Our family 5D4N HongKong-Macau Recommended Places To Go

We had an enjoyable time in HongKong and Macau in June this year. We always try to bring our parents to a holiday trip out of Singapore every year ever since we have kids. For as long as we can afford and our parents can walk the trip with us, we will strive to bring them to at least one country for holiday. This time round, we went on a 5D4N trip with 2 nights in HK and 2 nights in Macau. And there are some absolutely places that we think are worth staying, going and dining! Also, check out where I got cheap tickets to these attractions 🙂

HongKong Itinerary – Recommended places to stay, places to go and places to eat

Where to Stay – Renaissance Harbour View Hotel Hong Kong

Address: 1 Harbour Road, Wanchai, Hong Kong

This hotel is in Wanchai and near the Harbour. We can go to Hong Kong island by ferry which takes around 5 minutes, faster than MRT.

Boat trip from Kowloon to Hongkong

We had an adjoining room with 2 grandparents and the room was big enough to accomodate the 5 of us. On one evening, we saw a platter of fruits plus macaroons in our room and that pleased my girl so much that she rated this hotel as the best that she had ever stayed. Just because of the macaroons. Kids are so easy to please 🙂 The hotel rooftop pool was also our kids’ favourite.


Rennaisance pool

One plus point about this hotel is that it is pretty near to many tourist spots. It is not so far from The Peak too.

Where to go – 1) The Peak and Madam Tussauds 

Address: Victoria Peak, click on this link to see how you can get here
Phone: (852) 2522 0922

Before the trip, we bought the tickets to Madam Tussauds online which had a 40% discount!! That is pretty steep discount. So, please buy the tickets before you travel to HK.

On the day we went to The Peak, it was very crowded, or maybe it is crowded every single day. The queue for the Tram ride was scarily long. However, the Madam Tussauds was not so crowded partly because we bought one of the cheaper timeslots tickets at 8pm, which was a good timing for us since it was after dinner. There are varying prices for different timeslots.


Where to go – 2) The Market

Address: Fa Yuen Street, Hong Kong

HK Wet Market 2

HK Wet market 1

On the second day, we visited one of the wet markets at Fa Yuen Street. There is cooked food and good bargains here except that we really only did sight-seeing here rather than shopping. We love how the catches of the day were displayed in this market. That led us into wondering why we do not have something similar here in our wet markets too.

What to eat – 1) 369 Shanghai restaurant

Address – 30-34 O’Brien St, Wan Chai, Hong Kong

3.6.9 restaurant

Just a short walk across the street from the Renaissance Harbour View Hotel, we were recommended to go to this restaurant called 369 Shanghai restaurant which serves really delicious food. The prices were reasonable and food was served very quickly. The only other Shanghai restaurant we knew in HK from our previous trip was expensive. For such good food at such good prices, no wonder this restaurant has received good reviews from Trip advisor.

What to eat – 2) Fuk Kee Congee Restaurant 富记粥品

Address: 104-106 Fa Yuen Street, Mongkok, Kowloon, Hong Kong
Fu Ji 1

This one is on the highly recommended list from the Food connoisseur Cai Lan and Kel brought us to here via GPS. This small eatery is a 4 decades old shop which serves superb smooth Cantonese congee and good dim sum. They are famous for their Shiu Ngor (Roasted Goose) which is only available from 11am onwards. The cheong fan is soft to the taste. The food are reasonably priced at “coffee shop” prices and it is certainly worth a trip here for what is known as a MUST-GO eatery in HK.

Fu Ji 2

What to eat – 3) Jumbo Floating Restaurant

Address: Sham Wan Pier Drive, Wong Chuk Hang, Aberdeen, Hong Kong
Jumbo Kingdom
I booked a Father’s Day Menu at Jumbo Floating Restaurant before we travelled. I like the ambience and the beautifully lit restaurant on waters. Although, food wise was really just average and pricey, it is still worth a visit for special occasion to bring our loved ones to somewhere unique for celebration.

Macau Itinerary – Recommended places to stay, places to go and places to eat

Where to Stay – 1) The Venetian Macao

Address: Estrada da Baia de Nossa Senhora da Esperanca, Macau
Getting to this place, please click here.

I have never knew what is called luxurious hotel till I see Venetian hotel grandeur and the amazingly big rooms.

This room can easily accomodate 2 families comfortably. What’s more the amenities are amazing too! To reach the swimming pool, it took us 15 minutes (no joke!) to walk from our room! The hotel is this big! And if you are not staying here, you must also visit their famous Venetian theme Gondola rides and the elegant shoppes at Four Seasons! The shopping area is so big, or rather the hotel is so big, including the casino of course, that the entire place is divided into North, South, East, West entrances.

Venetian 4
Venetian 2
Venetian 1
Venetian pool
Where to Stay – 2) JW Marriott Hotel Macau
Address: Galaxy Macau™, Estrada da Baía da Nossa Senhora da Esperança, s/n, COTAI  Taipa  Macau  China 
You must be thinking why we stayed in another hotel too. Well, it was a long story and somehow Kel and I got to stay one night away from the kids and even got upgraded to Executive Suite! And it was here, that we discovered that staying in one of the hotels in Galaxy, you can have a whole day of fun in the world’s biggest rooftop pool with your kids! Certainly worth staying a night here just for this!
Galaxy rooftop pool 2
Where to go – Taipa Village
Macau is a place where you can more or less cover everything there is to see (excluding casino gambling) in just one day. We only depended on this blog guide to know and try what is good in Macau!
Taipa village

Where to eat – Seng Cheong Restaurant (誠昌飯店)

Address: 28 – 30 Rua Do Cunha, Taipa, Macau 官也街28-30 號
Phone: (853) 2882 5323

Seng Cheong Restaurant (誠昌飯店) Crab Porridge

This restaurant is famous for their crab porridge. We ordered many other well recommended dishes and conclusion is that the food was good at reasonable prices. I wouldn’t elaborate much here as I am not really a foodie blogger and would much prefer you check out the blog guide which spells out everything in detail 🙂 Very useful guide indeed!

Crab Porridge

Where to find the best Portuguese Egg Tarts – Lord Stow’s Bakery

Address: The Grand Canal Shoppes, Venetian, Level 3 Unit 2119a
Tel: (853) 2886 6889

Lord Stow's Bakery

Lord Stow's portuguese egg tarts

This little shop which sells the most famous Portuguese Egg Tarts is just at the doorstep of our Hotel in The Venetian! Such luck we have! We tried a box of it and the flavourful egg tarts melted in our mouths. Since I have never been to Portugal, I would proclaim this as my best Portuguese egg tarts that I had ever tried in my life!

Where to watch the BEST PERFORMANCE in Macau – The House of Dancing Waters 水舞间

Address: The City of Dreams Hotel (Just opposite The Venetian)
Website: http://www.thehouseofdancingwater.com/

TheHouseofDancingWater 水舞间 1

TheHouseofDancingWater 水舞间 2

I am not at all exaggerating when I said that this is probably the ONLY show you need to watch in Macau. There are many live performance including Beauty and the Beast guest performance shows. But The House of Dancing Waters is a long standing house performance that performs all round the year, that goes to show how good this show must be! We knew about this show from a friend who told us that watching this is Las Vegas is much more expensive than in Macau. Hence, I went to TaoBao website to get these tickets at a very discounted rate! We only paid child ticket prices for all adults. It is that cheap from TaoBao! All you need to do is to purchase the tickets here and collect the tickets with your passport showing your name registered during check out.

The show is really awesome with a water stage and amazing performers who were splendid divers and dare devils.

That sums up my recommended list of to do, to eat, to go, and to stay in Hong Kong and Macau for our family. Do let me know if you have good suggestions apart from the usual theme parks that are worth a visit and must-try food 🙂

Venetian shopping

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  1. hi! we are booked for hongkong-macau too this november. May we know what was your room accomodation in Macau for the Venetian Hotel and how much was the overnight rate. We are also a family group of 8adults and 1kid. Thank you.

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