Legoland Malaysia – still as fun as ever

If you have young kids like us, chances are you would have been to Legoland Malaysia at least once. We have visited the theme park for the first time 2 years ago when Missy 10 was 8yo and youngest was 1 yo. Back then, I was sure the elder 2 kids would enjoy very much except for the toddler who could only play on very kiddie rides.

Then last year December, I was half expecting my Missy 10 would complain that the rides at this park would be bored especially after she had enjoyed more adventurous rides in Universal Studios. You know, when one of your kids become a tween, leaning towards the teen years, you worry whether the eldest would be bored or the youngest would not be old enough for the fun. I was glad it turned out that my eldest still enjoyed Legoland as much as before. And this time, our toddler was tall enough to join in many rides and that made the trip even more worthwhile and fun.

2 years ago, we went on a boxing day and all the rides needed to wait as long as 90 minutes! Knowing that each year the causeway will be super jam towards the mid December with many families thronging Legoland, this time we chose to go in early December and we were pleasantly surprised that most of the rides only needed 5 minutes of waiting! We were able to try on most attractions and for some of the thrilled ones, we went on thrice!

Junior Driving School (toddlers) and Driving School (older kids)

When you queue for the Driving School, your kids will be asked to take a picture. This picture is going to show on their Driving License after they “passed” their driving in the driving school! Do not be stressed! There is no test, just pure fun for the children and they get to have their own driving license which comes at a cost.

Age: 3 – 5 years only for Junior Driving School

Age: 6 – 13 years only for Driving School

Junior Driving Sch

Driving sch

Boating School

Anything with a steering wheel is fun for my Master 3. What’s more it is about steering a boat on water. This ride requires an adult company with young ones. My elder kids could go on their own. Instead it was me who was afraid to steer a boat all by myself. So, I gladly accompany my little captain on the ride. Didn’t he look so confident on his “virgin voyage” and his use of one hand to steer the wheel?

Minimum height: Below 120 cm of accompanied by an adult)

Minimum age: 8 years old (1-7 years old if accompanied by an adult)

Boating School

Kids Power Tower

The Power Tower requires one to work hard to bring himself up to the top. You may think it is boring if you simply pass by it just like what I thought on our first trip. But it is not! Basically you pull on the rope up together with your partner and you could let go of the rope and it will slide down and you pull on the rope again to ascend. The falling part was fun. However, if you are a heavyweight, you would most probably need more strength to pull yourself upwards.

Minimum height: 100 cm (Below 120cm if accompanied by an adult)

Kids Power Tower

Rescue Academy

Off to be firefighters to put out a fire! This is a competition between families. We were in time to join 3 other families on a race to see who can reach the building to put out the fire first. Each fire engine could sit only 4 people maximum. So, I gladly took photos at the side. Everyone has to move the fire engine by pumping the lever on the vehicle. Once they reached the “burning” building, they hurried down from the vehicle, pumped the water and aimed the hose at the fire. The hub complained about “working” hard at this attraction, haha!

Minimum height: 90 cm (Below 110 cm if accompanied by an adult)

Rescue Academy

Lost Kingdom – a fun shooting ride

Shoot at the green lights! For a while, I was shooting on the red ones. That’s me. I am just not adventure smart. LOL! Everyone could join in the ride including the toddler. In this attraction, we entered a “Lost Kingdom” and we were supposed to hunt for lost treasure by shooting all the green lights which would turn red when shot.

Minimum height: 80 cm (Below 120 cm if accompanied by an adult)

Lost Kingdom

Lost Kingdom2

Dino Island – a thrilling and wet ride

This was one of our favourites! We were brought up to the peak of a forgotten volcano slowly. Our boat then came sliding down to the waters and I must say the best part was been splashed by the water all around us. We did not wear any ponchos or raincoats and were 50% wet. The kids didn’t mind a single bit and we went on a second round. Master 3 was not tall enough for this ride and hence Kel and I took turns to go with the elder kids.

One tip for you: put up your feet on the side or front bar. Wet feet and shoes sure are uncomfortable!

Minimum height: 110 cm (Below 130 cm if accompanied by an adult)

 Dino Island

Lego Technic – Project X (roller coaster)

This is another of our favourites. You sit on a Lego car and it brings you to as high as 18m above ground and moves on a track with a few turns before coming down steeply. Definitely a fun thrill ride. Not for weak hearts. But yet not so scary that you will freak out. If you are like me who love thrills but not the heart-jump-out-of-sleeves feeling, then you will enjoy this attraction as much as me!

Minimum height: 110 cm (Below 120 cm if accompanied by an adult)

Lego Technic - Project X

Dragon’s Apprentice (for young kids) and The Dragon (for older kids)

We were lucky to find all queues with maximum 10 minutes of waiting. So our kids were able to go for both The Dragon’s Apprentice which was a suitable roller coaster for younger ones and The Dragon which was a more thrilling ride for older kids and adults. The hub and I took turns to go with the elder kids a total of 3 times on The Dragon’s Apprentice and 3 times on the The Dragon! We could have gone on The Dragon for 10 times if not for the rain and coming thunderstorm that suspended the rides.

Minimum size: 100 cm (Below 120 cm if accompanied by an adult)

Dragon Rides

The Forestmen’s Hideout

If you have toddlers like mine who could not join for some rides, do take him / her to this playground near The Dragon or the Duplo Playground below.

The Forestmen's Hideout

Duplo Playtown and Duplo Express (train ride)

Legoland is truly a fun place for kids, even toddlers. This Duplo Playtown is a haven for lil’ ones. There is an interactive playground, slides and big LEGO houses to snake in and out. Kel sat with the toddler on the Duplo Express.

Duplo Playtown1

Duplo Playtown 2


Do your kids like Ninjago? If so, then come to the City Stage that presents Ninjago stage show where the courageous Ninjas went on a mission to protect Bandit, a Yin Yang Dragon. There was laser backdrop and well staged storyline. The show took place in a fully air conditioned theatre. This is a good place for parents to rest their legs while kids enjoy the show. However, please only watch before you head to the Dino Island wet ride. We shivered in the cold in our damp clothes after emerging from the water splash.

Lego City Stage - Ninjago


Legoland Miniland

You must not miss this Miniland which took 3 years and more than 30 million Lego bricks to recreate some of Asia’s landmarks in really very detailed minature. Some of them have sounds of bustle and hustle. If you zoom in your camera, one might mistaken the photo of real life setting. It is that impressive!

Miniland (18 countries)

There are still many many attractions that we did not manage to cover all in one day. And if you are buying a combo ticket, you really have to buy 2 day combo to cover the water park and theme park on separate days to enjoy to the fullest. I like it that all the attractions are catered to children and there are NO rides that have a high height limit to exclude the kids. It is a perfect family theme park for everyone.

Below photo is our favourite spot for a family photograph 🙂

Legoland family

More information on Legoland

Address: Click here for directions


Tickets promo now on: If you book online more than 7 days in advance, you will get 20% off your ticket price! Another promotion which ends today on 27 Jan is Buy 2 get 1 free. Visiting period till 30 June. You may like to book in advance for the coming March and June holidays! Click here for details.

Accomodation: Click here for Legoland Hotel. Alternatively, you may take a day bus to and fro to Legoland, or drive up for a day fun and return on the same day. For us, we stayed in Hotel Jen which was only a 5 min drive to Legoland.

You may like to know the below:

1. All the male and female restrooms in Legoland has diaper changing area, kiddie toilet bowls and wash basins, and family restrooms.

2. There is a huge baby care centre inside Legoland with Bottle warmers, high chairs, rockers for nursing moms, baby change facilities and a microwave.

3. There are lockers available.

4. Parking charges: RM10 per entry. Free if you are Annual Pass holder, just get your parking ticket at Guest Service Counter.

Disclaimer: We received complimentary combo tickets for this review. However we could only visit the theme park and had no time for the water park. Hope to visit the water park in our next visit! All opinions and experience are ours. 

4 thoughts on “Legoland Malaysia – still as fun as ever

  1. O boy, there’s a lot of dad’s duty there, all the ones that are high and/or spinning… 😉 but one year when we have a stop over in Singapore we will visit Legoland there too

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