31 Fun and Free places to visit in Singapore – Singapore Philatelic Museum

Thanks to the Children’s Seasons held annually in Singapore, this year, besides visiting the National Museum, we took our children to visit Singapore Philatelic Museum (SPM).

What is a Philatelic Museum?? Philatelic comes from the word Philately, which means the study of stamps and postal history and other related items. I googled up this word. It sounds so profound. Basically it is a stamp museum.

I was actually contemplating if I should even visit a stamp museum prior to checking out this place. Stamp collection is certainly not a hobby of mine. Neither the spouse’s. Isn’t it just a boring place for stamp lovers and collectors? How can it even participate in Children’s Seasons and engage the young ones?

However, each year with the Children’s Seasons going on, the overnight camp at SPM for 7-12yos has overwhelming participation! The overnight camp is said to be a night of discovery, games and craft. The camp is not even cheap, with fees about $80 per child. My kids are not that adventurous to go for an overnight camp without parents yet. Judging from the full-house response, I secretly wish that my kids will go and tell me how it goes.

Alright, now that we have been to SPM, I must say I am impressed at how a “boring” subject can be so engaging and educational to the children. Let’s take a look at what’s inside the museum.


Singapore Philatelic Museum has exhibitions on 2 levels. It is a building rich in colonial heritage. The first room of exhibition we walked into was the ORANGE ROOM.

Orange Room (Level 1)
I wonder why it was called the Orange Room except that it has orange walls. A look up at the website, this room was previously named as Purple Room with purple walls. The previous exhibition was about how stamps are birthed from their theme selection, design conceptualization, printing methods and their circulation through the mail. This exhibition ended in May this year. And now it is called the Orange Room.

The Orange Room displays the world’s first stamp, and how stamps are a window to the world to explore many topics such as science, technology, history and culture. Some of the interesting stamps include the “talking” Penny Black, and stamps made of unusual materials.


I remember this scooter rode by the postman during my childhood!

Interactive wall on knowing about stamps

Interactive wall on knowing about unusual stamps

The stamp changes when you flip the boards around!

The stamp changes when you flip the boards around!

Even the toddler loves flipping the boards!

Even the toddler loves flipping the boards!

Even the toddler loves flipping the boards!



Hopscotch made of stamps!

Hopscotch made of stamps!

Green Room (Level 1)
This room displays Singapore’s stamps from 1965 till today. It is intriguing to the kids to see how stamps in the past were like compared to present. There is a big interactive wall that displays the world’s stamps. Also, your selfie can be a stamp too!!

Know the stamps around the world

Know the stamps around the world

We are a stamp!

We are a stamp!

Special Exhibition – DC Comics Super Heroes (Level 1)
We happened to chance on the first and only DC Comics Super Heroes exhibition in Asia to commemorate the milestone BATMAN 75th Anniversary. What you will see are history and origins of DC Comics and the “World’s Greatest Super Heroes” – SUPERMAN, BATMAN and WONDER WOMAN, and the JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA. Sounds familiar to you? Fans will be thrilled. This exhibition runs from 5 June to 31 August. You are still in time to catch this after reading this post 🙂


Room of Rarities (Level 2)
As the name goes, this room displays the gems of Singapore, which include stamps and archival philatelic material from 1800s till today, and artefacts relating to Singapore’s postal history. You will see the only known cover in the world, to bear a full set of 1854 Indian stamps that were used in the Straits Settlements.




Heritage Room (Level 2)

This is a display of images of Singapore in the past. You can find antique turn dial telephone, abacus, etc.


Spice is Nice (Level 2)
The kids find this exhibition interesting. You can see the spices used by various ethnic groups, spice trade, see the early colonization and migration pattern. There are some interactive displays to entertain the kids.


Remember the pulley coin tin??

Remember the pulley coin tin??

Interactive digital display of cooking different ethnic dishes

Interactive digital display of cooking different ethnic dishes

Another good interactive way of teaching about different ethnic cuisine

Another good interactive way of teaching about different ethnic cuisine

If you are interested in Singapore Philatelic Museum, you should aim to come on 2nd Sunday of the month, 2-3pm for a Philatelic talk. The museum organizes school groups programmes and you will be surprised, they hold birthday parties too! Check this out!

We think that the Singapore Philatelic Museum is worth a visit with the kids. As there are many, many interactive displays and exhibits, the children do not find it boring at all. At the same time, they get to learn about stamps in interesting ways.

Information on Singapore Philatelic Museum:
Address: 23-B Coleman Street, Singapore 179807
Tel:+65 6337 3888
Opening Hours:
Mon – 1:00pm – 7:00pm (last admission 6:30pm)
Tues to Sun – 9:30am – 7:00pm (last admission 6:30pm)
Admission fees: Free for Singapore citizens and PR, Foreigners: Adult $6, Child (3-12 years) $4
Website: Click Here

This is part of a blog train to introduce Singapore’s Fun Places for free! Tomorrow, check out Adora’s recommendation from Gingerbreadmum who was the awesome mum who started this blog train because she understands our headache in answering our kids’ “Where shall we go today?” question. Her blog is witty and sure to crack you up. Oh, remember to check out her amazing comic drawings!

Can’t get enough of FUN FOR FREE SG venues? Here’s the whole list – 31 days of free fun in Singapore! This list will be updated regularly; you will be able to click on the location to be brought directly to the blog post when it goes “live”:

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5 Aug: Singapore Philatelic Museum by Kids R Simple

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7 Aug: Fire Station by The Js Arena

8 Aug: Esplanade + Merlion by Prayerfull Mum

9 Aug: Bukit Batok Nature Park by Meeningfully

10 Aug: Lower Pierce Reservoir Park by The Kam Family

11 Aug: I12 Katong – water playground by Universal Scribbles

12 Aug: IMM by Mad Psych Mum

13 Aug: Tampines 1 Water Playground by Amazingly Still

14 Aug: Sengkang Riverside Park by Itchy Finger Snap

15 Aug: East Coast Park by Toddly Mummy

16 Aug: Sembawang Shopping Centre Playground by Joey Craftworkz

17 Aug: Animal resort by Raising Faith

18 Aug: Botanic Gardens by Mum’s The Word

19 Aug: Police Heritage Centre by Mummy Ed

20 Aug: Venus Loop, MacRitchie by Scrap Mum Loft

21 Aug: Road Safety Park by Miracule

22 Aug: Marina Barrage by J Babies

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24 Aug: Changi Airport T3 by Mother Kao

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26 Aug: Changi Airport T1 by Growing with the Tans

27 Aug: Pasir Ris Park by Ingspirations

28 Aug: Gardens by the Bay Supertree Grove by My Lil Bookworm

29 Aug: Vivocity Play Area by Amazingly Still

30 Aug: Punggol Promenade + Punggol Waterway by Chubby Anecdotes

31 Aug: Westgate Wonderland by Xavvylicious

If you have more of Fun and Free places to go with kids in Singapore, feel free to share with me in the comments!

29 thoughts on “31 Fun and Free places to visit in Singapore – Singapore Philatelic Museum

  1. I’m impressed! Stamps made into something interesting… I’ll chew on this information and think of how I could use the two folders full of old stamps we have. They need to be good for some crafts… 😉

  2. Yes, I am glad you choose this museum as a fun and free place to visit. Among all the museums, Little One liked this best as it is the most interactive. Especially the “Remedy for Ah boy” in the “Spice is Nice” exhibition. Do check out the red pillar box just outside the museum. It is the only operating posting box of its kind in Sg since Colonial days.

    • Oh so that’s the one! I saw it but didn’t register that is the only remaining old post box left! Love the museum. They really have a creative mind to do up such interactive displays and stuff. Will be back next time when they change displays which I think it’s after Chinese New Year.

  3. OMG, I just blogged about this place on Monday! My kids enjoyed themselves there and we’ve visited twice during the June holiday. I guess I’d better take note of the list of places in the blog train, so as not to blog about the same place with another mommy again!

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