The Animal Resort – Kampong experience

Tuck away from the bustle and hustle of usual Singapore streets is a small farm in its simplicity.

If you are looking for some Kampong feel, with chickens running around at your feet, and seeing your kids babbling to little animals, you must visit this place – The Animal Resort.

The first time we brought the little ones here was 5 years ago. And lately, we visited this place once again to let the children come close to nature and feed the animals.

When you enter the gate of The Animal Resort, you will feel that you have come to Singapore in her early days in a rural setting.  The unmistaken animal smell tells us that we are in the right place. We always come on a weekend, and we see many families bring their children to experience the Kampong life here.

There is an open hut that offers tired legs a rest and others to enjoy some old style coffeeshop snacks. Over here, you get to buy food to feed the animals, selling $2 for 3 packets of feeds. You get to choose “2 legged animals” feed or “Horse, rabbit and guinea pigs” feed among a few more types of feeds.


Open Hut – selling snacks, coffee, animal feeds and kiddie rides.

Once you have bought the feeds, head on to the little animals hut to feed guinea pigs, rabbits, birds, etc.


 The below 2 pictures were taken 5 years back.
 Next, go and feed the horse, the peacock, cassowary, chickens and other animals including peahens, Crown Cranes, Marabou Storks, etc.
Animals feeding time
There is a pond with fishes and the toddler much prefers to throw the feeds into the pond.
The owner even had these to entertain the little ones. Very old style kiddie rides.
Some slides and see-saws just nice for the 2 yo.
 Car rides too…
Before we leave the place, we saw this tree with many birds nesting on it.
Byebye… we will be back again!
Family car trip

This picture is a typical car ride seating arrangement. Nowadays the wife no longer sits in the front passenger seat 😛

More Information:
Address: T81, Seletar West Farmway, Seletar, North S798061
Tel: 6482 1160
Opening hours: 10am – 6pm daily
Fees: FREE!!
Educational tours: The folks at The Animal Resort conducts school educational tours for group bookings. Details can be found here.As part of the Friso Experience More Together campaign, I am sharing 2 fun places to go with your family. This post is the second. If you have missed the first, click here.This campaign aims to encourage families to go outdoor to have fun which I find it really meaningful. I hope my sharing of our family weekend outings would prompt you into thinking where to go this weekend with your children and share your experience with us. What’s more, while sharing your outdoor photo fun, you can also win some cool prizes, like GoPro Hero, Fujifilm Printer and vouchers. Below is a simple way to take part:

Simply submit a photo of you and your child sharing a special experience here. You may submit 1 experience each week. Hashtag: #Frisomoment

Each photo submitted will earn you two instant rewards – A Friso Experience journal and a Friso voucher worth $5, $10 or $20.

The organizers will select and print one photo in 4R size with a Friso frame and send it to you.

You will be eligible for weekly and grand prizes if you agree to display your image in the gallery to inspire other parents.


Instant prizes:

Friso Experiences Journal + Friso Voucher will be awarded to every entry.

Weekly Prize

The best photos will be selected to win the weekly prize. If you didn’t win in the first week, you will still be eligible for the weekly prizes in the remaining weeks of the month.

Week 5: 5 x GOPRO Hero Camera

Week 6: 3 x Port of Lost Wonders party package

Week 7: 5 x Fujifilm Instax Share Printer

Grand Prize

A year’s supply of Friso milk.

One winner in April will be selected from the top 25 most voted entries for the month. You may vote once per day for each entry.

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  1. Sorry, saw your last photo and I need to comment, same here! I think my girl is trying to take over me as my husband “woman”. She takes my seat in the car and sometimes on the bed.

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