Art Science Museum – Future World

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We went to the Future World exhibition in Art Science Museum today! This is the second time we have been to this museum. The first time we were there for The Deep, which showcased life deep deep under the ocean.

If you are intending to bring your children, nieces, nephews, or any kids below 12 years old, you will be happy to know that there is a Family Friday promotion where on Fridays, a paying adult can bring up to 4 children with free entry! Plus, today we have many adults and children with us and we even got to enjoy the 1 for 1 free entry too! For the 1 for 1 free entry, simply show that you have “Liked” Art Science Museum facebook page and you get to enjoy this promotion! Both promotions, Family Friday and 1 for 1 entry can be used together 🙂

Alright, now let’s go straight to what we liked about this Future World Exhibit – Where Art Meets Science.

There are 4 themes of art installations – Nature, Town, Park, Space


Flutter of Butterflies Beyond Borders

You will see blossoming flowers that go on and on through the four seasons of a year. Spend 5 minutes to look at this virtual environment and you will see butterflies come and go, flowers blossom and fade away. It is beautiful to take pictures here with your kids too.

Flutter butterflies

100 Years Sea Animation Diorama

There are bean bags for you to lie down on to watch what’s so fascinating with these sea waves. This short 10 minutes film takes you through 100 years of climate change in bright daylight and dark night waves.

Watch a fascinating film that conveys the prediction of the world’s rising sea levels over a century, with 100 years condensed into a ten-minute time frame. At the film’s climax, the borders between you and the screen dissolve to create the illusion of eventually being swallowed by the rising sea – extracted from Art Science Museum webpage




Sketch Town Paper Craft

This space is designed for young children to learn through play.

Sketch and colour ocean creatures, buses, cars, etc and place through a scanner, your child will see his/her drawings transformed into 3D objects moving on the big screen!



Connecting! Train Block

This installation projects roads and moving vehicles onto the large table top. Just pick up the wooden blocks on the interactive table to design and create a smooth transportation network.


Beside this installation, is a big smooth slide for the young ones. Your kids will go on non-stop, just like mine did.


Media Block Chair

These stacking blocks glow and change colour as you stack and connect them. They provide endless fun for everyone and certainly is a beautiful backdrop for photo-taking too.

Media blocks


Universe of Water Particles

This waterfall is made up of hundreds of thousands of water particles in a virtual 3D environment, where the particles flow in accordance to the law of physics, resembling a real waterfall.


Light Ball Orchestra

Your kids will be excited to play on these giant illuminated balls. Roll, push and bounce the balls continuously to change the composition, sound and colour of the orchestra.

Colour balls


Crystal Universe

This is certainly the “finale” of the exhibition. You have to queue to enter into this space. Made up of 170,000 LED lights which change colour with sound effects, it gives a vision of stars moving in space. I have probably only one word for this art installation: STUNNING.


There are a couple of installations that we missed due to the crowd during the March holidays. Do try to go during non-peak hours for a better experience. If you wish to know what other art installations that we missed, do go to the website to find out more!

More information on Future World exhibition

Where: Art Science Museum

How to get here: Click here.

When: Permanent Exhibition

Ticket price: Click here for ticket price. For promotions, click here.

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