D’ Elegance Shapewear – sculpt your body back to a sexy you

Many people have asked me if D’ Elegance Shapewear really works. Does it really make you look slimmer? Will I be able to fit into a dress size smaller? Are there side effects? Is it uncomfortable to wear all day long? You will be able to see all my answers and how this thing really works for me. Read on!

So far, I am into my 4th week of wearing Shapewear and depending on my needs, I will wear 2-3 pieces on most days at work. These are what I have got after my consultation session.

Long girdle and body suit

On the left is the Long Girdle (nude) which is also a thigh shaper. On the right is the Body Suit (nude) which shapes the entire body.

Short Girdle, brasserie and panty

In the second picture above, I have got the:
Waist Slimmer (nude)
Bra with good side supports and broad back supports with hook in front (nude)
Bra with good side supports and broad back support (black)
Panty with good bum support (black)

My biggest problem area is really more of my fat thighs. D’ Elegance consultant, Elida, told me not to jog and try brisk walking instead. This is because brisk walking will not make my already big thighs muscular. I heard of brisk walking benefits from sculpting a slim waist (through the twisting of the upper torso as you walk fast) to slimming down the entire body. In fact, I have seen a real life example of how brisk walking slim down a size 16 to a size 12! Elida also told me that I will need to wear the long girdle more often so that my bouncy excess fats around the back of my thigh will be sculpted back to a firmer shape.

It works for me!!

The Effects of Long Girdle

Indeed, the amazing effect happened!

Just after 2 days of wearing the long girdle under my pants and long dress for more than 8 hours at work, I stopped wearing it on the 3rd day and wore a pair of shorts. You know what? I could actually see a thigh gap! OMG! Yes, if you have a problem area like me, you will probably understand how I felt when I found a pair of slimmer thighs on the 3rd day! The Shapewear probably works like a memory piece. It remembers the shape of the sculpted thighs and hence, the shape stays. I would not think that this “memory” will last forever just by wearing for 2 days. But certainly, I will persevere to wear it more frequently, and add on brisk walking, I might really get the confidence in wearing short skirts very soon.

Another thing I like about this long girdle is the high waist design. It serves to flatten the tummy and is really designed to ensure all excess fats along the sides of the body are not bulging out. If you do shop around for girdles, most of them have a lower waist design than this one. Hence, this long girdle will be able to firm up the tummy as well as shape up the butt and thighs.

The Effects of Body Suit

The other piece of Shapewear I love is the Body Suit.

This piece serves many problem areas. First of all, it firms up your tummy and stops that bulge from popping out. Secondly, the lace straps tuck the excess fats towards the middle. This one has to complement with the bra which has broad piece of strap supports and broad back support for better results. Thirdly, the backside support lifts your butt up instantly. Lastly, wearing the body suit over the high waist long girdle wraps up all the remaining parts that are not covered anywhere. You will not see what they call the “muffin tops” and unsightly bulges at the waist line and the bra support areas. You can also wear this body suit on its own and it gives you a flat tummy, lifts your butt and wraps up excess fats all over the upper torso.

Waist Slimmer

The next piece I like is the waist slimmer.

The waist slimmer is much tighter than the long girdle and body suit. It really makes me sit up right, stand straight and walk with a straight back. It helps a lot with my weak back and waist, ensuring that I am always in a good posture no matter what I do. It is best worn together with either the long girdle or the body suit. It can also be worn on its own and you will find a slender waistline.

One thing I feel that can be improved further on this waist slimmer is the design of the entire row of hooks at the back. How can anyone be able to hook up by herself without seeing the hooks? I still cannot master this. Elida taught me to bring the hooks to the front and once done, fold the top down to half and shift it to the back before flipping the top back up again. If I am wearing the waist slimmer on its own around my bare middle torso, I would not be able to shift an inch due to the friction against my skin. Hence I usually wear it with the long girdle or the body suit that will aid the hook up front and turn to back trick.

Each Shapewear is designed with the Asian body in mind. I learnt that each Shapewear is using 420 denier fabric which is designed to hold and firm up the body when you wear them. It will not tear that easily and is suitable for daily wearing. It uses Japan Wincool fabric which is light and airy and cool to the touch. In fact, it can lower your skin temperature by 1 to 2 deg C. Not only that, the light weight fabric allows fast drying and hence, I usually wash them at night and by morning, they are already air dried and ready for wearing.

One tip on taking good care of the Shapewear is not to soak and not to bring out to direct sunlight as this will spoil the elasticity in the long run. Indoor air drying is sufficient.

Now for the answers to the questions at the start of this post!

Question 1 – Does Shapewear really make you look slimmer?

My experience – Yes, it does and the effect is instantaneous. I wore a body hugging dress last week and I actually received numerous compliments throughout the whole day from different people whom I met. Everyone complimented that I looked very slim that day (Ok, you know on most days, it is the opposite)! I also absolutely love the long girdle which is a perfect thigh shaper. After 3 weeks of wearing on average of 4 days per week, I realize that the flabby part of the thighs were firmer and do not shake and jiggle as much as they used to. However, even though the Shapewear gives instantaneous results, I will complement with regular exercise to achieve a healthier and more shapely body.

Question 2 – Will I be able to fit into a dress size smaller?

My experience – Some time back, I bought a cap sleeve pencil dress online which I had difficulty fitting in before as it was a size smaller. I thought I could fit into a M size as stated on the website, but I could not as it was really body hugging. Now, with the Shapewear reducing some inch off my stats, I can actually fit in! I am glad I did not give my dress away. Below is a picture of me wearing this pencil dress over the Body suit, the Long Girdle and the Bra with hook in front. Errmm… Seriously, I have not seen a slimmer me after my second born!

PS. Please refrain from rolling your eyes at my amateur “model” pose and Kel’s amateur photography skills lol! 


Question 3 – Are there side effects?

My experience – I have to admit that wearing the Shapewear does limit my appetite to a small extent. That is because it is tight at the abdomen and I do not feel as hungry as I should be. This is probably good news to some of you. Next, upon taking out the Shapewear after many hours of wearing, the blood circulation makes my skin itch for a short while but it does not bother me much. Apart from these, there are no other side effects as of now except for the good effects of shaping up my body 🙂

Question 4 – Is it uncomfortable to wear all day long?

My experience – To be frank, I was not so used to wearing it for the first few times with the tightness of the Shapewear to hold up my fats everywhere. But after that, it was fine for me. It is not hot underneath my clothes all thanks to the Japan Wincool fabric which is supposed to be 1-2 degC lower temperature than our body. The best part of it is that I do not need to suck in my tummy anymore because the Shapewear does a super good job in maintaining a flat tummy. Sucking in my tummy is indeed very uncomfortable. And when I go to the washroom, I do take a slightly longer time to button up my body suit and it takes a few more seconds to pull down and up the long girdle. Wearing the waist slimmer forces me to always keep my posture straight and this prevents me from slouching in my office seat. There is simply no way you can keep a bad posture with this girdle. So, if you like to slouch in your seat and walk with a hump back, you may feel uncomfortable with the it checking your posture all the time.

What is the price of this amazing Shapewear?

If you are wondering by now, how much is the Shapewear and whether it is worth investing, you may think about how much you spent on lingerie every year. For me, I spent about $500. I once read a survey on the magazine that many women spent $200-$300 on lingerie every month! Hence, for the price of Shapewear, which can last for 3-5 years of almost daily wearing basis (if you take good care of it), it is worth the investment in my opinion.

Essential Package of the basics that you will need:

Essential Package

Promotion Code

Hey! Just quote my promotion code of “Kids R Simple” and you will be able to enjoy the following:

1. A waiver of S$100 consultation fees when readers present the unique promotion code to visit D’Elegance for a personal consultation session. Do read up my consultation experience here!
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Benefits of D’ Elegance member

membership benefits

VIP Membership Benefits - D'Elegance

I do hope that if you have decided to give D’ Elegance Shapewear a try, you must use the promo code above for maximum benefits. I would love to hear your experience too and do tag me if you post any amazing OOTD due to the effects of this Shapewear!

More information on D’ Elegance:


Address: 10 Anson Road #03-15/16 International Plaza Singapore 079903

Tel: 6226 3013 (Consultation strictly by Appointment)

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/delegance.shapewear/

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post with this as the 2nd part of the review on D’ Elegance Shapewear. For the first part on the personal consultation session experience, please click here. Effects of wearing the Shapewear vary with individuals. But I am quite sure that you will certainly benefit from D’ Elegance Shapewear with a firmer body. Thank you D’ Elegance for boosting my confidence with your amazing Shapewear! I absolutely love it!

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