Cornerstone @ Bishan Park – great for mum-daughter date


I had a hard time finding a unique place to bring my mum on my birthday this year.
I want to bring her to a cafe or restaurant in a relax setting good for mum and daughter date. Last year, I brought her to Food for Thought in Botanic Gardens. I thought that was almost a perfect place for our date. In the end, I found one restaurant which could match that and the best parts were it serves fantastic food and is wholly situated among the greenery. This is Cornerstone in Bishan Park.


Cafe interior

Cafe interior

There are 3 restaurants in Bishan Park. This one is nearest to the Mac Donald’s and located near the car park. It is not difficult to find your way here at all. I love how the restaurant has steps leading to its main entrance which has a relax feel while you are walking up those steps. The restaurant has full glass windows. One can enjoy the greenery at the comfort of indoor seating minus insect bites and hot afternoon sun. I wouldn’t want to risk mozzie bites sitting outside. However, during the weekends, they are open for brunch from 10am and that would be a good time to have al fresco dining to enjoy the morning breeze and fresh air. If only they open earlier at 7am, I will be sure to bring the kids there often.

Cornerstone is proud of their 2 chefs with Sam Tan winning many accolades for pastry culinary and Chef KT graduated with Bachelor’s degree from French Culinary School, Le Cordon Bleu. Their idea of Cornerstone is to offer diners a fine dining experience without the fuss and frills of fine dining setting and restrictive manners. Indeed, we enjoyed their good service and food very much, I would recommend this place for lovers, mum-and-daughter dates and weekend family brunch.

These are what we had ordered that day.

As my mum and I are not big eaters, we ordered 2 items from the “Specialty (for sharing)” menu. The first item was “Japanese buns”. Seriously, I am not so sure why this has a “Japanese” in its name when it is obviously a “kong bak pau”, a local Chinese dish. Nonetheless, with the added vegetables which was not common in “kong bak pau”, these buns were good starters for us. Usually we do not eat these buns as starters and hence were able to enjoy the light and heavy flavour of this combination.

Japanese stew pork bun (2 buns) $8

Japanese stew pork bun (2 buns) $8

Next was this Charcoal grilled Hokkaido squid which was unbelievably well done and delicious. This serving size could have been easily shared among 4 people. Even the tentacles were crispy and we savoured the entire squid down.

Charcoal grilled Hokkaido squid $16

Charcoal grilled Hokkaido squid $16

For main course, we ordered a salmon steak set that comes with salad and dessert. This is part of lunch special and hence pardon for my poor memory and lack of this menu name online, the price is around $20-25 for this set. The fish is grilled to perfection and one can tell that the chefs promote healthy meals by the light salted taste of it. My mum preferred it more salty while I was happy with the less salt.

Salmon Steak Set

Salmon Steak Set

The presentation of the food was good and for the taste, I give an overall 8.5/10.

The prices are on a medium level if you would consider the concept of fine dining at a relax setting. When you dine here, you can rest assured that the food are prepared with a heart, from the presentation to the taste and overall ambience. I saw wine cellar with many bottles of wine which I gather must go well with beef steak and dinner. For those couples fancy an affordable romantic dinner in a park, I think this place is worth a visit on a special occasion. Maybe for the next date with Kel, we could come here.

My mum and I :)

My mum and I 🙂

More information on Cornerstone:
Opening hours: 12 pm – 1030pm (weekdays); 10am – 1030pm
Address: Bishan Park 2, 1380 Ang Mo Kio Avenue 1, 569830 (near Mac Donald’s side, just a few steps from main Bishan Park Car Park)
Tel: +65 6554 7230
Website: click here
Facebook: click here

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post. Just sharing another great place that I personally love 🙂

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