Poolzies shoes for little feet under the hot sun + {International Giveaway!}


Singapore is a sunny island and over here, it’s a common sight to tip toe around the poolside under the scorching hot sun. The floor is burning hot. Often, we endure the scalding sensation to our soles when we cross from one pool to the next. So, when we have kids, we ferry them from one kiddie pool to the next by carrying them off the ground. But, how about water play with slides and all on the rooftop of shopping centres? We can’t be ferrying them around from one slide to the next!

And you can bet my excitement when Poolzies founder offered their Pool shoes for little feet to run about under the sun and on slippery floors! It is such a brilliant idea and I wonder why didn’t anyone thought of this before?

It seems that such pool shoes started overseas when Poolzies founder went on a holiday with her 18mth old son and hubby to a park which was too hot to walk on. They went into a shop to look for cooling gel. Then they chanced upon some pool shoes for wearing around the pool. After they come to Singapore and when the shoes wore off, they had a hard time looking for similar pool shoes in Singapore. So, they decided to produce such shoes themselves with even better versatility for kids to wear till they outgrow them! This is Pia and Steve’s story and how Poolzies is brought to Singapore. I am pretty sure, in no time, these shoes will be a common sight in water play areas and pools.


There were a few awesome designs to choose from. And I love the simple black and white Nautical black – horizontal design for Little YT. I got the 24-36mths size for him. They were rather big at first sight, but surprisingly, they fitted his little feet perfectly even though his feet were smaller. Now, I believe what Pia says about versatility.

Poolzies are great in comfort and they have anti-slip protection perfect for walking on slippery water play areas. They are even made of super lightweight fabric with UPF50+ protection from the sun! They are really soft to the touch and flexible enough to mimic barefoot walking.

Now, whenever we take our Little YT to the pools or water play areas, we are grateful for Poolzies that really protect his little feet and prevent slips and falls.


The first time we took him to the swimming pool, he was rather fascinated by his special shoes. As these shoes are not common for now, I knew I would face some curious stares and even half anticipated whistle blows from the life guards. Shoes are not allowed near the pools in Singapore. Not too sure if such practice is common elsewhere. And true enough, the life guard did come and tell Kel about it and he was polite enough to hold on to his whistle while I chased after my energetic toddler. We explained to him that these were pool shoes and we could understand it would take some time before such pool shoes concept takes off.

I know it will be a great pity if such perfect pool shoes are not allowed in hot sunny Singapore. Thankfully, Pia and Steve are working hard to promote Poolzies concepts to the authorities of swimming pools and water play areas. I am sure very soon, we will see babies and toddlers running around pool sides wearing these pool shoes without worried parents shouting out,”Don’t run baby!”


Good news!

The folks at Poolzies are so kind to extend an INTERNATIONAL GIVEAWAY on 2 pairs of Poolzies shoes! You can choose any colour and design you like!


Just follow these 4 simple steps to take part!
1) Like Kids R Simple facebook page (if you have not)
2) Like Poolzies facebook page
3) Like and share this post on facebook (please tag Kids R Simple)
4) Leave a comment on this post on facebook (leaving a comment again in this blog post would be a bonus) stating:
“I want ……………….. design (please visit here to check out the design name)!” and leave your email address.

Giveaway ends 31 October 2014.

Disclaimer: We received a pair of Poolzies for the purpose of this review. I still can’t believe such a great concept didn’t come earlier for my elder 2 kids! Now, when are the older kids and adult versions coming up? And a second best, I have another great gift idea for baby showers and first birthdays! Yeah! 🙂

20 thoughts on “Poolzies shoes for little feet under the hot sun + {International Giveaway!}

  1. My 2 year old boy just started his swimming lessons and safety in pool is my main concern. I am so amazed when you intro this great invention. This is definitely something I find useful for him to use when walking around the pool! Thanks for bringing in this meaningful giveaway. I like the design “Reflective Speed” , very retro!:)
    Serena Chua

  2. My boy just started his swimming lesson last Monday & this works well for him as walking along the pool. I want nautical black – horizontal design. Thanks.

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