environment. I think Over the Ocean, Under the Sea is a very meaningful theme this year to showcase the protection of the ocean’s life. The tour should take you around an hour or so.

Act 3 International Drama “All on a Summer’s Day”

We watched a drama play by Act 3 International and I was a little surprised to see that the audience sitting was on the floor with 2 rows of chairs at the back. However, due to its proximity to the stage, the kids were better connected to the story. There were many humorous scenes which the kids loved. Just see the photo below and you can tell! The actors and actresses engaged the kids’ attention with their good acting throughout the 1 hour play. I would say that do bring your kids to at least one such play to cultivate them for the love of the arts and play.




I am currently reading my 4th book this year “Raising Boys” by Steve Biddulph. I had bought this book 5 years back and never really read past the 2nd stage of raising boys partly because my kids were young. But now, with my elderson at 9 yo and younger son at 4 yo, this book was important for me to guide my parenting of my boys. I summed up the initial pages here:

I am currently reading my 4th book this year.

You know what? Raising boys include 3 stages – 0 to 6yo, 6 to 14yo and 14yo and beyond. Of which 6-14yo is an impt stage for Fathers to get very much involved.

From an emotional viewpoint, Father is now more significant. The boy is ready to learn from his dad and listens to what he has to say. This window of 6 to 14yo is the major oppty for a father to have influence on (and build the foundations of masculinity) his son. The son will yearn to learn lots from his father.

Mother’s job is to be relax about this, and stay warm and supportive. This age needs lots of love and time from both parents. Don’t leave it to too late before the boys grow up to mid-adolescent where the world will beckon him to so much other influence in the wide world out there.

A father’s influence and involvement is so impt that case studies have found that ADD Attention Deficit Disorder is defined as DDD Dad’s Deficit Disorder (insufficient dad’s attention). Dads, go for 1 on 1 time with your son and also daughter too. Come home on time to be with the kids and spend more time with them before they grow up in a jiffy. Quality time is a myth. Any time spent carpe diem is time well spent.

My kids are hooked into reading Harry Potter Book 1 and this is also the first time they read a wordy chapter book without pictures. I really really really hope this book will start their interest in reading more chapter books. I had bought about $400 worth of new books over the span of 3 months. All in the hope to make them pick up reading! These books are mostly sought after books in the library and hence worth buying to keep for the littlest one too. Nowadays, I would tell close ones to give my kids book vouchers as birthday presents instead of toys. Books take up lesser space and are worth keeping!

Now we are in the month of June, and I had taken many days off to be with the kids to playdates, outings and had planned an impromptu short trip. I am enjoying the school holidays! How about you?

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