Frozen Yogurt Birthday Party @ Toa Payoh

Frozen Singapore 2
Frozen Birthday Party for my boy??

No, no. Not that Frozen disney princess show.

We have found a great place for a birthday party that comes with Frozen Organic Yogurt and you will never thought of where this gem is tucked in this neighbourhood – TOA PAYOH! Another great find in Toa Payoh after my post on the Petit Bateau shop in the same place.

This year, my boy turns 8. He had a small request to invite his close friends to his party and yet did not want to be stressed over who to play with if we invite them to our house party with his many cousins. So while I was cracking my brain to think of how to host 2 parties, one for the classmates and one for the family, the wonderful mummy network in his class gave me the idea of this Frozen yogurt cafe. He has a few close friends who happened to have their birthdays a couple of days apart from each other and within 2 weeks, 2 mothers and I decided to put up one birthday party for 3 kids. Combining the parties means that we do not have to party hop within the same weekend. Also, it helps to  share out the stress of hosting a party and all 3 of us were happy that this was one of the most relaxed party we have ever hosted.

Frozen by A Thousand Blessing Singapore, the yogurt cafe is a 2 storey shophouse. While many yogurt cafes are springing up all over Singapore, not many of them sell organic yogurt. This is a Melbourne based company with a passion for organic and wholesome foods. Each store has its own individual personality with all furniture and fittings custom made and hand crafted. For health conscious ice cream lovers, they will love the biodynamic organic yogurt, with 2 flavours (Green Tea and Natural) sweetened by natural plant based sweetener Stevia (safe for diabetics). The Mango and Soy flavour yogurt is dairy free using Bonsoy. You can also find out more about the nutritional information from the custom made cards for each flavour.

Info cards

The concept is simple and fun:

1. Take a cup from 3 different sizes.

2. Choose and dispense your choice of yogurt: you have 6 flavours to choose from (Pomegranate, Mango and Soy, Coconut, Green Tea, Chocolate and Natural)

Scoop it up

3. Choose your own toppings


Topping 3

Topping 2

4. Put the cup on the digital weighing scale for paymentWeighing

5. Tada! Enjoy!


You can ask for tasting of the different flavours before you decide which flavour to have. Or you can have as many flavours as you like since this is purely pay by weight. I love all the flavours and my ultimate favourite is Green Tea yogurt. It has a creamy and slightly sandy texture that I really like, a little similar to black sesame filling in rice balls. My boy loves the Pomegranate which has a little sour taste to it and not too sweet. My girl loves the Natural flavour which is rich and creamy and not too sweet too.

Here are some highlights from our party…

1st floor

Seats on 1st floor. We only occupy the 2nd floor.

This staircase leads up to the party room, which has a door to shut off all loud excited voices from the children.

This staircase leads up to the party room, which has a door to shut off all loud excited voices from the children.

Decorating the party room.

Decorating the party room.

Some of our homemade party food

Some of our homemade party food

Tap for washing hands

Tap for washing hands

Some games we played

Some games we played

We learnt to make balloon from one of the parents.

We learnt to make balloon from one of the parents.


The 3 birthday kids! Happy Birthday!

birthday 2

More information on booking the party room at Frozen Singapore:

For booking of the private premises on level 2, below are the minimum charges for 2 hours usage:
6 – 10 pax = $70
10 – 15 pax = $100
16 – 20 pax = $120
Additional hour add $20
Inclusive of yogurt by weight per person.
Means that if you have 20 pax, you pay $120 which is inclusive of the party room and yogurt with $120!! If you exceed $120, then you can top up the difference. Isn’t this a very good deal?? In other words, the room is free for usage of 2 hours!
Party food: You can bring your own food.
Decoration: You can decorate the room in any way you like, but take care to use only blue tack for adhesive.
Amenities: There is a tap for washing hands and toilet in the party room.
You can bring your cake and they are happy to store in their fridge for you till cake cutting.
Best of all, your kids will have a good time serving the yogurt on their own!
How to book: Call up 62598028 for booking.
Address: Blk 126, Toa Payoh Lorong 1, #01-551, Singapore 310126 (Beside Lor 1 Market)
Tel: 62598028
Frozen Singapore
Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post. I want to share this great place for holding parties to everyone. Let me know what you think if you do host one there!

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    • Haha! Good pun! Yeah, I always thought Yogurt is usually sour but with the Green tea and Narural flavors, they changed my perception 🙂 They are not so sweet like ice cream and yet very creamy just like ice cream.

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