List of Ideas For Bringing Kids Out During School Holidays

List of Ideas of Bringing Kids OutMy favourite source of school holiday fun is none other than Cheekiemonkies blog. So many of my inspiration come from his information sharing. When it comes to what to do with the kids during school holidays, I will start planning as early as during exams period. I want to ensure my kids are not deprived of playdates or outdoor activities even though I am working full-time. So, I will take off from work and bring them to interesting places to play.

Some of my friends around me also ask me for ideas and the funny thing is: it is relatively easy to rattle off a list to them which some we have tried and loved. But when it comes to my own planning, I have much consideration to suit all my 3 kids with their different age groups. The solution is really to separate one-to-one date with each of them or combination of 2 kids while one kid is with the daddy or find a place that suit all 3 of them.

Since I am searching for ideas, I will also share them on this post for my future reference and of course I hope you will find them useful too. I will be updating this list as and when there are new places that come to mind. If you have more interesting places to recommend, I welcome you to leave your comments and I shall add on to the list.

I have categorized into Indoor Places and Activities, Outdoor Places and Activities and Home Activities. I try to list most of the activities to be valid throughout the whole year round and not just customized to holiday periods. For those that are happening only for a short period of time, I will be updating this list regularly.

Indoor places and activities

1. Safra Punggol Splash Indoor Water Playground

Read review here.

2. Children’s Seasons (annually)
Date: 28/5 – 31/7
Suitable for age: 3-7yo


3. Imaginarium at SAM @8Q

Read review here.

4. Movies
If you have Safra card, then you must watch a movie using its 1 for 1 promotion on weekends! Promotion ends 26 June 2016.


5. Kidzania

Book online is cheaper!


6. Playeum

Do you know that Groupon or have discounts for Playeum entry from time to time?


7. Bowling

Do call up and ensure the bowling lanes have kids bumpers, and most do!


8. Lee Kong Chian Natural History Museum

Read review here.

9. Theatres for Children

Act 3i Drama for Children (currently showing in May/June 2016)


10. National Gallery of Singapore


11. ArtScience Museum

Some past exhibitions

Future World

12. Philatelic Museum (Stamp Museum)

Read review here.

13. Trampoline Park, Kaboodle

Website for Kaboodle:

14. Esplanade Pip’s Box

Read review here.

15. Pororo Park

Read review here.

16. Changi Airport Canopy Playground

Read review here.

17. KidStop

Read review here.

18. Cool De Sac (for all kids under 12, but more suitable for young children)

Read review here.

19. Busy Tables Indoor Play (new kid on the block! Check it out!)

Read review here.

20. Rochester Playhouse (for younger children)

Read review here.

21. Imagine | Native
Maritime experiential museum
27/5 – 12/6 (2016)


22. JCUBE Ice Skating

Read review here.

23. Karaoke
I like to bring the kids to Teo Heng Karaoke since it provides decent price for singing.


24. Top 10 Indoor Playground

Read here for compilation by Cheekiemonkies

Outdoor Places and Activities

1. Chek Jawa at Pulau Ubin


2. Jurong West Swimming Pool
Click here for 10 Best Water Play in Singapore by Cheekiemonkies

3. Bedok Reservoir Forest Adventure
Take note to book online before heading to this place.

Closed on Mondays.

4. Pasir Ris Park Playground

Read review here.

5. West Coast Park Playground

Read review here.

6. Botanic Gardens – National Orchid Gardens

Read review here.

7. Sports hub Splash and Surf

Read review here.

Website –

8. Rock climbing

Heard that this is the cheapest Rock Climbing rates in Singapore. Check it out!


9. Universal Studios Singapore

Check out taobao for cheaper tickets! If you have good website that sells cheaper tickets, please share with me!

10. Adventure Cove (Sentosa)

Read review here.

11. Cable Car Ride

Occassionally, they have good deals for cable car rides. It is fun to bring the kids to ride on a cable car if you have not done so!


12. Luge (Sentosa)

This is one very fun activity we had together as a family.


13. More Sentosa activities

2 years back, we were invited to try out some awesome activities in Sentosa for a day as a family. We covered Skyluge, Segway, Tiger Sky Tower, Merlion (Guardian of Prosperity). There are so much to do in Sentosa, there is no way you will find it a boring place!

Read here for our adventures.

Website for the complete list of adventures in Sentosa including S.E.A. Aquarium, Trick Eye Museum, Madam Tussaud, MOSH and more:

14. Gardens by the Bay

There is a Children’s Garden which is a free playground for kids.


15. Marina Barrage Kite Flying


16. Upper Peirce Reservoir

Read review here.

17. Lower Peirce Reservoir Prawn catching

Remember to bring a stick, some bread to wrap at the end of the stick and a pail for your catches!




18. Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve

Read review here.

19. MacRitchie Reservoir Nature Trail and Walks and Tours


20. Hort Park


22. The Animal Resort

Read review here.

23. Haw Par Villa

Read review here.

24. East Coast Park Picnic, Build Sandcastle, Cycling


25. 10 Boardwalks in Singapore for Families

Read here compiled by Cheekiemonkies.

26. Vertical Playgrounds in Singapore

Read here compiled by Cheekiemonkies.

27. Staycation – 10 non-hotel staycations in Singapore

Read here compiled by Cheekiemonkies.
Our own reviews:

Village Hotel Changi

28. Singapore Zoo, Night Safari, River Safari, Jurong Birdpark

Do you know that Jurong Birdpark has a water playground for kids too?

The membership fees have been lowered too and includes free tram rides for weekdays, F&B Discount, etc.
zoo membership

Click here for more details

29. 12 Secret Places that are free for bringing kids to

Read here for compilation by Cheekiemonkies.

At home activities

1. Making a Terrarium


2. Sushi making / Cooking with kids

Read what I taught my kids to cook.

3. Art and Craft with kids

Simple Art and Craft – Salt ArtDIY Daiso Wooden Blocks Fun

4. Paper Quilling

Read here for review.

Baking with kids – New York Cheesecake

6. Movie night at home

Prepare some pizzas, snacks, dim the lights, cozy up the room and snuggle for a good movie as a family!

7. Making jigsaw puzzle together

Recently, a fellow blogger reminded that jigsaw puzzle is a good family activity. Do try to make one together.

8. Picnic in the bedroom
You may have caught my instagram photos on our Picnic in the Bedroom a few times.
The kids love it and it is indeed a good childhood memory for them and you!
Picnic in bedroom
9. Simple game ideas

Check out these simple game ideas that my kids come up with!

If the above list still does not interest you or you have visited most or you strongly think that Singapore bounds to have FUN and FREE activities, you will surely love this list:
31 Fun and Free Activities in Singapore!

I hope this list is useful for you. Do bookmark it for future reference!
Happy Bonding and Happy Holidays!

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