West Coast Park Playground – Awesome!

It’s been a long while since I last share on the awesome playground in the East: Pasir Ris Park Playground. Now it is the turn for the equally awesome and huge playground in the West: West Coast Park Playground! It really caters for everyone: children, teenagers, adults and elders. Come here for the Play Area, to Skateboard, Roller Skate, Cycling, Frisbee, BBQ, Bird Watching, Kite Flying, Jogging or just a leisure walk to relax and chat. I am so proud of Singapore’s fun and free places to bring our kids to and perfect places for multi-generation bonding. You really cannot miss this one!

West Coast Park Playground is comparable to the one in the Pasir Ris Park in size. Something different is that there is a Mac Donald’s here which could get very crowded on weekends.

Let’s see what are the fun activities to be found here that Pasir Ris Park doesn’t have or have but slightly different.

Zipline Flying Fox

Who can resist this one? When we were there, there were parents on both sides who took turns to help the children to climb onto the tyre and give them a little push to zip across to the other side. It is an unspoken teamwork and all parents who were there were happy to help ensure safety of all the children. I see gracious parents here and such gestures create a happy playtime for everyone.

Zipline Flying Fox


Balancing obstacles

There are many balancing fun for the children here. All in different levels of challenges. No wonder my kids went again and again to perfect them. Some may be too challenging for little ones. Like my toddler, who definitely needed some help and his elder siblings were happy to go through the obstacle for the nth time. That is the best part with 5 years difference in age, the older ones can help the young sibling while the mummy relaxes and take photos happily at the side.






Web Climbing Play

This is a MUST-HAVE in every big playground! My 3yo can climb all the way to the top and slides down the tallest slide. Well, of course, with help from Daddy. The elder siblings are not tall enough to assist the toddler by themselves. The 3yo is a daredevil. I remembered that his elder siblings were not so comfortable in heights at his age.


A mini size one…



I am not sure what to term this long and flexible structure that can take multiple kids at the same time. I certainly saw this for the first time! It looks like a see-saw. Indeed, it is very fun and moves up and down with the option of sitting or even lying down.


Other obstacles



The below obstacle seems difficult. One has to climb up the rope against gravity to the top. It is not so popular with the kids though.


Play Area for younger children

This area is cater for younger children where they can play sand and climb the low ladder to the pirate ship.



There are many swings similar to the one in Pasir Ris Park and a long queue for them. Over at the other side, there is a big field to play frisbee or ball games.


We will certainly be back here, though not that frequent since we do not live in the West. I will recommend this place for the kids at least once in your kids’ childhood if you have never been here.

How to get here:

Bus stop ID: 17291, 16241 (Do a search on SG buses app, etc and see how to get here)

Buses: 175, 176 (Take a train to Haw Par Villa Station and take 176 and alight 4 stops after. Walk about 550m.)

Map: Click here

Park lighting hours: 7:00 pm to 7:00 am (We stayed till 730pm and it was rather dark. Do go earlier in the evening.)

If you are thinking of where to bring the kids or even elders this weekend, do consider this place 🙂 Alternatively, Pasir Ris Playground is equally good too! Happy Bonding!!

10 thoughts on “West Coast Park Playground – Awesome!

  1. One of my kids favorite too. They can spend a long time there exploring the different areas. There is also a sand pit over the otherside. Just sand and nothing else. If your toddler is still into sand play. 🙂

  2. We love this place too. The plus thing is the Mcds next door. 😛 Only grouse is that it is quite far from our place. The East Coast is nearer but sadly without all these play structures… and I wonder why. Govt should do something for ECP too. 😀

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