Simple kids games – by the kids

XX and YH have lots of ideas when it comes to free play time. They will hide in the room for an hour or so and forbid us from entering while they create surprises for us. I like such surprises and am always amazed at their creativity as they set their little brains to work. I hope such childhood fun will last for as long as we can hold on to.

Here are some of the simple games they created with whatever they have at home. Best thing is they are easy to play, no additional cost (use anything in the house) and fun!

1) Toss the coin

Draw different colour zones on a piece of white paper. Toss a coin onto the paper.
Rules: If the coin touches any lines, the coin will be forfeited. If the coin falls squarely inside a zone, prizes will be rewarded.

Coin Game

2) Jenga Dominoe

Set up Jenga blocks in any creative ways you like. Some examples are these.

Domino Game 1

Puff! See the Domino Effect!

Puff! See the Domino Effect!

Roll a ball from the top of the tall structure and see what happens

YH did this! Roll a ball from the top of the tall structure and see what happens 🙂

3) Nerf on Jenga blocks

Using a Nerf gun, shoot the Jenga blocks down.

Nerf gun shooting game

Nerf gun shooting game

4) Swimming cap table tennis

Who would have thought that swimming cap worn on a plastic bowl can be a table tennis bat?? XX thought of this game and bounced off marbles into a bowl!

Bouncing marbles off a swimming cap "bat"

Bouncing marbles off a swimming cap “bat”

5) Ice cream sticks drawing

Let’s get creative with ice-cream sticks! Create animals silhouette or anything you can think of!


6) Flower decoration using coins

I am impressed by this coin art by the kids! XX and YH use Singapore one dollar and fifty-cent coins and form this flower on a magnetic box from Daiso. This magnetic base box is a leftover from last year’s Teacher’s Day gift if you do remember.

Flower coins

7) Cardboard Notebook

XX spent some hours doing this by following a youtube tutorial. She used cardboard and some print out of Mamegoma pictures to make a DIY notebook.



When kids have a chance to get bored, they can get really creative! With all these technology and TV in the house, kids these days have lesser time to enjoy childhood games as we used to in the past.

If you have simple games created by your little ones, please share with me! I would be happy to share with my kids!

8 thoughts on “Simple kids games – by the kids

  1. Love the post! They are so inventive! I have many times stopped to think that the kids create amazing games but now I am too tired to think of any of those (but it was pretty funny to have them respond to my Finnish with “Mum, Princess Fiona and Shrek only understand English” 😉 )

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