Festive Hotel Staycation at RWS

Festive Hotel entrance

We had a really enjoyable time staying in Festive Hotel early this year. Why is this so? Basically, it is really worth our money since we did nothing in Resorts World Sentosa except to stay in the hotel room and play in the pool for the 3 days we were there. It is truly a STAYCATION! Whenever, we tried to leave the hotel to go for dinner, the kids would ask,”When are we going back to the hotel room?”. The kiddos apparently love to stay in hotels more than the travel itself. They asked the same thing when we were barely out of the Bramasole Home Stay gate in Taiwan. It makes me a tinge of regrets spending so much money to bring them to Taiwan. On hindsight, they are easy to please 🙂

Hotel Lobby

Waiting area2

Waiting area

Nice walkway to the Rooms yeah?

Room walkway

Festive Hotel’s greatest attraction must be their Loft Bed. A hit with the kids, this loft bed is available in every Deluxe Family King Room. The room has a luxurious king size bed and a sofa bed. The decoration is lovely and the colours of the walls, furniture, curtain all make a warm and cosy feel.


Loft Bed

Even the 17mth baby wants to climb up to the loft bed!


Balcony view


Pool view

Cribs for the little ones

Baby cot

The moment the kids had enough exploration (about 5 minutes in total to jump on the bed, enjoy the toilet, look out of the balcony) of the room, they pestered to go to the swimming pool. Before this stay, I read several bloggers’ reviews on Festive Hotel as well as the next door’s Hard Rock Hotel. They highly recommend the pool at Hard Rock Hotel. True enough, with synthetic sand which does not stick to your feet like real sand, and play area among the beautiful landscaping of the pools, Hard Rock Hotel swimming pool, in my opinion, would be much more fun than Festive Hotel’s pool. But, the kids always surprised me with their choice. They preferred the Festive Hotel pool! I have no idea why!

Hard Rock Hotel Swimming Pool






Festive Hotel Swimming Pool

It has a baby pool at one end and jacuzzi pool at the other end.

Pool view



For dinner, one of the nights, we took the tram out of Resorts World Sentosa to Vivocity to have dinner and bought some snacks and cup noodles. Now, whenever the kids see cup noodles, they remembered our feast at the hotel balcony 🙂


Balcony breakfast1

Balcony Breakfast2

Beautiful Resorts World at Sentosa

In Sentosa, you never worry about food and entertainment!



The second night, we went to the buffet dinner at Hard Rock Hotel Starz Restaurant. My! I simply love the spread! Even though it looks simple, but the food is superb and of a good mix and a right mix of variety. They even have barley drink which warmed my tummy after a heavy dinner. Ok, I know barley is cheap for a buffet, but it certainly was a perfect drink for a heavy feast. There was a promotion at that time with up to 4 kids to dine free which means we only pay for 2 adults. Great value for big families! Now the promotion is still on but limit to 2 kids to dine free.

Hard Rock Hotel Dinner

The kids love the stay obviously! We will be back! 🙂

Eating on Bed

More information on Festive Hotel

Facilities: If you stay at Festive Hotel, you can have access to facilities offered in other hotels nearby like the 24 hours gym at Hard Rock Hotel and other swimming pools.
Must bring: sandcastle building set
Reservation Hotline: (+65) 6577 8899
How to get here: click here
Website: click here

8 thoughts on “Festive Hotel Staycation at RWS

  1. My kids are the same – they also love hotels and hate the kind of holiday where they are dragged from place to place. It’s a good example of how kids really are simple? 😉

  2. Synthetic sand that doesn’t stick!? That’s sounds awesome. The sand is my one thing I don’t like about the beach… Well the sand in my house that I am always having to sweep up.
    I have gotten used to it by now though really, part of living on a tropical island. Hahah, life is so hard. 🙂

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