Children’s Seasons 2015 @ National Museum

June holidays are here! One of our most anticipated activities for our kids for this holidays is the annually held Children’s Seasons. This year, the theme is still Masak Masak, built on childhood games, but with totally different games to play.

To understand and appreciate how the Children’s Seasons are put together, you need to know the artists’ introduction of their installations. This year, there are 10 installations by six local and four international artists to feature familiar childhood games and interactive exhibits. Remember to read the introduction near each installation.

Spoiler-alert! I will share some fun exhibits and games that my kids enjoy. Oh, just a note that Masak Masak is suitable for kids 4-7yo although I would think my 3 yo-to-be toddler did enjoy himself and my 10 yo gal is beginning to appreciate the art too.

This oldie round swing greeted us at the big lawn outside National Museum.


Spectrum of Paper by Mademoiselle Maurice

The moment you walked into the museum, you will certainly see this Spectrum of Paper by Mademoiselle Maurice who drew inspiration from the thousand cranes wish. If you look carefully, it is made up of folded balls, boats and fishes tied up in thousands of strings. A very simple idea and yet so beautifully put together.

Spectrum of Paper

Origami Mural

I would love to have this origami mural in some part of my home. The colours are well combined and over here, you can see nicely folded birds and butterflies.

Origami wall

The artist is seen here giving introduction to her artwork.

Origami wall 2

We folded a butterfly with the instruction sheet shared on the origami table in this room.


Queen of the Forest by Jeremy Hiah


Over here, you can watch a puppetry performance on dates stated below.
Also, for a donation of $2, your child can get a box of papers, sticks and accessories to make puppets.


More details on Puppetry Performance:

Queen of the Forest is an adaptation of a local children’s folk tale, uniquely told through the art of shadow puppetry. Together with your young one, be enthralled by master storyteller Jeremy Hiah as he recreates this enchanting tale of nature with lights, shadows and
Date: Saturday & Sunday, 30 & 31 May, 13 & 14, 20 & 21 June and 8 & 9 August
Time: 2.30pm
Duration: 20min
Venue: The Salon, Level 1

Sol’s Journey

This installation is inspired by Jeanette Aw’s book, Sol’s World: Somebody to Love, and is a collaborative effort between Mademoiselle Maurice, Jeremy Hiah and Jeanette Aw.

Jeanette Aw

Simple Pleasures in Life by Jeanette Aw

This art wall is meant for kids to pick up crayons and colour on the mural. Indeed it is the simple things in life that make you smile 🙂

Simple pleasures wall

Turn behind you, and you will spot this black wall. This is for the kids to etch whatever they like on the black wall, and it will reveal a beautiful picture probably after the end of the season when many kids would have etched out the black paint.

Black wall

Dancing Solar Flowers by Alexandre Dang

Spot these flowers that respond to light!


Garden Games: Hello, Hello?; Can or Not?; Flag Attack; Tilt! by School of the Arts





Remember these “rubbers”? Now in life sizes!

Wanderlust by Crystal Wagner

Head down to the basement via the escalator and you will see this enchanting forest that is created by crepe paper!

Go on! Run, crawl and have fun!


Memory Stations by Koeh Sia Yong & Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts (NAFA)

Woodblock printing – Children will love to stamp on anything they get their hands on. Remember to tell them that woodblock printing gained prominence in Singapore after the World War Two. Indeed the artist used woodblock prints to reflect Singapore’s changing geographical and social landscapes in the 1950s and 1960s.

Woodblock printing

Luma-City by Lim Kim and Alfred Lim

This is located on Level 3 in a dark room with 4 toy vehicles. When the kids push them along, they leave a luminescent trails that appear and gradually fade beneath their feet.

Luma city

More information on Children’s Seasons 2015:
Date:30 May 2015 – 10 Aug 2015 (for National Museum Masak Masak); 30 May 2015 – 28 June for the Children’s Seasons programmes.
Time: 10am to 6pm daily
Admission Fee: Free admission to all NHB museums and heritage institutions for Singapore Citizens and Permanent Residents.
Website: For more activities, you can check out here for the entire Children’s Seasons programmes.

Some thoughts on this year’s Masak Masak:

Maybe my kids have grown much this year and opinions change as well. We feel that last year’s was better and it is a pity I didn’t blog on it. However, I do have some photos here to show how last year’s was like!










So, do tell me how you think of this year’s Masak Masak at the National Museum! And for sure, I am looking forward to the next one in 2016 🙂

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