Agapebabies – mum shopping a breeze

I am actually not a savvy mum.

While all my peers are into online shopping and buying cute baby clothes, diapers, mums’ essentials at a click of a finger, I still like to go to the stores and buy during sale. I like to feel the clothes that I am buying and enjoy the shopping moments when I walk in and out of stores in heels and looking pretty in Orchard Road. Ha!

Then, at this time when I am extremely busy and taking a day off from work to indulge in shopping is no longer at will, my saviour comes to the rescue. The friendly folks at Agapebabies introduced me to the multi-store concept of online shopping. I could finally call myself a newbie “savvy mum”.


Do you know what Agapebabies has in their online store ?

The first time I visited the website, I got excited clicking through the many different categories of baby and children products, I am spoilt for choice! They have a “Best Sellers”, “Gift” and “Sale” category which I find very useful to navigate for a start.

They have everything ranging from milk powder, diapers, organic puffs to night light, magnet books, and my girl’s favourite Rainbow Loom! They partner with over 100 premium brands like Baby Bjorn, California Baby, Avent, Skip Hop and many more.

Logo banner

They have 2 stores right now – and The Sunshine Kids, a kids fashion company that sells children clothes, shoes, suits, bags and accessories. And Agapebabies started a new parenting and lifestyle blog too called The Agape Lifestyle.  On this blog, there are many tips, recipes and information for parents. Do check it out.

My online shopping experience…

My experience of online shopping with Agapebabies was awesome!

I would say I have never bought anything that delivers in less than 24 hours! Well, maybe I did once with Fairprice Finest delivery.

I placed an order on a Sunday 7pm and the next day I received the parcel in the afternoon! The shopping was easy. It is really as simple as choosing the products I want, click them and pay via credit card. Then I receive email confirmation on my order placed and also email confirmations on delivery dispatched and delivery received with tracking number. During the process of ordering, there were no irritating windows that bring you to shopping cart and click back to shopping catalogs back and forth.

These are the things that I bought for each of my 3 kids:

California Baby Shampoo and Body Wash –

This is for YH and in fact the whole family. I have heard of California Baby Shampoo and Body Wash for a long time, finally I have an excuse to buy it at a discounted price. I love the mild fragrant of Calendula and it is gentle on skin and great for sensitive and dry skin.

This is for YH and in fact the whole family - I have heard of California Baby Shampoo and Bath for a long time, finally I have an excuse to buy it at a discounted price.


Happy Organic Apple Puffs –

This is for Little YT who simply loves puffs at this toddler stage.

This is for the toddler YT - He loves puffs and this is organic!


Rainbow Loom Monster Tail –

This is for my girl XX . She is still very much into Rainbow Loom and has been pestering for me to buy Monster Tail for her for the longest time. SSHH… this is a secret gift for her 🙂

This is for my girl XX - she's still into Rainbow Loom and has been pestering for me to buy Monster Tail for her for the longest time. SSHH... this is a secret for her.

More information on Agapebabies:

  • Agapebabies partnered with over 100 premium brands and they retail over 2000 products in store.
  • Agapebabies carry diapers and milk formula brands such as Mamypoko, GOO.N, Friso, Similac, Gain IQ, Pediasure, Pampers, Huggies and more!
  • If you spend $80 and above, they offer free courier delivery, and a free gift with every $120 purchase.
  • And sign up for their newsletter here to get a free gift voucher for your first purchase.

Check out their Facebook Page here and Instagram (@agapebabies) too!


If you love any of the Agapebabies online products, I have a discount code for Kids ‘R’ Simple readers! Just quote “kidsrsimple” and you will be entitled to 5% discount! This promotion is valid from today till 19 Dec 2014! (Please note that the code excludes sale category items, diapers, milk & breast pumps.)

Enjoy shopping from the comfort of your home!

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