D’ Elegance Shapewear – the consultation that all women need


I have always wanted to learn how to wear a bra right, how to choose the right bra, and know how the girdles work. But I have never met a good sales lady in the lingerie department that will teach me that. Each time, I walk into a lingerie department and pace slowly along the racks, hoping that some salesgirl will bother to come over and enlighten me on the many different patterns and designs, they are usually busy serving other customers, or talking at a corner. If they do walk over to me, their answers to my first few questions are short and I stop asking. Can’t they tell that I am willing to spend on anything that they have as long as they can show me how they will hide my imperfections and accentuate the curves?

I have long since given up on these unmotivated salesgirls who probably won’t really care if you buy that thing on the rack or not.

Hence, when D’ Elegance wrote to me for a sponsorship on their Shapewear products with a personal consultation session, I was so looking forward to meeting someone who would be interested enough to take my measurements, analyze my body imperfections and recommend suitable Shapewear to address my concerns! Not to mention, in the 2 hours consultation session, this consultant, who is none other than Elida Teh, the founder of D’ Elegance, gave me many good advice in womanly issues from woman health to foot bunions.

Elida is a lovely lady who instantly makes you feel at home in her elegant shop. In fact, I view her as a mentor to my womanly concerns. She is a very approachable and a motherly person who is selfless in sharing her experience and advices on taking care of our health and body. She reiterated that being a woman, we should be treating ourselves better. This is especially so after giving birth and we need a stronger body and mental health to be able to run the household. Her positive demeanour in life was infectious and I really left her shop not only feeling happy with my new Shapewear but also a determination to take care of my body and health.

The consultation usually takes about an hour, but being a blogger, there was much to ask and know for our write-up and hence my session was double the usual duration.

When I first walked into the shop, I felt that I was walking into a bridal shop. It had carpeted floor and elegant looking reception area with table and cushioned chairs.


Elida and her assistant Rain, greeted me and I was brought into a luxurious consultation room complete with fitting area, big mirrors, weighing scale, height chart and we sat down over a pot of TWG tea. Much thought was put into the entire shop decoration to make you feel that you were the VIP. It felt good to know all attention was on you and there were no other customers around to interrupt our exclusive session. Rain proceeded with a short presentation of Shapewear and some information on the stresses that cause our body to go out of shape.


Next, Elida came in to take my measurements and recorded on a chart. She chatted to me while helping me to understand my curves and problem areas and recommended the right Shapewear that would enhance my figure and boost my confidence. She taught me how to wear a bra the right way. (Finally I found an expert who shared with me what I had always wanted to know.) She also taught me on the different combinations and ways to wear the Shapewear to suit my different needs on different dresses and clothes. Finally, she took my measurements again with the Shapewear on, and presented me with some pleasantly surprising numbers that I never knew existed on my body. My biggest problem area is having a pair of fat thighs. After putting on the Shapewear, my thighs actually slimmed by 4cm! That is, to me, a very substantial reduction! The Shapewear not only helps to nip and tuck, it actually has the effect of shifting the fats in the rightful positions and supports and secure them in place, shaping your body back to the curves that they should be.

Throughout the entire consultation, I enjoyed listening to Elida talk about how she started in this business and how she took good care of her own body and image. It is very interesting to know how a product comes about and the designer’s thoughts into it.

All the Shapewear products were designed by her through her many years of experience in this industry. She knew the needs of Asian women and understood the importance of comfort for the long hours of wearing inner intimates. Knowing that many of the big brand names out there were usually catered for non-Asian bodies, she was determined to design for the Asian women physique and comfort. (More will be shared in the 2nd blog post on D’ Elegance Shapewear soon.) In fact, Elida, being the pioneer in Singapore Shapewear business, she was invited twice to share her expertise on Shapewear on local prime time TV which includes the Channel U Ladies Nite.


Elida Teh and me

Many people have the misconception that Shapewear is for the young or middle age ladies and not for older women or thin women. In fact, Shapewear has nothing to do with your weight, size, built, or age.

Every woman faces the same thing, that is, with age and lifestyle, your body is bound to be affected by life stressors that make your body sag with gravity, or consolidated fats in the bottoms through long hours of sitting in the office, or out of shape assets due to improper wearing of ill-fitting bras or breastfeeding.

Shapewear is meant for sculpting your body curves back to where they should be. Everyone can wear, no matter young or old, tall or short, slim or fat.

If you are concerned about upkeeping your womanly curves in shape or simply to look good in your favourite clothes, do make use of my promotion code for Kids R Simple readers for a waiver of $100 consultation session with D’ Elegance. By quoting this code, you enjoy a free consultation. Why not fix a session to understand how Shapewear can help you get back a shapely body and to wear that dress that you had always wanted to fit into?

Promotion Code – Kids R Simple
Benefits –
1. A waiver of S$100 consultation fees when readers present the unique promotion code to visit D’Elegance for a personal consultation session.
2. A discount of 5% off their first purchase at D’Elegance

More information on D’ Elegance:


Address: 10 Anson Road #03-15/16 International Plaza Singapore 079903

Tel: 6226 3013 (Consultation strictly by Appointment)

Disclaimer: I was invited for a free consultation session with D’ Elegance and products for this review. All opinions are truly mine. It has been almost 3 weeks since my consultation session, and I have been wearing the Shapewear regularly with visible effects and lots of compliments. Stay tune to how I wear my Shapewear and what effects it has on my body!

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