Upper Peirce Reservoir

This is one of our favourite places to go – Upper Peirce Reservoir.

Places like this are rare in bustling Singapore. But parents like us, will constantly look out for interesting and out of the way playgrounds, fun places just for our little ones. Anyway, Lower and Upper Peirce Reservoirs are not new but just rather inaccessible than most other Reservoirs in Singapore by public transport.

As Kel drove slowly on the long road into the Upper Peirce Reservoir, the kids were always thrilled to see many monkeys – grand monkeys, mummy monkeys, sister and brother monkeys, and baby monkeys clinging onto their mummies suckling their nipples, as well as monkeys picking out lice from other monkeys’ backs.

And almost each time we are there, we see inconsiderate people stopping their cars or vans and throwing food to the hoards of monkeys who seem to recognize their samaritans’ vehicles. As if they had been anticipating and waited for a long time, they scrambled towards the vehicle and catch their daily “supply”. There are many notices along the road and in the park that tell people not to spoil the monkeys’ natural instinct of finding food for themselves. Sadly, there are still people who choose to remain uneducated on this.

Just before reaching the Reservoir, there is this long steep road down where the kids always pretend they are going down on a roller coaster in our car. I simply love this moment. We also see many avid cyclists pedal hard up this slope as they defy gravity with strong lean legs.

Upon reaching the Reservoir, there is a long breakwater which kind of divide the Reservoir into 2 parts. On one side is the water catchment area that oversees a big park. The other side is our favourite where there is a very steep grass slope leading to a vast green field.

Upper Peirce Reservoir

We walk along the little dirt track road leading to the lower grounds and to the low lying waters.

Don’t you love the tranquil setting of this place?

Lower Peirce 3

Lower Peirce 6


This pic was taken in 2010.

This pic was taken in 2010 when we first came here.

Lower Peirce 4

This pic was taken in 2015. 5 years later, YH still loves to play with twigs 🙂

This vast green field (below) is good for playing and running. Sometimes, we bring along a ball and a frisbee which are all we need to have a fun time together. We also bring some bread to feed the turtles and fishes. On days we forgot to bring anything, picking up twigs and branches are equally fun stuff that we do together.

Children searching for twigs.

Children searching for twigs.

I love this picture of YT and his dad against this beautiful background.

Daddy and YT 2

Love this family picture! #FrisoMoment

Love this family picture!

When we leave the place, we like to run up the slope which is really steep. You can’t see how steep it is from this picture.

If you are wondering where to go this weekend, this could be the place for you and your family 🙂

As part of the Friso Experience More Together campaign, I will be sharing 2 fun places to go with your family. This post is the first. Stay tune for the 2nd one coming up soon 🙂

This campaign aims to encourage families to go outdoor to have fun which I find it really meaningful. I hope my sharing of our family weekend outings would prompt you into thinking where to go this weekend with your children and share your experience with us. What’s more, while sharing your outdoor photo fun, you can also win some cool prizes, like GoPro Hero, Fujifilm Printer and vouchers. Below is a simple way to take part:

Simply submit a photo of you and your child sharing a special experience here. You may submit 1 experience each week.

Each photo submitted will earn you two instant rewards – A Friso Experience journal and a Friso voucher worth $5, $10 or $20.

The organizers will select and print one photo in 4R size with a Friso frame and send it to you.

You will be eligible for weekly and grand prizes if you agree to display your image in the gallery to inspire other parents.


Instant prizes:

Friso Experiences Journal + Friso Voucher will be awarded to every entry.

Weekly Prize

The best photos will be selected to win the weekly prize. If you didn’t win in the first week, you will still be eligible for the weekly prizes in the remaining weeks of the month.

Week 5: 5 x GOPRO Hero Camera

Week 6: 3 x Port of Lost Wonders party package

Week 7: 5 x Fujifilm Instax Share Printer

Grand Prize

A year’s supply of Friso milk.

One winner in April will be selected from the top 25 most voted entries for the month. You may vote once per day for each entry.

Disclaimer: This is a campaign to encourage parents to bring their children outdoor to have more family bonding time. I agree to be part of the campaign as I find this a really meaningful way to entice families to be enjoying time together outdoors. I receive a token of appreciation for being part of this campaign.

4 thoughts on “Upper Peirce Reservoir

  1. Such a timely post! I just visited the reservoir near my place (suddenly forgot the name.. upper seletar or something like that) and wanted to blog about it (though I’m procrastinating as usual).. maybe I should join the campaign too!

    • I look forward to your blogpost on this place! I should have taken more photos but each time we were so thrilled and excited and relaxed, I forgot to take the pics! Another place is Lower Peirce on the other side. So depends which you went to. I love Upper Peirce very much because of the serenity and not many come here.

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