Imaginarium @ SAM (March holiday activities)


I brought the kiddos to one of our favourite place, SAM (Singapore Art Museum) at 8Q today. We always remember a couple of years back, we had a fun time engaging in art fun with interactive art work in the Art Garden theme from Children’s Seasons at the same place. So, today, we are back here again after reading a fellow mum blogger’s review on Imaginarium.

ImaginariumA Voyage of Big Ideas is also part of the countless celebrations for Singapore’s 50th birthday. It is a theme inspired by the crescent moon on the Singapore’s flag, a symbol of a young nation on the rise with the capacity to dream big and think large. All the interactive art works are inspired by artists from Singapore and the region. It is interesting to read the write up beside each exhibit and activity room on the artists’ ideas.

Just before we enter the SAM @ 8Q where all the fun interactive art works are, we saw this interesting bench.

Art stool

Outside the museum, these swings bring back childhood memories.


“We Built this estate”


We walked into the “We Built this estate” which has blocks that invite children to be architects, builders and master-planners of their own housing estate and city skyline. Of course, the kids needed no instructions or planning to start. They just enjoyed moving around and stacking up these Tetris-designed blocks and had their own fun! I am pretty sure they treated this place as a playground and I don’t think they know or appreciate what this room is all about.

Moon Room



This room is for the kids to learn how to make origami of boat, plane, star, rocket, and crescent. Why is it called Moon Room? You are supposed to do some origami to pass time on the long journey to the Moon!

Let’s Make! Studio



Weaving 3


Cross stitch

This studio had our kids stayed here for more than an hour! The kids did embroidery, made pom poms and learnt to weave by following the instructions on the wall.

The toddler had some quiet time reading library books at a corner and then falling asleep while his elder siblings patiently completed their crafts.


Greenroom II: Interstellar Overdrive

This room has bicycles, LEDs and stereo equipment.

The kids cycled as fast as they could to power up a message, hear music and see stars. They hit on a pad to find out how the sound from space is like. Very interesting.

Motion energy

Motion energy 2

Space sounds

Dream House

Candy House

This room is like a giant candy house with gigantic lollipops and a beautiful garden for the kids to plant sweets on the trees. I love this garden very much and love its simplicity and beauty to portray a child’s simple wish.

Plant candy trees

Kiko’s secrets

I find this room is the weirdest, but also very pretty with the art works. You have to read the write up on each exhibit before you can appreciate the artist’s ideas. It is inspired by the wonders of children’s experience when they explore the world.

Fish scales

Eggs - YH used these eggs as drums

Eggs – YH used these eggs as drums

GIgantic sunny side up

GIgantic sunny side up

One of our favourite - this exhibit uses UV light to bring out the secrets of dreams in a beautiful and colourful kaleidoscopic world.

One of our favourite – this exhibit uses UV light to bring out the secrets of dreams in a beautiful and colourful kaleidoscopic world.

The little one never fails to "steer" anything round like a steering wheel.

The little one never fails to “steer” anything round like a steering wheel.

If you are clueless about where to go for the March school holidays, why not bring your kids to SAM @8Q to have some fun? Best part is that it is going to be here till mid July 2015 and if you are already swarmed with many activities for your kids, you can take your time to visit this place.

More about Imaginarium:

Location : SAM @ 8Q (just walk up to the SAM and follow the arrows on the floor to find SAM @ 8Q nearby

Date : 14 March – 19 July, 10am to 7pm (Mon – Sunday), 10am to 9pm on Fridays

Fees : Free for Singapore Citizens and Permanent Residents

Website : Click here

Things to know : There is a baby room for nursing and changing. Food and drinks are not allowed inside the exhibitions. Lockers are available.

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