McDonald’s Happy Meals free educational books

If you are a parent like me, who likes to first scrutinize the toy on display for McDonald’s Happy Meals before agreeing to my children’s requests to get that red box for them, then you will surely be as excited to know that now the “toy” is an educational book for children!

8 books

Starting from the week of 3 Sept at 11am, every Thursday will launch a different set of books to choose from with every purchase of a Happy Meal.

McDonald’s is always a popular restaurant for little kiddos and they want to help parents enrich their children not only through eating but what they are reading too. Hence, they specially select these 8 books from the publisher Dorling Kindersley’s (“DK”) “Watch Me Grow” and “WOW” series for the Happy Meals.

The “Watch Me Grow” books explore an animal’s-eye view of life through a collection popular animal titles that will include: Panda, Butterfly, Elephant & Penguin – Targeted at 3-5 year olds

The “WOW” series is a spectacular show and tell experience exploring each subject in a unique way through stunning photographic images. Titles in this series include: Human Body, Art and Culture, Ancient History & Space – Targeted at 7-9 year olds.

For 6 year olds, both books are suitable.

Personally, I think all the books are interesting and informative even for adults. Do you know that Paper was invented in the early second century by Cai Lun, an official of the imperial court? This information is found in the Ancient History.

The books have flaps on some pages, and they even come with stickers for little ones to peel off and stick. If your kids are 9 and below, they will like all the series.

Here is a preview of the books!

Happy Meal 1

Happy Meal 2

Watch Me Grow Series – Panda, Butterfly, Elephant, Penguin

Watch Me Grow series

WOW Series – Ancient History, Art and Culture, Space, Human Body

WOW series

Take note of the launch of each book title as below. You can choose one book from each purchase of a Happy Meal while stocks last.

Week 1 : 3 Sep – 9 Sep

  1. Watch me grow! Panda

Week 2 : 10 Sep – 16 Sep

  1. Watch me grow! Butterfly

Week 3 : 17 Sep – 23 Sep

  1. Watch me grow! Elephant

Week 1 : 24 Sep – 30 Sep

  1. Watch me grow! Penguin

Check them out at the restaurants! Enjoy reading! 🙂


6 thoughts on “McDonald’s Happy Meals free educational books

    • Occasional treat is harmless in my opinion. We do not really bring the kids so often. However, the breakfast Happy Meal which consists of 2 hotcakes are normal even though they are not much of nutritional value. Come to think of it, Singaporean style breakfast at Kopitiam are not much of healthy choices too hehe!

  1. I’m not a fan of MacDonalds, so my kids never have Happy Meals over there, but the book surely looks interesting for the kids, such that I’m considering to bring them once, lol. This is really a great marketing strategy. McD is so smart, haha!

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