Doctor for a day @ Mount Elizabeth Novena Hospital

Doctor for a day was back again recently! You can imagine my anxiety and fast fingers to register both my elder kids for the event before the time slot keeps changing to “sold out” within seconds! This event has been a highly sought after kids fun event since 2012.

What exactly is this and why is it so popular?

It is a day for children age 5-10 to encounter what goes on for doctors in a day in a REAL Hospital setting! Just reading on the program line up will get parents like me to register without much thought because we know our kids will enjoy themselves very much!

There are 6 stations for these little “doctors” to attend to.

1st station: The Doctor’s Room – where the kids learn about some basics of hygiene in the hospital. They learn about the 7 steps of handwashing, why the need to wear a mask and shower cap.

doctor room sign

doctor room

The baby joined in too but he was busy reading the alphabets on the mat 🙂

2nd station: The Nursing Room – where the kids learn about caring for the baby, by changing diapers, feeding and bathing the baby.
nursing room sign
nursing room
nursing room 2
nursing room 3
3rd station: Accident and Emergency Room – The kids are supposed to attend to a “casualty” in a fire-burning school setting.
a_e sign
Look at how serious they drive in their ambulance to the fire scene

Look at how serious they drive in their ambulance to the fire scene

Climbing obstacles to reach the scene

Climbing obstacles to save a “casualty”

Learning about first aid and hands-on bandage

Learning about first aid and hands-on bandage

4th station: The Operating Theatre – The kids learn about reading X-Ray films and using cotton bud to treat burnt areas.op theatre2op theatre 3

The future doctors

The future doctors

5th station: The Heart Room – There is a super big human heart with arteries and veins to teach the kids about healthy eating for a healthy heart.

heart room signheart room 2heart room 1
6th station: The Pharmacy Room – I was expecting some education on dispensing medicine. To our surprise, the hospital arranged for the kids to take a graduation group photo here! Don’t they look like future doctors? 🙂
The hospital arranged for some fun activity stations for the public too.
Look at the "medicine tablets"! So huge!

Look at the “medicine tablets”! So huge!

Prior to the event, we were introduced to a Doctor for a day app for the children to play. And with it, comes the real doctor’s kit on our visit that day!
Cool isn't it? The stethoscope can really be used to listen to heart beats!

Cool isn’t it? The stethoscope can really be used to listen to heart beats!

The kids enjoyed themselves very much. For the parents, we stood outside each station and were busy taking photos of our children and uploading to instagram and facebook. How do I know? Well, on the very same day, many of my friends uploaded Doctor for a day event on these social media platforms and I didn’t even see them on that day! That’s because at each 20 minutes interval, there is a group of 10 kids for each of these sessions. I must say it is a well planned event and certainly an engaging one. Hopefully, we will be back again but for a different kind of experience.

If you would like to know when is the next session for Doctor for a day, do stay tune to their facebook page. For me, I got the news of this event through a friend and almost could not book a slot for my kids as I didn’t have the first hand news.

Here is the facebook page:

17 thoughts on “Doctor for a day @ Mount Elizabeth Novena Hospital

    • Hi bumblebee mum, no! I mean I had to register very quickly before the slots to this event were taken up by other people who were registering too. The app is a fun game for the children. You can play too. It’s quite interesting 🙂

  1. This looks so much fun. My daughter would love to participate, since at the moment she wants to be a doctor (last year she wanted to be a football player). Unfortunately there is still no information about the next session on their facebook page.

  2. Hi,
    I have been monitoring the Doctor for a day event but the moment it released in the facebook, it shown no slot..
    Could you pls tell me how you manage to secure the slot??
    I have been closely monitor yet it only allow some lucky draw system for the Dec 2014 event.

    Nicenice mum

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