Philips and Disney Night Lights – my saviour from bruises

Event 3

How many of you parents out there check on your child in the middle of the night?

Ever since I was pregnant with my first child, the growing tummy forced me to wake up to empty my bladder a few times in a night, I never really shed this habit till today except that I wake up only once now.

So be it.

And I use this as an excuse to check on my 3 babes in the middle of the night just to cover them with blankets that they have often kicked away, check that the baby’s diaper is not leaking out due to his bottoms up position and needs a change of clothes, and when the kids fall sick, check on their temperature, and even to check if they are breathing.

Oh, I know I am a paranoid mum.

So I am a frequent night “monster” creeping into their room to visit them in the middle of the night. But alas! I can’t even recall the number of times I screamed quietly in pain after stepping on some toys strewn all over the floor or bumping into this and that furniture that suddenly seems to appear out of nowhere in the darkness.

Then my saviour came after I was invited to a Philips Slumber Party. I should have thought of that long ago. This is my saviour – Philips and Disney (Motion Sensor) Night Light.


This night light is pretty amazing. It probably has the same function as other motion sensor lights out there but I may not be aware of since this is the first time I use it. The light detects motion only in the dark or dim light. In the day time, it will not light up when you walk pass it. At night, the furthest it can detect is about 2m away when I flip a blanket on the bed and it lights up. I wonder if a lizard zooms past, it will light up too. And it lights up for about 20 seconds which is sufficient for me to check on the kids. I use blue tack to adhere it to the wall beside the door. So it lights up each time I push open the kids’ door.


The kids were fascinated by it on the first few nights after we received from Philips, but I ended up to like it more than them since it really serves me well for middle of the night checks. So, I now would recommend it as a top must-have for parents with young kids and I am sure it will serve elderly family members well too, except that the design may be too kiddy for elders. The Disney design is a sure hit with the kids and what a perfect combination of Disney characters and Night Lights. Whenever my kids need to leave their room in the middle of the night for the bathroom or to look for us, the moment they stand up, the Philips Disney Night Light will light up.


Philips has recently launched an interesting Disney series of night lights for the kiddos. It is fascinating to know how night lights meant to keep the fears away have evolved into such interesting “huggable soft toys” for kids. When I was invited to the Philips Slumber Party for the launch of its new Disney series of night lamps, I never expected these:

Event 1

Range of SoftPals: Minnie, Sully, Mike and Mickey

Event 2

Range of Philips Disney Night Lights, aren’t they adorable?

XX who went along with me to the event was obviously thrilled.

We had a presentation on the Philips and Disney Imaginative Lighting with the highlight on the Philips and Disney Soft Pals. The Soft Pals are available in Classic Mickey and Minnie Mouse, Sully and Mike from Monsters Inc. Apparently, the lamps will not burnt out even if you on it the whole night. They are made such that they are safe to bring to sleep under the blankets. There is a docking station that comes with it to charge the battery and the lifespan of battery is long. The idea is to dissolve the fears of little children who are afraid of the dark and the innovation in my opinion is ingenious to act as a soft toy at the same time!

Presentation by Philips

Presentation by Philips

Event 5

XX enjoying some good food and kids activities

And do you know that 1 in 2 children are afraid of the dark and so were they parents!?

The top 2 biggest fears are Being Alone and Scary Monsters lurking under the bed.

Monster faces

I take comfort in that I am not the only one with children taking up to 30 minutes to fall asleep as Philips survey states that :

68.2% of children take up to 30 minutes to fall asleep.

69.7% of children do not sleep on their own.

43.5% of parents said their little ones wake up an average of once or twice each night to either look for their parents or to use the bathroom.

Ok, so what’s the remedy? If you want a good night sleep without your child waking you up, invest in one if not all of the Philips and Disney Imaginative Lightings:

1) Projector Lights to help your child to fantasize the “happily ever after” Disney stories before they sleep.


image by Philips

2) Soft Pals as a good companion for your child to sleep with since it lights up the whole night safely

XX and Softpals

3) Torch Lights for your child to navigate in the darkness as he/she goes to the bathroom


Winnie the Pooh Torchlights and Cars motion sensor night light

4) Motion Sensor Night Lights to help you check on your child without switching on the lights

The Philips and Disney Lighting range is now available online and from this month June 2014, at selected departmental and mother and childcare stores. Here are the prices:

– Philips and Disney SoftPals: $72.90

– Philips and Disney Light and Image Projectors: $38.90

– Philips and Disney Night Light: $24.90

– Philips and Disney Torch Light: $19.90

Philips Event 1

Disclaimer: I was invited to the Philips Slumber Party and got a Philips and Disney Night Light for the purpose of this review. The Philip survey was conducted in 2014 with over 350 parents with children aged between 2 and 8yo. The experience of the sensor light is solely mine and the kiddos 🙂

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