DIY Daiso wooden blocks fun


It has been a while since I last bring out the painting set and do some art and craft with the kids.

I remembered Mum in the making blog on Daiso small wooden blocks and decided to do something similar too.

I bought 3 sets of 12 blocks size 30x30x30mm ($2ea x 3), 2 triangular blocks ($2 x 2) and a wooden case to keep the blocks ($2).

Daiso blocks

I would highly recommend to use a sand paper to smoothen the edges and surfaces to protect little fingers before starting the below activity.

We took out our paint set, poster colours and acrylic paint to mix and match different colours on a palette. Then, we painted the blocks. One trick is to use for example, red colour paint for one side/block, then add a little white colour to turn it to pink for a different colour so as not to waste the unfinished red paint.


I like how this glittering acrylic paint turns out on the block.


It is better to wait till the paint on each side to dry before painting a different side.

Then, we drew pictures on some of the blocks. Master 8 drew most of them and I enjoyed drawing too.


There are endless ideas to draw on the blocks. We drew basketball, volleyball, beach ball, car, lorry, bus, brick walls, traffic lights, zoo and safari signs, etc.


We played around with the blocks by stacking them, balancing them, imaginary play and even for learning counting!


blocks and cars


number blocks


Easy storage!

I tried using a canvas finish spray on the blocks for a smooth shiny surface but it did not work out. And later found out that I should have sand papered the blocks before spraying the finish. So, you might like to try that out. The poster colours were easy to adhere on the blocks. We used normal coloured pens to draw and colour the pictures on the wooden surface. Daiso also sells different sizes blocks and we bought 2 triangular ones to make the slides that you see in one of the pictures above.

This is a cheap fun activity set that you can do with your kiddos. Even Master 3 had great fun with painting too, and needless to say, he preferred painting his own palms after some minutes of serious painting on the blocks 🙂

Share with me if you have more ideas on these blocks from Daiso. These blocks were actually sold out very quickly and we only got to buy them on our 2nd attempt to the store.

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