2015 reflections and thoughts

2015 is coming to an end and each year end, I view it as an important time to reflect on what I had done right and what I had done wrong in the past one year. I like it to be a recap of the happy times we had in the one whole year too. Unhappy times are history. We want to welcome the brand new year with a brand new start.

Work and Blogging

I had a busy year juggling work and family as well as blogging.

Work was super busy and it got busier towards the second part of the year. It took up lots of my family time which I hated but not able to do much about it. I even contemplated quitting without the readiness of being a SAHM. Of course, the SAHM thought will always be on my mind till the day I fulfil this long awaited wish. Hopefully come 2016, this wish will not be too far away.

Blogging has been a good hobby for me as it is therapeutic and a good avenue to sort out my thoughts and plans. However, with the kids growing up so fast, I need to take care of their feelings when I post pictures and their nit bits of life with permission. Many times, I find myself in a dilemma of whether to continue blogging or not and also now and then hit by blog envy. But blogging is really giving me and my family lots of opportunities to enjoy time together as a family with first hand experience of new activities. I get to know new friends in the blogging world. I can’t bear to give all this up. Through blogging, I read widely on other blogs out there which are good sources of information and ideas on kids activities. I enjoy the interaction with readers and bloggers too. On the whole, it benefits me greatly. That also comes at an expense of countless late nights blogging and handling social media and exposure of our private life with care.

Kids and family

I am lucky to have a good and capable new helper that everyone in the family likes. Otherwise, there is no way I could have worked late nights in peace if I had to return to house chores at the expense of family time. I would not even have called myself sane! This year, I was very determined to help Missy 10 improve her academic and crafted some revision plan together with her. Our plan succeeded and she got the Best Progress Award for her amazing improvement in all subjects. Seeing her on stage was like seeing myself getting the best award I could have done as a mummy in helping her find her self-esteem and confidence back.

After my Missy 10 and I had had our share of congratulations and pats on our backs, I know that come 2016, will be a tougher and challenging academic year for both my Missy 10 and Master 8. We all know that P4 to P5 and P2 to P3 are both big academic level jumps. My toddler will be in nursery next year too. I must keep track of how I shall juggle revision and play time at home, taking care not to deprive the kids of their childhood amid the academic challenges. One of my new year resolutions is even to stop working overtime at work. I need to reach my workplace earlier so that I can return home on time. There are plenty of important things waiting for me at home. For such a time, I am so thankful for having a supportive hubby, good parents and parents-in-law help and a good helper.


I read through my past years resolutions. It seemed that most of the things are repeating itself, meaning I have not done enough on those resolutions. My main ones are “SLOWING DOWN MY PACE”, “LESS SOCIAL MEDIA” and “SPENDING MORE TIME WITH LOVED ONES”.

I guess slowing down in life has to start from my mindset. I am by nature a “gan cheong” person and like to do things fast. I have to constantly remind myself to walk slowly, talk slowly and breathe slowly. This will probably improve my health and slow down my heartbeat, so that I can have a longer life. Maybe. I also need to exercise more.

One thing I would like to show my children by example, is to read a book, in front of them. I love to read books, but I always cannot find the time to indulge in this hobby and end up reading facebook news and blogs on commute. I even blame myself for not walking the talk and my kids end up not reading as much as I would love them to. Since I have a helper to take away my chores, I should have more time for myself. I should seriously track where did the lost times go? Why am I still deprived of sleep and feel that I am not spending enough time for family? Something is seriously wrong. Do you feel the same way like me? Or am I the only one who always lament NO TIME, NO TIME, NO TIME?

On lesser social media, this one is hard for me since I am a blogger. But certainly if I stop scrolling the endless news feed in facebook, I will have more time to be Carpe Diem or more time to even watch TV. This society is full of people tempted to check out what other people’s lives are all about. And full of people showing off or can’t wait to share their lives in public. I am guilty of that to some extent too, even though I think what I am sharing is so minimal compared to others. What a crazy, crazy world!

In 2015, one thing I could have done more is spending more time with my loved ones. I can never have enough time for my children, hubby, mum, dad and grandma. I did manage to have 2 dates with my mum, one on my birthday and one on Mother’s Day. And I dated each of my elder children twice this year. I did not go on a honeymoon trip with my hubby as I had anticipated and waited in enthusiasm. However, I had plenty of girlfriend dates. I was also very happy that I visited my Grandma on one of my off days just before Christmas. She is getting old and has dementia. Talking to her and reminiscing on her younger days do make me feel melancholy and I yearn to hold on to time. I want to visit her more often, just like I wish to spend more time with everyone I love in my life.

2015 is coming to an end and today is the last day. I really look forward to a better 2016. New challenges lie ahead for me. I need to be more focused on things that matter to me. I need to stay healthy to run the household and enjoy family time.

Toast to 2016 everyone! Hope you have a fulfilling 2015 and many good years to come!


8 thoughts on “2015 reflections and thoughts

  1. That’s a great recap, Christy! I was wondering whether SAHM is still in the cards, so now I got the answer. Otherwise I give it to you: ‘no time’ appears far too often for my liking in our family too :/ still i think last 5 months I’ve been able to slow things down compared to the previous 12 months. There has been less extra stuff but the attitude makes a huge difference too!

  2. Happy new year!!! Your resolutions sound so familiar, less social media, slow down in life… I guess there are always improvements that can be made, so I always hesitate to make them. One thing is for sure, this year I’m going to be a better mother!!!! Good luck to me!! Or maybe, good luck to the kids. Ha ha!!

    • Hey! I am sure you are already the best mum! But I know what you mean. We always think we ain’t doing enough even though we did more than we should be doing. I always think I will handle the situation better the next time round. I should have kept my cool and regret my actions, etc etc. At the end, I think we are still the best mums for our own kids. Don’t you agree? 🙂

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