September School Holiday Activities 2014

The September school holiday is round the corner! Although it is only one week, the kids still have to be entertained or rather, I want to spend precious bonding time with them. It will be a short week but there are so many things going on everywhere, we are spoilt for choice! Here is a list of those that I find will interest me and my kids, and like-minded parents out there 🙂

1. Geronimo Stilton at UE Square

Geronimo Stilton

When: 3 – 15 Sept (except 9 Sept no show)
Mondays to Fridays : 2pm and 7pm
Weekends : 2pm, 5pm and 7pm
Happening at: UE Square (our favourite mall for being super child-friendly)
Ticketing: Free

I know many kids love Geronimo Stilton books. Now, Geronimo Stilton ‘Live’ show is happening for the first time in Singapore! Kids can look forward to an engaging mousey adventure filled with games, dance, songs and a whole lot of fun! Get your paws ready to tap and clap along! There is a Meet and Greet session too. Just queue for the Meet and Greet pass from 1 hour before the show.

2. Roald Dahl’s Little Red Riding Hood with SSO

Roald Dahl
When: 13 Sept (Sat) 2pm and 4pm; 14 Sept (Sun) 2pm
Happening at: Victoria Theatre
Ticketing: Click here

“The forest. Strange. Eerie. Mysterious. A place of magic and surprise…”

So begins the orchestra version of Roald Dahl’s delightful Little Red Riding Hood. There’s a wolf, a grandma and a little girl in a red cape. But Roald Dahl has spiced things up. This feisty Little Red certainly doesn’t need a hunter to save her from any wolf! Roald Dahl’s bizarre imagination is brought to life in Dandi Production’s sparkling presentation. Paul Patterson’s score entertains from start to finish with its modern sensibilities and its dazzling dramatic flourishes, inspired by Dahl’s famous text.

3. The Nightingale by SRT’s The Little Company

When: 1 Aug – 14 Sept
Happening at: DBS Art Centre
Ticketing: Click here

SRT’s The Little Company brings you a refreshing new take on Hans Christian Andersen’s well-loved fairy tale. Directed by Kate Golledge (Red Riding Hood, 2013), The Nightingale is a joyful burst of song that reminds us all to appreciate and value the world around us.

Enchanted by the lilting birdsong of the plain-looking, brown Nightingale, the little Emperor of China captures and keeps her in a gilded cage for his daily entertainment. But soon, along with her freedom, the beautiful voice of the Nightingale is lost and a singing mechanical bird replaces her.
Will she survive her days in captivity? Will she ever fly freely again? Join the Nightingale and friends in their quest for her freedom. With catchy rhymes, beautiful music and clever dialogue, it is a ‘trill-ing’ show that will definitely captivate young audiences.

4. Panda Party at River Safari

panda party
When: 6 – 14 Sept
Happening at: River Safari
Ticketing: Normal River Safari entrance fees
Website: Click here

To celebrate JiaJia and KaiKai, the 2 pandas’ birthday as well as to raise awareness of giant panda conservation, there is a line up of activities happening at the River Safari! There is a Giant Panda Forest Guided Tour, Be A Panda Researcher, behind the scenes tour, panda art and craft, and even show and tell session! Don’t miss the big party happening on 5 Sept, 5:30 – 8:30pm!

5. Heart Studio art class

When: September School Holidays
Happening at: Heart Studio
Ticketing: Please click here to see the class fees

If your little ones love art and painting, why not enrol them in an art class? There are many art studios that are having holiday classes for crafts and canvas painting. Check them all out! Alternatively, there are a few mum bloggers who are hosting this giveaway. Click here to join the giveaway!

6. 7D on Disney Channel

When: Starting 7 Sept
Happening at: Disney Channel at the comfort of your home
Ticketing: Subscribe to Starhub Ch312 or Singtel Mio Ch234

We got to know this from a media invite that Disney Channel is starting a new original animation call 7D named after the Snow White’s 7 Dwarfs. The animation is portrayed in a comedy way of the seven dwarfs in a contemporary storybook suitable for 2-7 years old kids. In case of rain that spoils your plans, you still have an entertaining programme at home waiting for your kids! Tune in to Starhub Ch312 or Singtel Mio Ch234 at 11am starting 7 Sept.

7. 31 Fun and Free Places to go

Know the stamps around the world

When: Anytime!
Happening at: All over Singapore, North, South, East, West!
Ticketing: TOTALLY FREE!!

If you remember for this August, the mums at Singapore Mom Bloggers brought you 31 fun and free places in Singapore to bring your children to. Just pick any 7 of them from here and you are done with the entire September holiday week programme! Enjoy!

8. KidStop!

When: September School Holidays
Happening at: KidStop beside Science Centre
Ticketing: $40 per person including entrance fee
Website: To register for the programme, click here.

We have not check out KidStop but will definitely do so! KidStop is an edutainment centre that aims to engage children from pre-school to lower primary level to expose them to Science through playing in the thematic zones. This September School holidays, it has 2 programmes to choose from. One is call “A Spectacle of Science” for 6-8 years old, which is an engaging journey to discover Science facts. The other is call “Journey With Drippie” for 4-5 years old. It is a journey with a water droplet named Drippie to discover the importance of water through engaging role play, hands-on activities and more! Click on to the website above to register for the programme.

9. Active SG (Update!)

sports sg sports sg1 sports sg2

When: September School Holidays
Happening at: Various sports centre in Singapore
Ticketing: Click here for registration

Check out the above sports programme and more at ActiveSG! These are catered to the September School Holidays and you can enjoy 30% off with your ActiveSG dollars. There are Aqua fun, badminton camp, basketball, etc for kids age between 5-17 years old.

I hope the above list is useful to you! Do let me know in the comments if you have other good suggestions to check out and I will add on as an UPDATE to the list! Enjoy the September Holidays! 🙂

3 thoughts on “September School Holiday Activities 2014

  1. I don’t know why you get a full week off in September, but that’s awesome!

    Mr. T just went back to school this week – we do have a national holiday on Monday, but that’s it – no big breaks until November (for Thanksgiving holiday for us).

    Enjoy the time!

    • We have 2 long school holidays in June and December and 2 short ones in March and Sept for just one week each. When the kids are having holiday, parents will be busy haha! But I think in US, you have a longer break than we do 🙂

  2. I love your school holiday suggestions. Kidspot! That’s on our list but every time we go it’s so busy. I’m sort of waiting for the initial rush to die down but they’re obviously too awesome for that to happen very quickly! If it doesn’t settle soon we’ll just have to roll up our sleeves and go anyway.

    Meantime, the kids are really into Roald Dahl at the moment (at least P is). I’ll pass that over to Æ for his consideration.

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