PNKids Multivitamin Syrup + Free Photobook +{Giveaway}

We all have periods of time when our body immune system is not at its most optimal. And some of us have times when we have a particular period in our lives when we will pop into health supplement shops to get a bottle or 2 of multivitamins, etc to boost our immunity. When my kids came along and especially once they entered childcare centres, the common “fear” of kids falling sick easily in enclosed environment full of children was very real and proven. So, that’s how the kiasu mummy in me went to Watsons, Guardian, departmental stores to spend many afternoons to read through the labels of all the seemingly terrific multivitamin brands.

Over the years, we have changed many brands, some multivitamins gummies were hard, some were too sweet and eventually, we settled on PNKids gummies which the kids have not asked to change to any other brand ever since. No wonder PNKids has been ranked No.1 Kids Multivitamin Brand in Singapore last year in the Western pharmacy stores according to AC Nielson report and has been awarded “Top Brand” in the kids dietary supplements category! Also, my due diligence to check out the labels tells me that PNKids only uses premium grade ingredients and strictly without artificial flavours and colours.

PNKids gummies were not too sweet in my opinion because we have tasted sweeter ones. I didn’t really like that it was full of sugar coating. However, I found out that the sugar coat was really to prevent the gummies from sticking together than to entice children further with its sweetness. Come to think of it, an innocent sip of soft drink is probably many times more than the amount of sugar coated on each gummy.

Do you know that now, they have SUGAR-FREE GUMMIES?! No more worrying about sugar-induced hyperactive children. Oh, and the kids love the surprises that come with each packaging.

Also, do you always wonder what is stated as BOY and GIRL on PNKids multivitamins gummies has actually no difference in their amount of vitamins?

The only difference is the toys inside! Imagine a boy getting a “surprise” when he sees a doll inside the box!

New PNKids Multivitamin Syrup

PNKids Syrup box

PNKids has a new multivitamin product that was just launched in August!

This is the PNKids Multivitamin Syrup in mango flavour!

Have you tried their mango flavoured Prebiotics gummies? The syrup is exactly the same good taste.

PNKids Multivitamin Syrup is a “Complete” nutritional syrup formulation, which contains 21 essential vitamins and minerals for optimal nourishment in children. It is a good supplement for picky eaters.

When we got to try out the syrup, I was afraid that the kids would not like it. So, we tried a few ways to consume this 21 vitamins and minerals fortified syrup, which is really the most number of key vitamins and minerals in any kids’ multivitamin product you can find.

I like that the bottle is made of plastic so that I won’t fret over the kids handling it with care and such.

We experimented a few ways to drink the syrup.

First we pour out 10ml of syrup into the plastic measuring cap that comes with each bottle.

Plastic bottle

1. Drinking on its own

Taste: The taste of the syrup is something like those fresh carton Mango juice sold in supermarkets BUT it had a hint of medicine-like after taste which is due to the combination of many vitamins and minerals.

2. Mixing with 100ml of water with the syrup

Taste: The water diluted the syrup and causes it to be too bland.

3. Pouring 5ml of water into the same measuring bottle cap

Taste: The taste was ok, not diluted anymore but still has a hint of medicine-like after taste.

Adding water

4. Pouring into a 200ml of milk

Taste: Wow! We had a mango flavoured milk which I find a little similar to the taste of Oat milk which is my favourite milk by the way. And the kids love this taste the most!

Milk with syrup

5. Mixed with Apple Juice or any other juices

Taste: This is my favourite. The apple juice and the syrup complement each other and it becomes a perfect concoction with a hint of mango taste.

If your child could find a way to love the syrup mix, that would be perfect to enjoy the goodness of multivitamins. The mango taste actually give a subtle mango sweet taste to many beverages. However, if you are keen to boost your picky child’s immunity and he is not a fan of gummies or any other kind of multivitamins, then it will be good to mix with beverages to consume this unknowingly. It’s really trial and error to find the best concoction that works for you and your child.


Who is suitable to take this syrup?

PNKids Multivitamin syrup is suitable for kids 12 months and up, till 12 yo.

For picky eaters – the vitamins and minerals are carefully chosen to support optimal growth and development.

For toddlers in transition from fortified milk formula to standard cow’s milk.

Suitable for vegetarians, lactose-free, gluten-free, preservatives-free.

As a supplement for good health and immunity.

How much to take?

It is recommended 5ml for 12 months to 3 yo, and 10ml for 3 to 12 yo once a day.

However, it would be better for mummy to play doctor in a way. If you think your child is like my Master 3 who loves milk and can drink up to 5 to 6 bottles of 200ml fortified milk, then it may not be necessary to take this syrup, or if you prefer to boost his immunity when your child is under the weather, then the same amount is to be taken as what you would give for his paracetamol amount, which could be 2-3ml only, as compared to 5ml. Eh, I am no doctor though, so this is my personal recommendation that works for me, but it would be better to check with your doctor to ensure the right amount for your child.

How much does a bottle cost?

PNKids Multivitamin Syrup is retailing at S$34.90 per bottle which comes with a free toy.

A 250ml bottle can last for 1-2 months for one child. Very affordable in my opinion.

Where can I buy?

–  1010 Mother & Child Essential

–  Big Box

–  Fairprice

–  Giant

–  Guardian

–  Metro

–  Mount Alvernia

–   Robinsons

–   Unity

–   Watsons

PROMOTION from 3rd Sep 2015

I am so excited to share this news!

If you buy one bottle of PNKids Syrup, you will receive a FREE 6″x6″ Mini Square Soft Cover Photobook (worth $33.90 and an additional Notebook (worth $18)!

And from 10 Sep to 7 Oct, Guardian will have the following exclusive promotion:

– Free 6″x6″ Mini Square Soft Cover Photobook plus an additional Notebook (total worth $51.90)

– 2nd buy @ 50%


GIVEAWAY on Kids R Simple!

I have 3 sets of PNKids Syrup to give to my readers. Simply follow the steps below to participate:

1) Like and Leave a comment on my fb post to tell me

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Winners will be randomly chosen and announced on 10 September on my facebook page and contacted via email.

Good Luck!`


Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post and all tasting experiments were carried out by ourselves and testimonials from me and the kiddos 🙂

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