Pasir Ris Park Playground – finally reopens!

Pasir Ris Park Playground is one of our favourite playground in Singapore, simply because it has almost everything a playground should have. It is great for family gatherings, be it to bring kids to playground and picnic on the green grass, or building sandcastle and relax by the beach, cycling, roller blading, basketball and all, you name it, it has them all, almost. It doesn’t have a trampoline though. Recently, we had a chance to bring the kids here when it finally reopened after an almost 2 years renovation. You still get to see most of the old play stations with some modifications.

Pasir Ris Park - Playground2

Criss Cross See Saw

Pasir Ris Park - Playground3

Some Rocket Play Craft?

Pasir Ris Park - Playground5

Pasir Ris Park - Playground6

Pasir Ris Park - Playground4

Suspension Bridge

Suspension bridge

Musical Play with drums and percussion play – you just have to pick up branches from the ground as drumsticks

Musical play

Slope with slides and rock climbing


Can you tell me what are these for?? Apparently no one knows as nobody was seen using them. My best guess is to climb up on all fours on 2 of these tubular pipes.


Rotating Discs – the kids favourite! Look at how the kids played it by hanging on to the elevated side as it turns!

Rotating disc

Rotating disc2

Rotating disc3

Rotating disc small

There is a rotating monkey bar!

Rotating Monkey bar





Flying Fox

Flying Fox

Many Swings including toddler swings

Swing (2)


Rock Climbing

Rock climbing

Maze with quiz

Maze quiz

Beach and Cycling


This photo is taken 2 years back :)

This photo was taken 2 years back 🙂

Quite an impressive playground isn’t it?

How to get to Pasir Ris Park

Take bus 403 from Pasir Ris Interchange and there is a bus stop that is right in front of the playground.
Playground is located along Pasir Ris Road, near the Pasir Ris Sea Sports Club. You can enter through Elias Road.
Click here for a location map.

What to bring to this playground

Sandcastle building set
Frisbee, balls
Water bottle (There is an uncle who sells canned drinks, bottled drinks and ice-cream from his van on weekends)
Mosquito repellent (if you are going during mozzie dinner time)
A set of clothing for the little ones

Amenities: There is a wash up area and restrooms near the beach side. If you do walk to another car park, there is a horse riding area and bicycle rental shops too.

Have you checked out the reopened Pasir Ris Playground yet?

12 thoughts on “Pasir Ris Park Playground – finally reopens!

  1. This looks like a fantastic playground! They don’t have playgrounds like that here at all. Singapore had such nice playgrounds… Although some of them needed a bit more shade. This one looks like it’s ok with that though.

  2. We haven’t been to Pasir Ris for ages (I didn’t even know the playground was under renovation!). Looks like it’s time to go back! I love that bridge.

    I’m going to take a punt on the poles and say skateboarding? Looks like those rails you use for doing slides. Might upset the people on smart phones if you tried it there, though 🙂

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