Simple Craft – Paper Plate Art

It has been a long while since I last had a craft session with my kids.

I saw an easy paper plate art fish aquarium from Pinterest and thought I could make something similar with whatever materials I had at home. Hence, we did it one Saturday afternoon when the hubby was not around and the baby was sleeping. Perfect bonding time 🙂

Source -

Source –

You need these materials as basics and the rest are up to your imagination:

Paper plate art materials

2 paper plates of the same size
Cellophane paper (transparent for a clearer view or coloured ones for a different effect)
Poster colours
Decoration materials like pompom, pipe cleaners, stickers, cotton wool, glitters, googley eyes, etc

Here are the steps:

1) Poke a hole in the middle of one of the paper plates and cut along the centre base circumference and discard. You will get your circle frame.

2) Paint the circle frame in the colour of your theme. For example, an aquarium will have a blue theme, a garden will have a green or cheerful theme.

3) Paint the 2nd paper plate which is the base paper plate.

4) Once the paint is dry, decorate the base paper plate with decorative materials according to your theme.

5) Glue and Stick the cellophane paper onto the backside circumference of the circle frame.

6) Glue and Stick the circle frame onto the base paper plate.

7) If you want to hang your masterpiece, puncture a hole at the top and string a ribbon into it.

Simple isn’t it?

XX Butterfly garden

XX’s butterfly garden

YH's Pooh Bear fun day

YH’s Pooh Bear fun day

YT's Elmo and Dorothy

YT’s Elmo and Dorothy

As my Little YT is so young, I made an Elmo paper plate art for him and he woke up to a pleasant surprise! He loves it totally 🙂

Now you can get your kids to think of any theme they like and start to make a beautiful paper plate art 🙂

What other simple art ideas do you have with paper plates? Feel free to share with me in the comments!

7 thoughts on “Simple Craft – Paper Plate Art

  1. Great idea! I used plates all the time when my kids were younger, maybe a bit too much because I got a bit tired of them and then forgot about them. This was a great reminder of the opportunities, now when my kids are older we could do more complexed stuff so it will be fun again (even for me)! Could be fun to do something similar to what you’ve done… thanks for the inspiration!

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